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ShoreAgents is a virtual assistant company specializing in providing virtual assistants to businesses in the real estate industry.

The company is headquartered in the Philippines and all of their staff work out of their offices in the same location.

About ShoreAgents

The company started operations in 2017 and is run by Stephen Atcheler, CEO, and Oliver Paget, COO.

Stephen Atcheler started ShoreAgents on the back of his own successful Real Estate business. Stephen was utilizing virtual assistants himself based in the Philippines and saw firsthand how outsourcing overseas can help a business grow.

With expertise in the real estate industry, Stephen decided to focus on providing Virtual Assistants trained in the real estate industry only.

This means, if you’re working in real estate you can be sure that ShoreAgents’ VAs are skilled in the industry and understand the unique challenges you face.

If you’re new to outsourcing overseas, you’ll notice that ShoreAgents are able to offer competitive rates. This is because the cost of living is lower in the Philippines.

However, the workforce in the Philippines is typically well educated, experienced, they speak very good English, and understand the U.S. culture well.

ShoreAgents’ Virtual Assistants are also available to work 24/7. So, if you decide to work with them, your assistant will be able to work your business hours.

For the most part, apart from not seeing them in person, you’ll barely notice your assistant is thousands of miles away!

How ShoreAgents Works

ShoreAgents says that while they’re “not your typical service provider”, the fundamentals of how they operate are very similar to other visual assistant providers.

How ShoreAgents works works:

  • Tell them what you’re looking for – You explain how your business works, the tasks you’re looking to outsource, what skills you’d like in a Virtual Assistant and any other information or tasks needed.
  • They find candidates – ShoreAgents will then see if they have a Virtual Assistant within their pool of talent that lines up with what you’re looking for. If they don’t, they’ll source someone that’s a fit.
  • Interviews – The next stage is to interview the candidates they’ve found. You’re in complete control over how you conduct the interview and who you choose to work with.
  • Start outsourcing! – All that’s left to do is to start sending them tasks to work on. You communicate directly with your dedicated Virtual Assistant. If you run into any problems, you can always reach out to your relationship manager.

ShoreAgents Services

ShoreAgents’ VAs can fill any role within a real estate company. To give you a better idea, some of their most popular services are:

  • Property management administrator
  • Sales administrator
  • Real estate accountant
  • Transaction coordinator
  • Contract coordinator
  • Interior design administrator

ShoreAgents Plans and Pricing

ShoreAgents have different pricing depending on the role your assistant is going to fill.

To give you an idea, a few of their roles and monthly prices are:

  1. Sales admin – $1,105 per month
  2. Property management – $1,199 per month
  3. Customer service – $1,130 per month

As you can see, a full-time VA is going to cost you somewhere in the $1,100-$1,500/mo ballpark for most roles.

There is also a one-off setup fee of $720 to take into account, as well as paying one month’s fees upfront as a security deposit. You’ll get that deposit back when you cease working with ShoreAgents.

ShoreAgents Alternatives

There are very few Virtual Assistant companies that specialize only in Real Estate, but MyOutDesk is a great U.S based alternative.

For alternatives, however, I recommend checking out some of the larger VA companies in the Philippines like OnlineJobs.ph and FreeUp. There is a good chance they will be able to supply VAs with real estate experience.

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