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The Benefits of Hiring Bilingual Virtual Assistants

In recent years, more and more professionals have opted to hire virtual assistants. Here you can read 6 reasons why hiring a bilingual assistant benefits you!

Having a trained virtual assistant from one of the top virtual assistant companies increases productivity. It allows you to focus on parts of your job that benefit from your talent and expertise. If you’ve been considering hiring a virtual assistant, it’s important to consider a bilingual Spanish virtual assistant during your hiring process. 

With 13.5% of United States households speaking Spanish, failing to cater to Spanish-speakers automatically keeps your business from reaching its full potential. For example, if you own a bookstore and don’t speak Spanish, you’re missing out on all of the business of the Spanish-speaking population in your area. If your bookstore exists online, you are missing out on the business of the Spanish-speaking population all over the country. 

While learning a second language might not be in the cards for you, there’s an easier way to make your business more friendly to Spanish-speakers: Hire a Spanish-speaking virtual assistant. Here are the top reasons to add a bilingual virtual assistant to your team. 

1. You can tap into the growing Spanish-speaking customer base in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America.

Having bilingual members working for your organization can open up more opportunities for your business. With the help of a Spanish-speaking virtual assistant, you can make your products and services more accessible to the Spanish-speaking customer base in the U.S. and Canada. The demand for bilingual or Spanish-speaking business is growing rapidly, and this can give your company an advantage.

2. Cost-saving. 

Hiring a bilingual Spanish virtual assistant prevents you from having to hire two people to do the same job. Rather than employing a customer service representative to deal with your English-speaking clientele and a Spanish-speaking person to deal with your Spanish clientele, why not just hire one person who can do both? With a bilingual Spanish virtual assistant, you can provide customer service in both languages without the hassle and expense of hiring two employees, or multiple contractors.

3. Improved communication.

Being fluent in two languages is no small feat. Individuals who master two languages demonstrate the skills and patience to communicate clearly and effectively. Often, those who are bilingual have to translate for friends and family, so communicating information accurately is second nature. This clear communication helps you avoid mistakes and misunderstandings at work and ensures peace of mind when your bilingual Spanish virtual assistant communicates with your clients.

4. Better SEO, for better Google Rankings. 

Having a bilingual Spanish virtual assistant can help you boost your SEO tactics in other languages. Just because your website comes up reliably in English-speaking markets doesn’t mean it’s effective for people searching in Spanish. Having bilingual input gives you the insight and opportunity to boost website traffic and hits. 

5. A wider audience for email and marketing efforts. 

Your Spanish-speaking virtual assistant will be able to translate emails, ads, and customer service statements to apply to your Spanish clients. Translation engines tend to make translations sound unnatural, and conversational Spanish from a fluent speaker often catches customers’ interest. If you have a Spanish-speaking client base or are looking to draw a Spanish-speaking client base, do not rely on Google Translate sites for your content. A Spanish-speaking virtual assistant will be much more effective at translation. Additionally, your bilingual virtual assistant can provide priceless inside information about what your Spanish-speaking clients want and need. This kind of access to the Spanish-speaking world cannot be found in a focus group or survey.

6. Better communication and a wider reach with interpretation and translation services. 

Bilingual virtual assistants can add significant value to your business. A bilingual virtual assistant who can communicate in both English and Spanish can significantly improve communication between you and your clients.  It can also open up doors to expanding your client base. This is especially useful in growing industries such as healthcare, or the legal industry. 

  • Physicians: Healthcare workers need to communicate with patients and their families in English or Spanish. 
  • Immigration Attorneys: As immigration grows, lawyers and other staff members may need to speak or interpret in both English and Spanish, or have documents translated so that their customers understand what they say. 
  • General Attorneys: As the Spanish language continues to grow in popularity, attorneys, regardless of their practice areas, may need translation or interpretation services to communicate information regarding a case. 

Having a bilingual virtual assistant who can clearly translate, communicate, and interpret in both English and Spanish can be a huge asset to these industries. 

Hire an Asset for Your Business with a Bilingual Virtual Assistant 

Bilingual Spanish virtual assistants are an asset to almost every company. No matter your business platform or area, being able to cater to the Spanish-speaking world is a good thing. Hiring a Spanish virtual assistant from Virtual Latinos ensures that you can cater to your customers no matter their background and gives you endless opportunities to grow your markets. As one of the top virtual assistant companies, they are ready to pair you with an assistant who meets your exact needs. With assistants based everywhere from Peru to Chile to Guatemala, you’re sure to find a Spanish virtual assistant who’s right for you and who is in your time zone. Don’t wait a day longer; hire your virtual assistant today. 

An Alternative to Virtual Latinos

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