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Staffry is a Pakistan-based virtual assistant company and have been in operation since March 2016. They provide dedicated virtual assistants to their clients and aim to allow business owners to “work on their business, rather than in it.”

About Staffry

staffry-reviewAlthough the company is relatively new on the scene, the owners have considerable experience with freelancing and hiring virtual assistants. The company is based in Pakistan, with all of their staff working from their offices in Karachi.

Their target customers are, “entrepreneurs and startups who are juggling between running and growing their business on limited resources.” Not limited to small businesses, their virtual assistants can be utilized by large businesses to reduce employment costs.

When you purchase some hours with Staffry and submit your tasks you will be assigned a dedicated 1-on-1 virtual assistant. This enables you to build up a relationship with your VA, reducing the need to repeat yourself or explain tasks over.


Staffry describe their services broadly as back office or administration support. They separate their services into five categories:

  1. Administrative Assistance
  2. Real Estate Assistance
  3. Website Assistance
  4. Social Media Assistance
  5. Travel Assistance

It’s important to remember that when you’re working with a virtual assistant it’s hard to categorize all of their skills. You get a more accurate gauge on their skills by communicating with them and working through some tasks.

Plans and Pricing

Staffry offer a pay-as-you-go rate or retainer plans. Their pay-as-you-go rate is a flat $15 an hour. The retainer plans are as follows:

  • 5 hours per month – $60 ($12 per/hr)
  • 10 hours per month – $115 ($11.5 per/hr)
  • 20 hours per month – $220 ($11 per/hr)
  • 40 hours per month – $420 ($10.5 per/hr)

As you can see, the hourly the rate reduces the larger the plan you purchase so there are some savings to take advantage of. Your unused hours are carried forward at the end of the month too, and those “rollover hours” aren’t something you normally see at a VA company. 

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Staffry Alternatives

Staffry have a very similar pricing structure to My Tasker and Ask Sunday, two virtual assistant  companies based in India that are able to offer competitive rates. I suggest checking out these two companies for comparable quotes and skillsets.

Also in Karachi, Efficise has a number of dedicated assistant business plans at similar rates, plus the option of a task-based plan as well.

When asked what sets them apart from their competitors, Staffry said they offer dedicated assistants, no hidden charges, precision billing, and all unused hours are rolled forward at the end of the month, and don’t feel like other companies are offering all of these options.

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    Staffry is an absolute gift. I researched a number of virtual assistant companies and this one was a fantastic choice. I have since added services and have been amazed at the level of service. They go above and beyond many tasks that are assigned. I went on a (3) week vacation and it was the first vacation I really enjoyed because I knew that Staffry was taking care of my tasks!
    1.) They are responsive!
    2.) Training was smooth and fast.
    3.) Added services after 1 month
    4.) Enjoyed my vacation
    5.) Tasks assigned are done above and beyond expectations.

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