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$98 Buck Social provides daily custom prepared content and syndicates it across all the main social media platforms; such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and LinkedIn.

The company has been in business since 2014, and they are located in Florida, US.

Now I’ll admit, when I first came across this company my first reaction was that it was a clear attempt to undercut and one-up the very similarly-named $99 Social.

It reminds me of the 7 Minute Abs scene from There’s Something About Mary … “That’s good. Unless, of course, someone comes out with 6 Minute Abs. Then you’re in trouble, huh?”

But I digress…

About $98 Buck Social

The company is headed up by founder and CEO Chris Heuwetter, and they employ college-educated, highly trained, full-time, US-based content managers who work out of their offices in Jupiter, Florida.

When you sign up with $98 Buck Social you are assigned a dedicated social media manager. They then research your business and look at your competitors to formulate a social media plan.

When I reached out for some more info on how it worked, $98 Buck Social said, “Our managers are educated, US-based professionals that spend hours on the web looking for relevant and optimal content in order to connect with your businesses’ audience in a meaningful and personal way.”

The company specializes in social media, social media marketing, Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, Twitter marketing, and LinkedIn marketing.


$98 Buck Social offer a range of services revolving around social media promotion and content creation, some of their staple services are:

  • Creating social media content
  • Posting to your social media platforms
  • Growth engines to boost your followers.
  • Facebook advertising
  • Producing SEO focused blog articles

Plans and Pricing – $98 Buck Social

As the name suggests $98 Buck Socials pricing plans start at $98 per/month. For this you get their “Level 1 Social Media Management” plan.

If you’re looking for more their highest plan costs $398 per/month and contains a more comprehensive social media strategy.

Here is a full list of their plans and services:

  • Level 1 Social Media Management – $98 per month – Dedicated social media marketing manager, posting to three social media platforms 6 days a week, regular promotional posts.
  • Level 2 Social Media Strategist – $198 per month – All Level 1 services along with posting to four social media platforms, and the ability to review posts before they go live.
  • Level 3 Aggressive Growth and Reach – $298 per month – All Level 1 and 2 services along with Instagram posting, and growth engine to build followers across platforms.
  • Level 4 Full Service Digital Agency – $398 per month – All Level 1 – 3 services along with regular strategy calls, ad campaign assistance, monthly SEO reviews, and blog articles.

$98 Buck Social also have a number of add-on services you can add to any plan. For example, you can buy a growth engine for any or all of the social media platforms, or add an extra LinkedIn marketing plan.

$98 Buck Social Alternatives

The aforementioned $99 Social is probably the closest competitor in terms of pricing and services. One difference (aside from the $1) is they do post 7 days a week with their basic plan.

Social media services are also covered by most virtual assistant companies. If you’re thinking about outsourcing more than just social media it might be worth looking into working with a virtual assistant.

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    Be wary of potential copyright infringement claims from photographers. According to 98 Buck Social, they do not keep licensing records of the images they use. If a copyright claim or dispute arises, they WILL NOT provide you with any assistance to refute the copyright claim.

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    I read many positive reviews of 98 Buck Social. After my experience with them, I am seriously questioning if their positive reviews are fake. They just did not deliver what was promised. They would go many days without posting, and then when I pointed it out they would say there were connectivity issues. Well, if there was then shouldn’t they have noticed instead of me having to point out that they weren’t posting? Also, it would just happen again. And they never, ever apologized or compensated for the missed days (I mean, if I paid for so many days of posts and they weren’t posting then they should have added extra days onto my month or refunded those days- something)- they just made excuses.

  1. I have reached out to this Agency and spoke with them twice. The first time, I spoke with Clint and the second time with Vince. I bookmarked their site and was interested in working with them until I read a comment during my chat with them – Boston Accent – very immature and unprofessional and I questioned this – to have names for Customers doesn’t seem nice. Also, I asked about one of their packages and wasn’t interested in two of the Social Media platforms, yet Vince told me the price was set up and I didn’t have to use this – this made no sense to me as why would I pay for services that I wasn’t interested in using at the present time. I think they have some interesting options and would have preferred to speak with Clint again, but I was told he is on other business for the next few weeks.

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