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Somebody 2 Hire is a virtual assistant company in the Philippines with a large number of virtual assistants ready to handle administrative, customer service, and marketing tasks.

Founded in 2013, they pride themselves on having virtual assistants with a wide range of experience and expertise.

Somebody2Hire are happy to take on small, medium, or large clients, and no task is too small, or too large. Each virtual assistant is managed in house, so clients can rest assured they will not be let down.

About Somebody 2 Hire

somebody 2 hire reviewThe company was founded a little over two years ago by founder Jozsef Kiss, with Mads Sorenson stepping on board as a partner. While this makes them a relatively new company in the virtual assistant landscape, it’s long enough to fill clients with confidence that they are here to stay.

When I asked what set them apart from other virtual assistant companies, Jozsef’s response was, “We have a dedicated support team on site in our office, in the Philippines. What makes us stand out as a leading outsourcing center are the skill sets that we can acquire to put in place for our clients.”

He went on to add that they only hire assistants with excellent English skills and years of experience, which anyone who has used a VA before will know is a huge advantage.

Somebody 2 Hire Intro Video


The company provides a wide range of services, and are happy to discuss any bespoke needs too. However, they wrap most of their expertise into three key areas:

Administrative – Including handling email support, scheduling support and management, data administration, database management, customer support, research, and more.

Customer Service – Inbound and outbound services, online chat support, and email support.

Online Marketing – Handling social media accounts, SEO, SEM, website maintenance, WordPress assistance, graphic design, and more.

As with most virtual assistant providers, you will get most value by providing as much detail as possible when outsourcing and identifying early into the process how well the relationship is working.

With such a wide range of tasks being handled, I asked if there are any areas of specialization clients can use. Their response was that they specialize in ‘grunt work’, which while that may be an unusual choice of words, it paints the picture that they are happy handling any task.

somebody 2 hire pricing

Plans and Pricing

Somebody 2 Hire has a clear and simple pricing plan. You choose a plan by how many hours a day you want the virtual assistant, then you pay a flat rate. All rates are without commitment or contract.

You will see from the pricing below that you get considerably more value when you pay for the full 8 hour day package, which is something worth considering if you have a workload that will conclude once completed as opposed to daily ongoing tasks.

  • 4 hours a day will cost $7.82 per hour / $625 per month.
  • 8 hours a day will cost $6.85 per hour / $1095 per month.

These rates aren’t rock-bottom in the industry, but they’re competitive, especially for having a dedicated office infrastructure. I found Somebody 2 Hire very easy to contact and talk to. I would suggest contacting them if you have any specific requirements and want to discuss pricing.

Somebody 2 Hire Alternatives

There are a lot of virtual assistant providers in the Philippines. If you like the idea of office-based employees, VA Staffer runs a similar model near Manila. If you’re comfortable with home-office-based workers, you might consider Virtual Staff Finder or OnlineJobs.ph, though both of those will specialize in finding full-time VAs.

Have you worked with Somebody 2 Hire? If so, please post some comments about your experience below to help others make an informed decision.

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