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UPDATE: Replace Myself is now a dead site and has transferred to OnlineJobs.ph. Please check our their page here.

Replace Myself is an online resource dedicated to simplifying matters for Internet businesses to help them reach their fullest potential. A company with a unique offer to overworked business owners, Replace Myself may be the answer some have been searching for.

About Replace Myself

replace myself reviewThe founders of Replace Myself, John and Dan, work together with a dedicated team of Filipino virtual assistants and virtual employees.

(John is also the guy behind the popular jobs board, OnlineJobs.ph.)

They developed their company because they themselves were suffering from more work than the two of them could realistically handle. They then attempted to outsource work to others but were stumped with trying to find reliable, dedicated people.

After trying working with individuals in both India and the U.S., John and Dan found that Filipinos were a committed, diligent, and talented people group. They delivered satisfactory and high quality results every time, completing projects and allowing John and Dan’s company to run smoothly. From this experience, the two created ReplaceMyself.com to help others enjoy the benefits of outsourcing.


Replace Myself primarily offers outsourcing training that teaches businesses how to search for and find the right Filipinos to work for them.

The course teaches customers where and where not to search for virtual assistants, what to pay, how to pay, how to communicate, how to hire qualified individuals, and things to avoid.

They also give important tips on how to best outsource business, as well as what to do during business downtime. All this is available to anyone who visits the website. The free training tools are detailed and valuable for business owners who want to free up more of their time, but Replace Myself makes money through their paid membership program.

Plans and Pricing

Membership costs $97 a month (or $997 a year), and subscribers receive exclusive advice on tools to use, tax issues, two full days of seminars, access to an effective project management system, keyword training, and additional tips and tricks. In addition, members will receive Replace Myself’s training modules to give their Filipino employees once hired.

This saves time and effort a business owner would otherwise have to personally invest in training new workers. Essentially, ReplaceMyself.com shows the Internet business owner how to successfully outsource business, taking him through every step of the way and covering all possible scenarios.

Membership includes free access to OnlineJobs.ph (regularly $69/mo on its own).

Replace Myself allows Internet businesses to successfully outsource work in three simple steps. ReplaceMyself.com will teach the business owner how to:

  1. Hire reliable workers.
  2. Give your VA(s) comprehensive training so they can get started.
  3. Follow up with Filipinos and assign more work.

The end goal is literally to “replace yourself” with an efficient, low cost virtual assistant overseas.

I’ve heard from some members the promises of $250 a month for a full time worker may not be realistic anymore, but around $400 can still net a qualified and productive virtual employee. Some members swear by the value provided in Replace Myself’s ongoing membership, while others recommend canceling right after they find their VAs. It really depends on your comfort level with managing employees from a long distance.

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