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VMG is a business process outsourcing (BPO) firm based in Bangalore that has been operating since 2005. They are an enterprise level virtual assistant firm offering a range of reliable virtual assistant services. Their  services include setting up and managing dedicated contact centers, back offices, and virtual assistant teams.  The firm is actually a division of Vadamalai Media Group, a respected 20-year old Indian media company. (That’s where the VMG name comes from.).

VMG offers affordable outsourcing solutions using virtual assistants that cater to Western entrepreneurs and businesses. The services range from providing virtual assistants for simple one off tasks  to setting up large, dedicated back offices, all with the goal of effectively reducing operational costs.

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In my brief interactions with their CEO, Kartik Isvarmurti, I was impressed by his focus on helping clients. We actually got to meet in person and have dinner when he visited San Francisco! I got the impression he genuinely cares about improving people’s businesses and their lives.

What sets VMG BPO apart is its ability to form and scale dedicated teams of virtual assistants, ranging from individual professionals to nearly 100 virtual assistants working round the clock.   VMG BPO particularly excels in forming and reliably managing 24/7 customer support and establishing dedicated back offices for customized operations. 

VMG BPO – Virtual Assistant Services

Delegate your workload and reclaim your time by hiring a dedicated virtual assistant. VMG’s  team of virtual assistants can handle various tasks such as answering calls, responding to emails, setting up meetings, and completing pending assignments.  Hire a single VA or a form a large team of dedicated VAs. 

The virtual assistants are clocked only for the actual time they are actively working on your tasks. Hence, your assistant work efficiency levels are at 100%!  As far as I can tell, your time doesn’t expire at the end of the month – you get to keep using it until it’s gone.  This is a nice feature compared with other firms that charge a set monthly fee, especially if your workflow has peaks and valleys.

Working with a VMG BPO virtual assistant is convenient and cost-effective.  They offer time blocks starting at 25 hours for $200, with competitive rates as low as $6/hour for larger blocks. Unlike other firms, your purchased time doesn’t expire at the end of the month—it remains available for a whole year, giving you flexibility during busy and slow periods. 

VMG BPO Review

VAA Exclusive: Mention Virtual Assistant Assistant when you sign up and get your first 15 hours for just $90!

VMG BPO – Back office Services

Consider setting up a complete back office for your business in India. Set up a virtual back office in India for your business and unlock a range of advantages. VMG offers a comprehensive turnkey service tailored specifically for US businesses looking to establish a back office in India.  

Your India back office, powered by VMG, will hire dedicated virtual assistants to handle various work processes, including customer support, technical support, administrative tasks, IT development projects, sales and marketing work, and more. Choose to operate your India team during US business hours or even around the clock. 

You have a single point of contact (your project coordinator) who takes care of essential tasks such as helping to hire the right individuals, negotiating and establishing payment terms, managing payroll, and providing general supervision.

Clients can directly interact with their dedicated team, viewing them as an extension of their own office. The team may be located in India, but their commitment and dedication remain unwavering. This seamless collaboration ensures effective communication and streamlined coordination, facilitating a cohesive working relationship between clients and their offshore team.

VMG BPO – Live Chat and Email Customer Support

Aside from standard virtual assistant services, VMG specializes in live chat customer service and Email answering services. Since 2005, VMG has handled more than two million human chat and conversations for US based businesses. 

VMG provides trained virtual assistants available 24/7, including holidays, to interact with visitors on your website, Facebook, and WhatsApp. The support agents can respond to emails, live chat, and phone calls.  You can enjoy the freedom of a month-to-month service with no long-term contracts, giving you the option to cancel anytime.  

To optimize costs a combination of chatbots and human chat agents, ensuring efficient and cost-effective support. Adding live chat to your website is a seamless process that requires no expensive changes or modifications to your existing website. 

Before going live, VMG agents receive extensive training tailored to your business, ensuring that their replies, greetings, and tone of voice reflect your brand’s personality. If our agents encounter queries they cannot answer, they seamlessly convert the chat conversation into an email support ticket, consulting with you to provide an accurate response to the customer. 

If you are looking for cost effective and enterprise reliable outsourcing solutions using virtual assistants,  contact VMG BPO  to discuss your requirements, request a quote. 

“VMG BPO provides a team of adept human chat agents to chat with visitors on your website, Facebook, and WhatsApp and other platforms. This service offers real-time customer support, lead generation, and integration. The advantages encompass elevated sales prospects, reduced returns, and a hybrid chat approach for optimized efficiency. VMG BPO stands as a dependable collaborator for tailored, budget-conscious, and effective customer engagement solutions.”

VMG BPO Alternatives

There are many great Virtual Assistant companies based in India. However, not all of them offer the live chat agent services. Take a look at our top rated VA companies out of India: MyTasker, Task Virtual, Tasks Expert.

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