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TecMonks is an India-based virtual assistant company that provides virtual assistants to entrepreneurs and small business owners all over the world.

The company is headquartered in Kolkata, India. Their support staff and most of their virtual assistants work out of their offices at this location.

About TecMonks

The company started operations in April 2020. TecMonks was founded by Rahul and his partner, and both have a long history working in the Virtual Assistant space before started TecMonks

When I asked about how they serve their clients, TecMonks told me their first priority is learning about their clients’ needs and finding the best possible solution for them.

They explained that they are willing to take on literally any tasks that can be completed virtually. So, whatever your business tasks are, it’s worth reaching out to TecMonks to find out how they can help.

TecMonks will supply a dedicated assistant if you sign up for 50 hours per month or more. This gives you the chance to develop a better working relationship with your assistant over time if that’s what you prefer.

How TecMonks Works

To get started working with TecMonks you need to either sign up for one of their pricing plans, or reach out to their team and make contact.

After a call to discuss your requirements, TecMonks will find the best-suited assistant from their pool of talent and introduce you to them.

You can ‘interview’ them to make sure you’re happy they’re a good fit, then start sending them tasks as soon as you like.

They’re open to using whatever form of communication works for you. This means you can use phone, email, online chat, or ask them to download whatever communication platform you prefer.

TecMonks assigns every client a relationship manager as a point of contact if they run into any issues. They also create SOPs and backups of the work they’re doing, just as an extra safeguard if a Virtual Assistant has to take some time off.

TecMonks Services

TecMonks told me they provide “all kinds of virtual assistance services”. Adding that they’ve seen a large increase in demand for tech support setting up and managing virtual conferencing software due to the pandemic.

To give you a better idea of the services they offer, they list the following as their main areas of expertise:

  • General virtual assistant – Scheduling appointments, calendar management, data entry, ad hoc tasks.
  • Digital marketing – Website marketing, SEO, content management, social media marketing, and more.
  • Graphic design – Designing books, magazines, etc., product packaging, shirts and appeal designs, and more.
  • Content analysis Content writing, SEO content, proofreading and editing, website copy, and more.
  • Social media management – Creating social media accounts, running promotions, scheduling posts, replying to messages, and more.
  • Website development – Website design, adding e-commerce functionality, database integration, general website maintenance, and more.

TecMonks Plans and Pricing

TecMonks offer a good deal of flexibility with their pricing plans. They have eight tiered pricing plans based on the number of hours you want, as well as a flat full-time plan.

Being based in India, they’re able to offer very competitive rates. You can work with a full-time assistant for just $5.11/hr, and their hourly rates top out at $10/hr.

A complete list of their pricing plans at the time of publishing was:

  • 10 hours – $100/mo ($10/hr)
  • 20 hours – $200/mo ($10/hr)
  • 30 hours – $300/mo ($10/hr)
  • 40 hours – $400/mo ($10/hr)
  • 50 hours – $450/mo ($9/hr)
  • 60 hours – $520/mo ($8.66/hr)
  • 70 hours – $600/mo ($8.57/hr)
  • 80 hours – $650/mo ($8.12/hr)
  • Full-time (176 hours) – $900/mo ($5.11/hr)

TecMonks also offers a “Combo pack” for $1,000. This is a bundle that includes 12 blog posts, an email campaign, social media management, and some SEO services.

TecMonks Alternatives

For alternative Virtual Assistant companies based in India or using Indian assistants, I recommend checking out ClearDesk or My Tasker.

ClearDesk has the higher pricing of the two but specializes in fields like legal and real estate. My Tasker operates on a similar model with similar pricing as TecMonks.

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