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The Perfect Tools a Person Can Use After Hiring a Virtual Assistant

You have finally decided to reduce your workload and successfully hired a Virtual Assistant. Now the next question comes to your mind- What tools and tasks should you assign your Virtual Assistant? What exactly can you Virtual Assistant do for you? How will your Virtual Assistant work?

Virtual Assistants can help in understanding your user queries, create content and share relevant information. They have no work time restrictions, which means they will be able to you all the time.

In simple words, Virtual Assistants can assist you with almost every admin task that can’t be automated. Here are some tasks that your Virtual Assistant assistant can do for you-

  • Functions that can contribute to your business growth- managing social channels, manage recruitments, creating relevant content.
  • Time-consuming admin tasks, including email management, travel arrangements, blogging, reminder services, etc.
  • Tasks concerning research- market research, deep online research, etc.

Hire the best virtual assistance agency that can effectively handle your tasks. 

Importance of Virtual Assistance Service

Personal assistants always need to work closely with their employer, both geographically and literally. With the rise of shared workspaces and technology such as Skype and the Cloud, in-house work is becoming impractical and outdated.

Since online business operations and interactions are becoming relevant, a virtual assistant team is now a valuable resource for companies of all sizes and shapes.

A virtual assistant team works similarly to their onsite predecessors. However, instead of being constrained in the office, Virtual Assistants can work for your business from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Assistant Makes Your Worklife Easier

Businesses always need to have a strong online presence, which is challenging in this competitive industry. 

Hiring a professional virtual assistance service will make your life easier by offering the best services. As they will help to take your workload and handle your time-consuming tasks.

Drive Your Business Growth

As a business owner, it becomes tedious for you to manage all the tasks by yourself. Hire a talented virtual assistant team and describe your requirements. 

All you need to do is develop an understanding of your business ethics and current policies before the process begins. They’ll find opportunities and develop strategies to grow your business. 

Helps to Save Money

When you hire an employee, you offer them a salary and also take care of few more things:

  • Taxes
  • Compensation
  • Sickness Leaves
  • Other benefits

While virtual assistants are independent workers. You’ll not be liable to handle their expenses. You only need to hire them for a specific job and pay them as required.

Offers Higher Productivity

Since you hire a virtual assistance agency for a specific job, you don’t need to worry about productivity. VAs don’t work under the traditional 8-hours workday. The work under strict timelines. 

They dedicate all their time to complete the tasks on time or even before the deadline.

Reduces Your Work Stress

As a business owner, you might need to take care of several important tasks. With the hectic schedule, you might miss out on certain tasks.

You can use the help of a virtual assistant. Your e-commerce virtual assistant can assist you with crucial tasks, including-

  • Conduct market research
  • Email Management
  • Important event scheduling
  • Implementing Search Engine Optimization
  • Developing Content 
  • Online Marketing
  •  Data Entry
  •  Answering calls 
  •  Web Development

Professional virtual assistants are incredibly skilled in various sectors and help an efficient organization of your store. 

Now that you’ve hired a virtual assistance agency, you need to monitor their performance. But how? We’ve enlisted the perfect tool to monitor performance you can use after hiring a Virtual Assistant. 

Time and Activity Tracker

The payment you offer a Virtual Assistant depends on the time taken to complete the task. Therefore, with time and activity trackers, you can monitor the time taken to complete every task. 

Communication Tools For Real-time Direct Interactions

  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams 
  • Flock
  • Slack
  • Chanty

With these communication tools, you can directly connect with your virtual assistant team and share your requirements and feedback.

Video Conferencing For Discussions And Meetings

  • Zoom
  • Google Meet
  • GoToMeeting
  • Zoho Meeting

Want you to introduce your Virtual Assistant to the team? Want your Virtual Assistant to present a report? Want your Virtual Assistant to coordinate with your internal team? You can use these video conferencing tools for such purposes. 

Tools To Schedule Meeting and Appointments

  • Google Calendar
  • Calendly
  • Setmore

Don’t miss out on another crucial meeting with your virtual assistance agency. Schedule your meeting using these excellent meeting scheduling tools.  

Project Management Tools

  • Basecamp
  • Asana
  • Trello

With project management tools, you and your internal team don’t need to stay connected with the virtual assistance team to understand any project’s progress. You can simply access the project management tool to understand the current progress. 

Social Media Management Tools

  • Buffer
  • Oktopost
  • Later
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout Social

Want to know what social media strategy your Virtual Assistant has developed? With social media management tools, you can track your current social media campaign and understand upcoming social media strategy. 

Use these tools to enjoy maximum benefits from your virtual assistant team. 

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