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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Outsource Content Writing to an Agency

There’s nothing wrong with doing everything yourself unless the task is too time-consuming so working on it alone becomes unproductive. This is exactly the case with content marketing, and its importance increases all the time. According to statistics, 91% of B2B marketers and 60% of B2C marketers use content marketing to reach their customers. The competition grows so you should create high-quality content and you should do it consistently in order to outperform other companies from the same niche. 

Businesses wish to perform better than their competitors. It’s the reason why content writing agencies appeared, and it also explains why they have become more and more popular. Companies are willing to invest more in content creation. The volume of content produced for marketing purposes grows, search engine algorithms become more sophisticated, and producing content that will stand out gets more and more difficult. One of the main reasons why you should outsource content creation is that this way, you will work with professionals. Besides, no matter what your niche is, the chances are that your competitors already do it.

Benefits of Outsourcing Content Writing

1. Publish more content more frequently

Even if you focus all your efforts on content marketing, there will always be a limit regarding how much content you can produce in a day, month, or quarter. Creating high-quality content that will be appreciated by both your target audience and search engines takes a lot of time. Of course, you might quickly write a short impromptu blog post, but such content is unlikely to help you achieve your business goals.

Effective content takes a lot of time to research, write, edit, and publish. If you’re looking for truly outstanding blog posts, then even a professional full-time writer is unlikely to create more than one or two posts per week. To keep your audience engaged, you should produce content consistently, and outsourcing can help you produce more content without sacrificing its quality. No matter how much fresh content you want to publish daily or weekly, you can get it by just hiring more writers.

2. Work with industry experts

It’s impossible to be an expert at everything. Unless you only need content on some very narrow topic, you will definitely benefit from hiring professionals who are perfectly familiar with various topics related to your industry. Content writing agencies usually hire a vast range of experts so you can always find someone with the necessary knowledge and experience.

3. Outsourcing is cost-effective

Outsourcing costs less than hiring full-time writers. A professional full-time content writer will cost you about $60,000 a year. Along with the salary, you should also keep in mind the cost of training, equipment, and the overhead costs associated with having an additional employee. If you choose to outsource content writing, you will only pay for the content, with no need to worry about providing insurance or buying a new desktop for your writer if the current one breaks.

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4. Have more time for strategic planning and other important activities

Perhaps, the main reason why businesses decide to outsource their content writing is that it takes a lot of time. When it comes to content marketing, businesses have a lot in common with students who get too many assignments. Students often realize that they need help so they visit writing service review websites and choose top essay writing companies. When businesses realize how much time content writing takes, they outsource it.

It’s impossible for businesses to focus on content creation only. If you own a business, you should also deal with many other important tasks that you cannot delegate to anyone else. Besides, you should not only write content but also optimize it for search engines, promote it on social media, etc. By delegating all these tasks to professionals, you can dedicate more time to various crucial aspects of your business. This way, you’ll get high-quality content and focus your efforts on areas where your skills are most needed.

6. Increase your ROI

You can easily track and measure the ROI of your outsourced content. For instance, you can measure the number of clicks, conversions, an increase in social media following, and an increase in sales. Content marketing agencies know that their customers need effective content that will help them achieve their business goals. Therefore, when you order content from reliable content writing agencies, you can be sure that this content will be properly optimized to drive conversions and engagement.

7. Benefit from different perspectives and fresh ideas

You may use your content to tell your story and communicate your brand values. This way, you’ll be able to strengthen your brand image and be more authentic. However, your content marketing efforts can be more effective if you also introduce some fresh ideas and add content from writers who may consider your topics from a unique perspective.

Content marketing agencies enable you to work with experts who have already created lots of content for different companies. These experts can use their knowledge and experience to produce content that will give you a competitive advantage. Besides, professional writers keep up with all the latest trends in the industry so they can help you make your content more relevant.

10. Reach a wider audience

Some content writing agencies can publish your content on their blogs and social media. Therefore, you can expand your reach and attract a completely new audience of people who otherwise wouldn’t learn about your brand. Besides, such companies often have specialists who can research your industry and suggest relevant blogs where you can publish your content to get more views.

11. Agencies know their audience

It’s not enough to just know your topic. To create successful content, you should also know your audience so that you can tailor the content to their needs and preferences. When producing content yourself, you may use a lot of industry-specific jargon or forget about some topics that might be interesting to beginners. Professional writers can analyze your audience and make sure that your content is relevant and easy to understand.

12. Flexibility

One of the main advantages of hiring a content marketing agency is that such companies have many writers familiar with different niches and topics. Therefore, you can get more diverse content, attracting new types of readers, and making your blog more interesting to read.

13. Improve your marketing strategy

Not only can content marketing agencies write a few posts for your blog, but they can also help you improve your overall marketing strategy or help you create one if you don’t have it yet. Such companies know their industry so they can suggest what types of content are most beneficial for your business, what topics you should address, and how frequently new content should be created.


Content creation is a challenging task that involves not only writing but also planning, research, SEO optimization, promotion, etc. Thanks to content marketing agencies, you can save your time and focus your efforts on the most important aspects of your business while professionals work on your content. Outsourcing content writing can help you increase the ROI of your content strategy, and it can also help you produce more content faster. Besides, experienced professionals can make your content more effective and diverse. A great company to work with is Copywriter Today.


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