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VirtualStaff.ph is a virtual assistant job board based in the Philippines. The company was founded in 2016 and all of their assistants work from their homes across the Philippines.

The company offers a marketplace to post individual jobs that can be picked up by their assistants, and ongoing hires for long-term work.

If the site looks or feels familiar, it’s a near-identical copy of the larger and more-established OnlineJobs.ph, which has been in business since 2009 and has more than 250,000 members.

About VirtualStaff

virtualstaff.ph reviewVirtualStaff.ph was founded by British entrepreneur Michael Brodie. Michael was one of Europe’s youngest retail entrepreneurs at 17, and after outsourcing some of his own workload to the Philippines, he decided to start his own virtual assistant business.

The company targets entrepreneurs, bloggers, coaches, podcasters, busy CEOs, and anyone else who wants to free up more time by outsourcing some of their business tasks.

The business model of Virtual Staff is different than most of the other virtual assistant companies based in the Philippines. To use the platform, you have a couple options.

1. Home-Based Workers

Option 1 is the self-service model. Post your job, screen your applicants, then hire and work directly with your new home-based VA. This is how VirtualStaff began; with 100% home-based assistants, with no project managers or middlemen. 

This enables them to offer very competitive rates, however, interviewing and selecting an assistant from their database comes down to you.

2. Office-Based Workers

Your second option with VirtualStaff is to have your virtual employees work from an official virtualstaff.ph office. They’ll be recruited, monitored and mentored by in-house team trained by the CEO himself.

This option may be attractive to fast-growing startups that need to onboard a team quickly.

How it VirtualStaff.ph Works


The service provided by VirtualStaff.ph is as an online marketplace and job board to help you connect with virtual assistants in the Philippines.

They have a database you can sort through by skills, ratings, or hourly rate. You can then reach out to the assistant and interview them or ask any questions to help you establish if they’ll be a good fit.

Their assistants cover a wide range of tasks, including:

  • social media management
  • website content
  • audio editing
  • online research
  • programming and development
  • bookkeeping
  • telemarketing
  • and more

Look for an assistant listing the specific skills you need in their bio and discuss your project with them.

Alternatively, you can post your own job(s) and see what kind of applications you get.

Plans and Pricing

It’s free to post jobs on their job board, but that’s almost entirely useless, since you won’t be able to contact the applicants until you pay. I guess the advantage is you can see if your job listing attracts any candidates before you plunk down the cash to be able to communicate with them.

There is a monthly fee of $49 to enable you to connect with their assistants, and then once you make your hiring decision, you’ll pay your assistant directly based on the salary you agree on. 

On the Basic plan, you’ll be able to post up to 5 jobs and contact up to 50 workers per month.

virtualstaff pricing

Interestingly, you can reduce your cost to just $10 a month if you opt for an annual plan and pay the $120 upfront.

A premium plan at $79 a month includes training for both you and your assistant.

VirtualStaff.ph Alternatives

Like I mentioned, the primary competitor to Virtual Staff is OnlineJobs.ph. They charge $69 a month to access their job board and communicate with candidates, but you may find a broader talent pool there.

OnlineJobs.ph ClearDesk FreeUp Remote CoWorker
Customer Rating
Established 2009 2017 2015 2013
Hourly Rate $3-8 $16-18 $5-20 $5.99-8.00
Minimum Package $69 to post a job $500 for 30 hours Free to post a job $139 for 20 hours
Dedicated Assistant *
Best For Full-time hires Full-time hires | Small Businesses Quick pre-vetted hires in e-commerce and marketing Full-time hires
Team Access
Rollover Hours
Free Trial
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

If the direct hire model is a little intimidating, you might consider a managed VA solution, like VirtualStaff’s in-office solution, or with companies like TaskBullet or VA Staffer

Your Turn

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    • 55555
    • 44444

    Currently hiring 3 wonderful Filipino staff. The platform is reliable and easy to use.

  1. I found my new employee in about 2 weeks. I needed someone with experience to help me with my Amazon and Ecomerce Sales. After putting up a post, I had professionals reading out to me that same day. I first spent some time emailing questions back and forth with the people that stood out the most to me then had about 5 zoom interviews and new immediately who I was going to choose when I spoke to her. She has been working for me for 2 weeks now and we are very happy. We didn’t realize how much of a mess everything was behind the scenes.lol

    Thanks Virtual Staff for creating such an easy to use and trusting website.

    Cheers, Rob

  2. Hi Nick,
    Great content.
    I am curious whether Virtual Staff Ph and Onlinejobs.ph pays the affiliate marketer who blogs about their sites. I noticed their links don’t have affiliate IDs or username in the URL. How can they track which referrals came from you?- because I clicked on your links and there was no identifiable name in the URL.


    1. Thanks Carrie! In the case of OnlineJobs, they’re tracking with an in-house affiliate program. I’ve noticed that some programs will display a referral parameter in the URL and others won’t. I do receive commissions from them so it’s working! I’m not sure about Virtual Staff.

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