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SupportNinja is a company that finds, recruits and onboard the perfect candidates for you and your business so you don’t have to

The company is based in the Philippines and all the staff they recruit are based in their offices. They also have some management staff based in the US to help smooth out the communications.

About SupportNinja

Support Ninja ReviewThe company was founded by Cody McLain in early 2014 and was originally called SupportMonk.

The business was based in India at the time, however, when they grew to more than 50 employees Cody found offices in the Philippines and continued to grow the business there.

Fellow entrepreneur Connor Tomkies came onboard as CEO, and today the business has more than 250 people working in their offices in the Philippines.

Support Ninja specializes in finding you a “Ninja”, as they call their staff members, to fit a role you need filling in your business. (Or multiple ninjas, should you need them.)

They do all the searching, vetting, training, and manage them in-house. That saves you a lot of legwork, so you can spend your time focusing on other areas in your business.

They support a range of businesses all over the world, from Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley to small startups looking for help to grow their team and scale up their operations.

How SupportNinja Works

Support Ninja has a fairly rigorous vetting process that includes several rounds of testing, in-person interviews, group interviews, and finally a vote to narrow down the candidates to the best-suited person for the role you’re looking to fill.

Their process looks like this:

  1. Support Ninja post the position you are looking to fill on job boards and look at their own database of pre-vetted candidates.
  2. They put candidates that have applied for the position through a series of tests to evaluate how suitable they are for the position.
  3. They then interview candidates in person that pass the first round of tests to further evaluate them for suitability.
  4. You receive the resumes of candidates that have passed the vetting process so you can narrow down the applicants.
  5. The applicants you have approved for final selection are invited for a group interview setting.
  6. When the final round of background checks is complete, the recruitment team at Support Ninja hold a vote to determine the best-suited candidate, they then send out a formal job proposal offer.


Their core service is finding and managing staff based on your requirements. They specialize in finding staff with the following skill sets and job roles:

  • Customer support
  • Lead generation
  • Content moderation
  • Back-office support
  • Research analysis
  • Image moderation
  • Data entry
  • Human resources

You also have the option to include a “Samurai”, a team leader that will work with your staff. Clients can also add a Ninja Success Manager, a US-based team member who serves as a liaison between you and your team.

Plans and Pricing

Support Ninja does not currently have any set pricing plans. Each recruit is handled on an individual basis depending on your specific requirements.

SupportNinja Alternatives

There is no shortage of virtual assistant companies based in the Philippines offering a wide range of skills and job roles at competitive rates.

If you’re after more of a headhunting service to fit a specific job role then I recommend checking out Cody’s other company, AssistNinja. AssistNinja is geared toward smaller organizations and offers a simple virtual assistant recruiting service.

If you’re comfortable doing the recruiting yourself to see what’s out there, OnlineJobs is your go-to spot for that.

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    If you are looking for a short-term or a long-term solution, SupportNinja is a great for both- as we have used both options at various times! You can’t go wrong with them.

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    You know when I launched my company, SupportNinja was immediately able to jump in and provide outstanding support to our customers. They played a very important  role in our early stages of growth. They are always responsive, professional, curious and truly cared about the customers experience.

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