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Ossisto is one of the newer virtual assistant companies operating out of India starting operations in November 2017.

They specialise in connecting business owners and entrepreneurs with, “Personal virtual assistants, business services virtual assistants, digital marketing virtual assistants, and IT virtual assistants.”

About Ossisto

The goal at Ossisto is to provide affordable virtual assistants to help busy entrepreneurs and businesses by taking on any type of work that can be completed remotely off their hands to free up more of their time.

The company was founded by Pinki Sohan Dadhich and Sohan Dadhich, and they currently have between 5-25 employees working out of their offices in Bangalore, India.

When you sign up for one of their plans you are assigned a dedicated virtual assistant who also acts as your point of contact.

Ossisto also makes a team of assistants available to ensure you have adequate cover and more than one assistant is available to work on tasks that require the extra hours or to turn a task around quicker.

They are currently only working with clients in the US, UK, Australia, and India. However, at the time of writing this Ossisto had only been in business a month, they do they have plans in the future to accept clients globally once they have the infrastructure in place.


Like most virtual assistant companies, Ossisto’s assistants are willing to carry out any tasks that can be performed remotely.

They sum it up well themselves saying they, “Provide virtual assistance for every possible work you could imagine.”

They highlight their areas of specialization as:

  • Domain specific analysis
  • Business specific analysis
  • Data scraping
  • Research based analytics
  • School / college / university level analysis
  • Job analysis
  • Medical facility research

Something worth noting is that their business hours are 9.30 EST to 18.30 EST. They do say they will offer 24/7 virtual assistance in the future however.

Plans and Pricing

Ossisto currently has several different pricing plans to choose from. Their plans start at just $20 per month, which gives you 2 hours of VA time.

Their full list of plans are:

  • Starter Plan – Basically a $10 per month membership where you can delegate tasks as needed for $12 an hour.
  • Try Us Out Plan – $20 a month for 2 hours of work.
  • Regular Plan – Starting at $100 a month for 10 hours of VA time.

Ossisto also offers an array of larger time plans with rates as low as $6 an hour for the equivalent of a full-time VA. If you want a dedicated VA though, the rates are a little higher, currently $1600 a month or roughly $9 an hour.

As the company is in startup mode, these prices and packages are of course subject to change.

Ossisto Alternatives

There are a number of highly rated virtual assistant companies based in India to choose from.

My Tasker and Ask Sunday are two companies worth checking out, they have a good deal of positive feedback with similar rates and services.

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    My name is David. I run a content management firm in Glasgow, U.K. As I never had a prior experience in running a business single-handedly, I literally struggled in the initial few years. Instead of allocating time in an efficient manner and concentrating on work that helps me earn a profit; I was picking up more of customer calls, sending dead end emails or doing extra time in office doing unproductive chores. Slowly the stress started affecting my health and business at the same time. Thanks to this childhood friend of mine; she was the one who suggested outsourcing my work to a Virtual Assistant company. I decided to call ossisto. If you are looking for any Virtual Assistant services, you should consult them because they know what they are doing.

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