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Tasks Everyday is a virtual assistant company based in Mumbai, India and Cebu, Philippines. The company was founded in 2003, and now employs more than 250 virtual assistants who help clients all around the world.

As an early mover in the world of personal outsourcing, Tasks Everyday has received a lot of positive press, exposing new potential customers to the possibilities of hiring a virtual assistant.

About Tasks Everyday

The Tasks Everyday website has improved a lot over the past year. It used to have disorganized styling, jumbled texts and graphics, and unclear pricing options. If I was in a rush, the unprofessional look would have been a quick excuse to eliminate them from my search, so it’s good to see they’ve done some work there.

I found the auto-play videos annoying (although the testimonials are good), an encountered some pages with keyword-stuffed title tags a mile long. Their company blog was once a depository for pure nonsense garbage content, but has since been cleaned up considerably. This is the first impression they’re making to potential customers, and it was probably enough to have most running in the opposite direction.


Among the services that Tasks Everyday virtual assistants specialize in are your typical online research tasks, bookkeeping, appointment making, and email and phone customer support tasks. Beyond that however, Tasks Everyday also provides expertise in database management, web design, website maintenance, and sales and marketing.

Plans and Pricing

Tasks Everyday charges around $7 an hour for their services, and although this is not particularly clear on their website, offer an array of plans depending on the how many hours you expect to use. You can even hire a Tasks Everyday virtual assistant without an ongoing commitment, if you just need a specific one-time project completed.

Their rates certainly compare favorably with hiring full time staff in the US, but of course there are challenges with managing any remote worker.

Another nice thing about Tasks Everyday is that you are assigned a dedicated virtual assistant, so you can build a relationship with one person. Your virtual assistant will be available 5 days a week in the time zone of your choosing; the Mumbai office operates several shifts and is open 24 hours a day.

Tasks Everyday Alternatives

For more transparent pricing options, you might consider My Tasker, which is one of many other virtual assistant companies in India.

One bit of disclosure: On two occasions Tasks Everyday customers have left negative comments here, only to ask them be removed a few days later.  Normally when the companies themselves ask, I decline and ask them instead to respond to the accusations publicly.  But when customers ask, I tend to honor that request because I would want other webmasters to do the same for me.

The complaints centered on poor communication (both in language and timing), and poor quality of work — specifically related to web development.  I don’t have the full story in either case but can speculate that having the negative reviews removed was part of some parting-ways negotiation with the company.

If you’ve had any experience, positive or negative, with Tasks Everyday, please share it here.

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    Tasks Everyday isn’t a good service. I gave a list of tasks to the managers before I started, and they were positive that the task list would be easy for the assistants. This could not be further from the truth.

    I tried hiring one of their assistants to manage my email and calendar. I went through two assistants before realizing that nobody there is capable of this very simple task due to English comprehension and basic knowledge of calendar and email applications. All they are capable of is research, data entry, and proofreading. That’s it. If you need more than that, don’t expect them to be able to do it.

    Just do yourself a favor and hire a local person. It is far more expensive, but things actually get done.

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    Quality of work was mediocre at the low end of acceptability. However, I had major problems with reliability. Taskeveryday.com’s VAs would go on leave/vacation unannounced. Management did
    not take timely action to replace. Management also
    refused to adjust for time lost.

  1. Thank you for sharing this, Nick. I agree with everything you said and I certainly hope we get the same $7/hour rate here. You are sometimes caught with so much tasks that you are no longer just a VA but already a GVA and yet you still do not get a decent pay.

  2. My VA (Her name is Dhwani Mehta) has been stellar. She has covered tasks like managing my Craigslist purchasing ads for my eBay business, along with helping me find the perfect engineering career in the perfect town. She answers promptly, gives me thorough results, and is very polite.

    i have tried other VAs, and AskSunday so far is the best in my experience.

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    My VA was a beginner but was my primary product researcher.

    I liked the promptness of communication and the quality of work. When changing CRM systems, my VA contacted support teams of both CRM providers to get data across from one system to another in 2 days!

  3. I had one month package to clone Webshop. First week the Output was Setup a free webshop (30min)and copy/paste 13 items only.
    They inserted 800 items one by one, not able or interested to automate.
    Had to fight for faster working. Overall i have Impression it was a beginner and not a pro. Will not come back to them.

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    I like my VA that does SEO. Overall a positive experience. We are only a few months in. I just wonder if he is really doing the SEO I want done everyday or if they do it intermittently; or alternatively, just follow their own SEO plan. How can one know? Has anyone experienced this? That is my only negative. I feel a bit in the dark on what they actually do. That is why I did not fill in the Value bar. I am just not sure yet.

  4. Truly awful. I spent more time managing my VAs from this company than could have been saved. And I say “VAs” plural, as after a few initial poorly completed tasks, I relieved my first VA of his duties, and then sacked his replacement immediately after a complete shambles was made of his very first, and very simple, task (formatting a Word doc!).

    1. Hi Dakota, Thanks for the note. You are right: Tasks Everyday and other overseas VA companies don’t comply with US minimum wage standards (the US has no jurisdiction over them), but only the wage standards of their own country, which are often much lower or non-existent. The cost-savings is one advantage these companies have in their favor.

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