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Should your eCommerce Business hire a Virtual Assistant?

We understand that e-commerce virtual assistants are in high demand in the market. But have you tried to find out the reason behind it?

As a business owner or even a user, you know there are mundane and tedious tasks for an e-commerce business. These tasks consume a lot of time. Instead, save this time and spend it on improving the growth of the company. Here, the concept of getting a virtual assistant for e-commerce stores seems feasible. 

What are the e-commerce tasks you can assign to virtual assistant services?

  •     Enter and upload product data
  •     Write product descriptions
  •     Analyze the price and discounts
  •     Edit and optimize images
  •     Manage promotional offers
  •     Handle social media marketing
  •     Website development
  •     Adding products in the relevant category
  •     Manage inventory
  •     Optimize product and service pages
  •     Gather relevant information
  •     Design and send email newsletters
  •     Design banners, landing page, and other marketing content

What are the advantages of having an e-commerce virtual assistant?


Suppose you want to perform some tasks in a budget-friendly manner or are looking for ways to reduce costs. When you get virtual assistant support services, you do not have to deal with any allowance. All you need to do is discuss the requirements and ask for expected delivery.  

Save time

Virtual assistants will save up to 40% of your time, which can be invested in planning the growth of your business. Obviously, you must spend hours monitoring customer actions, data entry, updating product databases, writing product descriptions, or handling accounting.

As a business owner, your target is to aim for growth. You can easily assign these mundane tasks to virtual assistants. This will help to clear the cluster from your routine and put your business performance first.

Data management

This is an essential feature for e-commerce businesses to run smoothly. Businesses which support virtual assistants are taking the benefits of working smoothly. They are the experts in multiple tasks. They can manage your data and also prepare reports if needed. Data is the most complicated thing and also an essential task for the e-commerce business.

Fewer Risks

Many e-commerce companies feel hesitant to hire someone for their business. This might be a lack of trust or budget, or resources. Well, a virtual assistant can handle your tasks by considering all the factors. They are a one-stop solution for limited resources, budget crisis, time, and knowledge. Hiring a virtual assistant means getting an employee that works around the clock and has experience in multiple sectors.

Increase Productivity

Virtual assistants have the right skills to handle every tedious task of your business. By handling these tasks, they save the hassle of performing such tasks and provide you adequate time to focus on the core segments of the business.  

What tasks can you assign to your virtual assistant for e-commerce stores?

1.    Order Processing

A trained virtual assistant could easily handle the entire process of order and shipment. Some duties that you can assign them are:

  •     Compile orders
  •     Add data into reports
  •     Update order details
  •     Track orders
  •     Set up shipment
  •     Send customers  invoices

This means a skilled e-commerce virtual assistant can track the progress of the orders and fulfil any customers’ requirements.

2.    Manage inventory and stocks

This is critical to run an e-commerce business smoothly in the digital world. You need to maintain a balance between both to ensure customer satisfaction. Some tasks for virtual assistants are:

  •     Check inventory to ensure you have enough stocks
  •     Update product lists
  •     Add new inventory
  •     Manage product categories
  •     Handle errors to ensure all the information is updated and correct
  •     Keep track of orders
  •     Reminder for restocking when stocks are lower

3.    Manage Exchanges and Returns

Your work isn’t completed even after the order has been delivered to the customer. In some cases, customers might not be happy with the product, or it might have been damaged during the delivery processes. This means you need to provide them with a seamless exchange or returns of the products. The virtual assistant has the skills to handle the below tasks:

  •     Great communication skills
  •     Expertise in customer services to resolve disputes
  •     The organized flow of handling issues
  •     Pays attention to each detail

This ensures a customer-friendly environment in your e-commerce store.

4.    Customer Services

To deliver the best services, your virtual assistant will be available 24/7 for the customers. Some virtual assistant support services can help to handle challenges like:

  •   Sending quick responses to the customers through different mediums like phone, social media, email, and phone.
  •     Handle unsatisfied customers and resolve complaints
  •     Spot opportunities to upsell and cross-sell your products
  •     Manage customer interactions
  •     Increase user engagement with your store
  •     Take follow-up with potential customers
  •     Respond to positive and negative feedbacks

5.    Create Press releases and Newsletters

You can take help from virtual assistants to submit press releases and newsletters related to your business. A virtual assistant newsletter will be more effective in the market. As they have relevant information and know the interests of the target audience. Some tasks where they can excel are:

  •     Build a strong brand reputation
  •     Earn backlinks from authoritative websites or businesses
  •     Attain public attention
  •     Handle media coverage

This will help in taking a step further to promote your e-commerce business in the digital market.

6.    Maintain your e-commerce store

Building e-commerce is just the starting of the journey in the online world. It is essential to meet customers’ expectations at each phase. A virtual assistant has e-commerce skills and training that comes handy in multiple things like:

  •     Update price details on product pages
  •     Change or modify product descriptions
  •     Find and replace broken links
  •     Keep track of the latest trends in the industry
  •     Upload relevant content
  •     Optimize page loading speed
  •     Add, modify, or update product lists
  •     Make sure the copyright information is updated
  •     Polish your website elements
  •     Optimize images on the website

7.    Perform market research

Engage e-commerce virtual assistants to perform market research and give valuable insights which are beneficial for your business. They can handle:

  •     Product research
  •     Target Customer
  •     Competitors Research
  •     Keywords Research
  •     Recent trends research

Performing extensive market research and compiling them into systematic reports makes your work seamless.

Wrapping it up!

We have given you pointers to handle your time-consuming work with the help of an e-commerce virtual assistant. We assume that you would hire the right virtual assistant who has experience in the market and fits your budget. This process will save your time and resources that can be applied in the business growth. 


Billy Brown is a published content creator and digital marketer. Being a skilled and passionate person he has applied the best efforts to stay with the marketing trends. Virtual Assistant management is one of his  biggest strengths. As an SEO expert, I believe in providing the best digital marketing solutions with my glorious experience in multiple sectors. EcomVA is one such platform where you can get ecommerce virtual assistant services.


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