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The holidays are a busy time for everyone, and we could all use an extra set of hands. Thankfully, if you have a virtual assistant, you do! Here are five things your VA can help take care for you during the holiday season.

1. Brainstorm Gift Ideas and Find the Best Prices

For me, gift-giving is the most stressful part of the holidays. I like to give presents but I hate shopping and I never know what to get for people.

Thankfully there are dozens of online resources for finding the perfect gift. Give your VA a list of people you’re shopping for and a little about each person and let them find a thoughtful present for everyone on your list.

After picking out each item, have them comparison shop the results to find the best deals.

2. Arrange Travel Plans

If you’re traveling over the holidays, why not let your virtual assistant handle the flight and hotel reservations? And if you’re staying with relatives, maybe they can book you a relaxing getaway for when you get home!

3. Research Year-End Tax-Saving Tips

Each year there are certain tax strategies to take advantage of. Even if your VA isn’t a financial professional, they can research various tax sites for the best year-end tax breaks to be aware of.

This small investment could end up saving you big come April 15th.

4. Order and Mail Holiday Cards

Christmas cards are a fun tradition, but can be time-consuming to create and and send on your own. Instead, send your VA some pictures and have them create a few designs using the built-in software at Shutterfly or TinyPrints.

Once you pick out the winner, your VA can order them for you. If your VA is in the same country as you, they can even address, stamp, and mail the cards too!

5. Take Care of Business While You’re Away

It’s always a good idea to take some time off over the holidays to spend time with family and friends, reflect on the year, and mentally recharge for upcoming challenges.

But for many of us, it’s hard to leave work behind. Your virtual assistant can be a good crutch to really let that Out of Office Reply fly – arrange for them to cover for you while you’re gone.

If your virtual assistant has been helping you for most of the year or has added significant value to your life, consider paying them a year-end bonus or giving them extra time off for the holidays. After all, they have a family too. These small gestures can pay big dividends when it comes to long-term success and loyalty.

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