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Twago is one of the largest platforms in Europe helping businesses all over the world find freelancers to help them with tasks and projects. The company has been in operation since 2009 and has grown a large marketplace for clients and freelancers to work together.

(The name, if you’re curious, comes from the phrase TeamWork Across Global Offices.)

About Twago

twago reviewThe company’s head office is based in Germany. The freelancers using the platform are based all over the world, as are the customers. The company is run by founder, Thomas Jajeh. He is responsible for IT development, product management, and performance marketing at Twago. Hermann Hohenberger is responsible for affiliate marketing, sales, and support.

The platform makes it easy for businesses of all sizes to find experts matching the skill sets needed to complete their tasks. You can find support for all areas of your business, such as site design and development, writing services, sales and marketing support, mobile app design, translation services, and more.

Their target customers are entrepreneurs and start-ups, to large enterprises. The size of the business doesn’t matter; you fill in a few details about your job, budget, and the skill sets you’re looking for from the freelancer, and the platform does the rest to provide you with some potential freelancers.

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As with most large marketplaces that allow you to post jobs and choose from the applicants that apply, there is a wide scope of services available. You’ll find programmers, designers, translators, marketers, and a whole host of other specialties.

If the work can be completed remotely there is a good chance you will find a freelancer to help. Because of the European focus, you may find more support for German, Italian, Spanish, and French-speaking assistants than on other freelance sites.

Plans and Pricing

Posting a project on the Twago platform is free. You only pay for the work that will be completed. Each project is evaluated on an individual basis, you add a budget to your project posting and this gives freelancers the opportunity to bid for the project based on your budget.

There are some optional extras to help your project posting stand out from the crowd, these are:

  • €149 ($170) – This hires you some assistance from Twago staff to make your project job the best it can be.
  • €49 ($55) – This fast-tracks your project so you receive offers within minutes.
  • €79 ($90) – Limit proposals from freelancers that sign your NDA.
  • €29 ($33) – Block your listing from search engines to limit it to just the Twago marketplace.

The site applies up-to-date SSL certificates on all monetary transactions making it safe and easy to send and receive payments.

Twago may not be the best fit for ongoing virtual assistant work. They explain that jobs on the platform “are generally limited in scope and duration and do not involve a traditional employer/employee relationship.”

Twago Alternatives

The largest alternatives to Twago are sites like Upwork.com, Freelancer.com, Guru.com, and PeoplePerHour

Your Turn

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    There are couple outsourcing sites on web are nothing but scams, bloodsucker. This is good that most of the freelancer now aware of “GURU” who the best bloodsucker on the web.
    Most probably last few years a new outsourcing site appear on web named TWAGO. They are not only bloodsucker but also insisted, blackmailer. If you read their terms and conditions, you’ll notice that they are just avoiding all responsibilities supporting freelancers. If you submit a bid and win that project, you’ve must to paid 10% invoice of the project price. This is not headache of TWAGO whether you have been paid by client or not. If your project client is non-responsive and you complain the matter to TWAGO admin, you’ll never get support from them which is in your favour. They’ll only insist you to pay the 10% project commission which they says “invoice”. But the fact is if you not be paid by your client, how can you pay project invoice payment to the site? TWAGO even will not listen your unfortunate condition that you faced by your non-responsible client. TWAGO will continue insisting massage you repeatedly. They’ll badly warn you with their self-made deadline time for paid the project invoice which you’ve not paid by your client at all. And the horrible matter is they will send you blackmailing massage within few days. The message body is : “IF YOU DO NOT PAY THE AMOUNT UNTIL THE EXPIRY OF THE DEADLINE SET, WE ARE OBLIGED TO CHARGE YOU AN INTEREST AT A RATE OF 8.27% P.A. IN ADDITION, ALL COSTS OF A THEN FOLLOWING JUDICIAL DUNNING PROCEDURE MUST BE BORNE BY YOU…”
    Although their given address is looking at Italy but I guess their address given is fake. In another article it showing they are situated at Berlin. Wherever they are, indeed they earning million dollars of black money by insisting, blackmailing freelancer on web. The government of that country wherever TWAGO is, should ban TWAGO and arrest the management of TWAGO for blackmailing people online. TWAGO is the nightmare of the freelancer even during the freelancer awaken.

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