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Zylun is an outsourcing center in the Philippines, catering to small and medium-sized businesses. The company opened their doors in 2010, and now employs more than 150 programmers, content writers, Internet marketing specialists, and virtual assistants.

Where many other Filipino VA companies use a work-from-home model, everyone at Zylun works from the company’s modern facility in Cebu. Zylun also maintains a US-sales office near Salt Lake City, Utah.

zylun reviewThe specialty here is for clients looking to outsource some of their operations on a long-term basis to realize the cost savings. Zylun’s rates are quite high relative to other VA companies because they’re targeting customers who are deciding between an on-site person or an offshore person, vs. the typical VA customer, who’s deciding between an offshore person or no one at all.

And of course relative to hiring an in-house employee, a dedicated full-time Zylun team member is a more affordable option. Virtual assistants for administrative and non-technical roles start at $1200 a month. Your VA will be a college graduate with solid written and spoken English skills, that you can train on any specific tasks needed for your business.

Zylun also provides customer service reps from $1500 a month and programmers from $2000 a month. While these rates are significantly higher than you’d find with a home-based VA, you do have the benefit of a modern office with a reliable connection, on-site support, and US-based leadership.

Most of Zylun’s clients start with between 1 and 3 employees to staff their outsourced office operation, and some customers have built large teams of 20 or more. As you can imagine, the ability to quickly scale up staff without minimal recruiting expenses if pretty attractive.

There are no hourly or part-time plans, but strictly full-time dedicated workers on demand. Zylun requires a 2-month minimum engagement, and offers price breaks for longer contracts and larger teams. For each position filled, there is a one-time $500 set-up fee.

Virtual Assistant Assistant exclusive:

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If you’re a smaller company or a one-person shop interested in outsourcing, you might consider Virtual Staff Finder. The company is also based in Cebu but acts a virtual headhunter. You’ll face a similar one-time fee, but have substantial savings each month if you’re comfortable with a home-based VA and paying them directly.

Wondering about the Zylun name? Co-founder Brigham Tomco explains it has no meaning, but just happened to be a pronounceable and available 5-letter domain name!

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