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Brickwork India is probably the most famous of all virtual assistant companies. Brickwork India was featured prominently and favorably in two bestselling books: Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat, and Timothy Ferriss’ The 4-Hour Work Week.

Started as a 5 member start-up in 2005, Brickwork India today is 350 strong and caters to over 20,000 clients across 116 countries. They are India’s first ISO 27001: 2013 certified Virtual Assistance company.

About Brickwork

brickwork india reviewThe company is based in Bangalore, India, which has become a true technology hotbed – India’s Silicon Valley. From their modern facilities in Bangalore, Brickwork India has attracted customers ranging in size from busy sole proprietors to Fortune 500 companies.


Brickwork India virtual assistants are diligent and focused professionals who can accomplish a wide variety of tasks, including everything from basic administrative work, to human resources, database management, and even social media marketing campaigns.

Because of India’s deep talent pool of educated workers, you can get well-qualified help that knows how to get the job done with little additional training.

The service menu consists of 3 main areas of service:

Admin Services: Here a team of executive assistants specialized in business support, accounting & taxation takes care of all your day-to-day routine back-office work, sales & marketing support, web based support, HR support, office management support, report generation, social media support, secretarial help, accounting and bookkeeping services, etc.

Knowledge Services: The team consists of highly qualified & experienced business analysts who are qualified MBA’s, CPA’s and Engineers, specializing in providing insights and solutions to clients through business research, investment research, procurement and sourcing services.  

Technical Services:  This team is populated with professionally qualified software engineers and graphic designers with expertise in a wide range of technologies offering technology assistance ranging from simple technical support to creative web and graphic designs, web applications, desktop and database applications, Ecommerce solutions, CRM & ERP solutions and Mobile apps.

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Plans and Pricing

Beyond the category of services needed, you also have the flexibility to choose from several engagement options:

  • subscription-based
  • retainer model
  • project-based
  • a la carte hourly

Subscription rates start around $15/hour, with dedicated assistant plans at the 40, 80, and 160 hour per month levels.

Rates improve with the more hours you buy. The time you buy does not rollover if you don’t end up keeping your virtual assistant busy, so it might be best to start at a lower amount.

For project-based tasks, Brickwork India will provide a bid specific to your tasks so you can compare with other options.

Brickwork India Alternatives

Make no mistake; their rates are higher than other virtual assistant companies in India. In fact, their hourly rates are higher than you might expect to pay for a local US high school or college-aged intern.

The difference is you get the well-known “brand name” of Brickwork, along with their infrastructure and security, and you don’t have to worry about additional payroll tax and employment filing requirements.

For a couple lower-priced alternatives in India, check out MyTasker or VMG BPO.

Your Turn

Have you worked with Brickwork? I encourage anyone who has used their services to rate and review their experience below.

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    No just incompetent but rude. Do not use these guys you will not get value for money. My site was a disgrace, and got upset with me when I asked them to spell words in English properly stating that this was my issue and not theirs. Unwilling to take responsibility for work not completed properly.

  1. Do NOT waste your money and time. These people can’t give you quality work even how hard they try! I decided not to use their work and they won’t give me my money back!!

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    A few projects went very well with Brickwork. However, after developing some trust, I allowed them to work on a few of my websites. That decision has been my worst professional move to date.

    First, when working on landing pages, a trojan was inserted into the zip file. Luckily, my US developer caught it before being installed into my website. For those who do not know, this is used to steal customer information. When pressed about this I was told it was a virus on my computer, not in their email. Only when I forwarded the email to the agent on the phone I was told they would look into how it happened, they had no idea…

    Secondly, I had Brickwork set up an adwords account for my website. It was set up poorly with terrible keywords. They were actually advertising a competitors product on my adwords! I was paying over $10 a day on terms that had nothing to do with my site. A simple phone call to adwords and 45 minutes later I had a much better account. Lastly, I had a $150 credit assigned to my account that was never applied to by the team when I forwarded the info onto them.

    For the time, money and energy I should have hired a much more professional organization with no risk to my customers information. DO NOT use this companies services.

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    Please stop advising brickwork India. Their services might be good years ago but right now all of their services are horrible. They not only waste your time but they think they are so smart to fool you in every task. And they think they can get away with it.

    I read your book and purchased their services. I loved your book but brickwork india was the biggest disappointment I had in services field.

    1. Hi Selina,
      We understand your inconvenience and are eager to turn things around for you. We have sent an email explaining our clear intent to set things right, the best possible way. We are awaiting your reply, so that we can action this in a mutually agreeable manner.

      Assuring you the very best of our services at all times.

      – Team Brickwork

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    Horrified. I am an IT professional taking the step to full MSP. I engaged Brickwork India to design my existing wordpress (unfinished) website after reading an e-book by Technibble. I provided them with all my login details and a dropbox folder with licensed images etc. I installed a login log plugin before giving the details. Day 1 i was notified of login to envato market but that was it. After chasing them for a quote a couple of times, they logged in, deleted one of my crucial wordpress files causing a fatal error on my website (which has a coming soon page) – THEN had the audasity to email to schedule a call because there are problems with the website. To buy themselves time. UNETHICAL and just horrible behaviour. I didn’t even need to explain what happened, the email thread speaks for itself: hhttp://itatshosting.com.au/Quick_Submit_Enquiry_EJ043072.pdf

    1. Hi Elle,
      We value your concern and have sent you a mail affirming our stand along with the issue resolution process.

      We are keenly awaiting you reply. Regaining your trust is a priority for us and we would like to continue offering our services and support to you.

      – Team Brickwork

  2. After several years of changing one person after the other, we are close to giving up. We have only had good service with the very initial person, several years ago. After that, not really.

    1. Hi Nathan,
      We understand your frustration which happened due to the change of virtual assistants. This being an highly exclusive and rare case, we can definitely look into this and would only be happy to discuss any of your concerns. We want to connect back and continue to support you through our services.

      – Team Brickwork

  3. Thanks Nick for sharing your side of the story…even i had a good experience working. May be someone did not have good experience, but then you have to understand, no one has 100% satisfied customers. You will always have one or two dissatisfied customers.

  4. In a word: overrated. They pad hours, and one project they completed was so poorly done that I could not even use it. When my somewhat large deposit runs out, I will not retain their services further. A devoted college student could do a better job.

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