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Undullify is a company providing graphic design support by way of improving your pre-existing visual content, or by creating brand new graphics for their clients.

The company has been in operation since October 2014 and is based in Australia.

About Undullify

undullify review designThe company was founded by Sukey Gaven and their main office is in Melbourne, Australia. Their designers are based all over the globe. 

On their website, Undullify are keen to point out that, “Undullify is not a graphic design agency, and we are not meant to be used as a replacement for a full-time designer.”

The target customers for Undullify are small to medium sized businesses who do not warrant having their own full-time graphic designer, but require graphics for blog posts, banners, and other branding tasks.


If you have any branding or graphics you want changed, improved on, or maybe you have a vision for some graphics you want created, Undullify are happy to take on the task as long as it takes 30 minutes or less; that is the maximum time allocated per task.

When you sign up and pass over the details of your task you are assigned a graphic designer. You can opt to use the same designer again in the future if you’re happy with the work, or try someone else.

Undullify’s business model is aimed at a larger volume of smaller jobs. This is what sets them apart from companies like 99designs who specialize in larger one-off design tasks like rebranding.

To place an order for a task, all you have to do is fill out a form on Undullify’s website to get the process started. After you receive the design work you can ask for any revisions, or accept the job.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing starts at $129 a month for unlimited small graphic design tasks. This comes with unlimited revisions, a 3 business day turnaround, and a dedicated designer, a dedicated account manager to oversee the process, and design support and advice.

If speed of execution is an issue, Undullify has you covered with the Monthly Entrepreneur Unlimited plan, which cuts that turnaround time down to just 1 business day for an extra $50 a month.

Unlimited graphic jobs for $129 a month — very clear value proposition!

Both of these plans are “throttled” by a 1 request at at time limitation and you can only submit requests relating to one brand.

If you work with several brands or businesses, you might consider either of Undullify’s Agency options. Both of these packages allow to submit design requests for unlimited brands and promise 1 business day turnaround times.

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your plan at any time.

Undullify Alternatives

The nearest competitors to Undullify that I can think of are UnicornGO and Design Pickle, which offer similar “unlimited designs” packages. 

Fiverr is another place I’ve turned to in the past for graphic design support, but the quality can be spotty. (And being such a subjective art, design services are one of the toughest tasks to outsource.) 

Your Turn

Have you worked with Undullify to sharpen up or create any images for your business? If so please leave a review below to help others make an informed choice.

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