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Compose.ly is a content writing platform that connects clients with freelance writers based in the US.

The company has been in operation since 2017, and their head office is based in San Francisco, CA.

About Compose.ly

The company is made up of marketing experts, developers, creatives, and most importantly, skilled content writers.

They offer many types and styles of content, including blog posts, newsletters, press releases, white papers, and product descriptions.

Compose.ly point out that their writers are skilled in writing SEO-friendly content. They understand that almost all their client work is going to be published online and because of that, they take care of the on-page SEO for you.

When you sign up for a plan and choose the type of content you want a member of their team will manually allocate your order to one of their writers best suited to the task.

Unlike a lot of content writing sites, Compose.ly have built up a team of writers and profile them for you to browse their experience, writing samples, and put a face to the name.

Looking through some of their writers I see why Compose.ly’s price point is on the higher side; some of their writers have considerable experience and have been featured in some large publications.

Their turnaround time is seven calendar days, and you can message the writer through their in-app messenger if you have questions.


When ordering an article from Compose.ly you have to choose from the following types:

  • Blog post
  • Newsletter
  • Press release
  • White paper
  • Website article
  • Product description

You then choose how many words you want the piece to be. The length of content starts at 100-200 words for a product description or 300-400 words for other types and goes up to a huge 3,000 words.

If you’re not happy with the finished article you get two revisions with their Starter plan, or unlimited revisions with their Professional plan.

You can also contact a member of their customer support team during business hours via phone, live chat, or email if there is an issue you can’t resolve with the writer.

Plans and Pricing

Compose.ly operates on a monthly subscription model as well as pricing their content per the length and type.

Their starter plan is aimed at small or single-person businesses, and their Professional plan is aimed at larger businesses with multiple users required.

The two subscription plans they offer are:

  • Starter – $99 per month, this plan includes one user account, one business/client account, and two content revisions.
  • Professional – $199 per month, this plan includes unlimited user, business and client accounts, unlimited content revisions, content insurance, and a dedicated account manager.

Once you’re a member, you can order as much content as you like per month. Basically your membership fee is buying access to Compose.ly’s pre-vetted team of writers.

To give you an example of their content pricing, blog content starts at $59.95 for 350-500 words (approx. $12 per 100 words) and goes up to $399.95 for 2,700-3,000 words (approx .$13 per 100 words).

Why would you need a 3000 word blog post? Because authoritative in-depth content tends to rank better in Google. Most of the articles I publish these days are at least 1500 words, which would be $200 with Composely, and many are double that length.

Compose.ly Alternatives

Compose.ly’s pricing is a little different to most of the popular content writing sites. Copywriter Today also operates on a subscription model for example, however you don’t also pay for the content you order in the month.

“Content mill” sites like Hirewriters and Textbroker operate on a price per word model, allowing you to order as little or as much content in a month without a subscription fee.

I’d say Compose.ly is targeted at marketers and agencies looking for on-going high-quality, SEO-friendly content, from highly-skilled writers.

Your Turn

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  1. My take away from this article is the importance of hiring writers directly. When you depend on a third party to find them, you may not get the best quality for the price.

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