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VALUE Virtual Assistants is a virtual assistant company based out of the Philippines. Their virtual assistants go “above and beyond” when it comes to experience and skills acquired. Despite having these qualities, they still maintain the competitive edge and ensure budgetary comfort for the services provided. 

Their goal towards you is based on ensuring value by providing quality-driven services. 

About VALUE Virtual Assistants 

VALUE Virtual Assistants is a staff management service provider that started in 2019 with operations beginning in 2020. They specialize in providing and handling full-time Filipino VAs to small and large-scale businesses worldwide. They are glad to come up with a range of services and let business owners focus on core operations. The services we provide include administrative, marketing, financial, customer support, and more.   

VALUE Virtual Assistants is a Japanese company based in the Philippines with a dedicated team of local assistants. This helps to streamline their management process and increase the ability to monitor and collaborate easily. The company works across 6 major countries while most of their customers are a mix of entrepreneurs and corporations. 

They believe in establishing a one-to-one connection and thus, assign one VA for each role who will be answering your call. They have boasted about their client retention rates.

During the hiring process they access their VA applicants experience and include a rigorous screening and evaluation to make sure that their virtual assistants are precise in their representation. Moreover, based on the client’s demands they can customize our selection process to find the right fit.  

Generally, it takes 3-5 business days from onboarding to starting your first task.

How VALUE Virtual Assistants Works? 

VALUE Virtual Assistants state their VAs have a high literacy in English and ensure this will be delivered. 

They prefer communicating in the English Language and prioritize your country’s holidays/business time zone. As per your initial agreement, their virtual assistants will be arriving at the specified schedule. As a client, you can either tune this time according to your business hours or work past the time frame to suit 24/7 operations. Upon notifying them in advance, they can make the required adjustments for assistance even on weekends and holidays.

VALUE Virtual Assistants Services 

They offer a plethora of services in the industries of:

  • administration,
  • marketing,
  • finance,
  • information technology,
  • and customer services.

Initiating our Value Engagement Programs, they make sure that productivity and motivation stay elevated all the time. From recruitment, HR management, and staffing to managing the VA payment, their company is known for offering seamless staff management solutions.  

For each role, a dedicated virtual assistant will be assigned. Their goal is to give you free time so that business owners can concentrate on core operations and make vital decisions for the company. Their Virtual Assistants follow a weekly schedule, with specific hours allocated for each day of the week (Monday to Sunday) rather than a task-based one so that work continues along with maintaining long-term relationships with the clients.

VALUE Virtual Assistants Pricing Plans

The cost of their plans is based on our virtual assistant’s level of experience and expertise. The cost at the time of publishing is:

  • Virtual Assistant – Starting from $7 per hour
  • Customer Service – Starting from $7 per hour
  • Financial Assistant – Starting from $8 per hour
  • Marketing Assistant – Starting from $8 per hour
  • Design and Creatives – Starting from $9 per hour
  • Information Technology – Starting from $10 per hour
  • Professional Services – Starting from $10 per hour  

To ensure a smooth payment process, they bill on a monthly basis for the services provided by the virtual assistant. They send invoices 15 days in advance before the start of the execution month. 

Contact VALUE Virtual Assistants

VALUE Virtual Assistants can be contacted through this Meeting/Call Scheduling link.

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