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A member of my mastermind group asked me recently what my current virtual assistant “situation” looked like.

It made me realize I hadn’t thought about it in a while and have added quite a few helpful resources to it over the past year.

This is my current outsourcing “stack” set-up.

So here goes…

Non-Dedicated Assistants


Fancy Hands

Fancy Hands is a US-based task assistance service starting at $30/mo. I’ve been a Fancy Hands member for years, and have used them for help with research, data entry, proofreading, and lots more.

Primarily what they do for me today is respond to the virtual assistant survey submissions on Based on the responses, I have several templates of suggestions, and the cool thing is it’s all automated and on average they reply much faster than I used to when I was (ironically) doing it all myself.

Dedicated Assistants



OkayRelax is kind a hybrid model between a task-based, team-based service like Fancy Hands and a fully dedicated assistant.

You still get a bucket of tasks to submit each month (25 tasks for $50), but you’re assigned a single dedicated assistant. That means turnaround times may be slower than with a pooled service, but hopefully you can realize the advantages of a dedicated assistant like trust in your business, some specialized training, and more consistent quality performance.

Right now I’m having my assistant John focus on research and data entry tasks, but am looking forward to expanding our relationship this year.


MyTasker is a helpful India-based VA company I’ve been working with regularly for the last year or so.

My dedicated assistant Bhaskar handles a couple recurring daily tasks for me, including drafting some client emails and saving them in my drafts folder in Gmail.

I’ve found the service super-reliable and a big time-saver. Rates start at $120/month.

Specialist Freelancers

Rounding out my outsourcing “stack” are a handful of on-demand contractors.

The person I turn to most consistently is a writer who helps me out with website articles and podcast notes. But in the past few months I’ve also turned to specialists for social media graphic help and of course technical web development support.

I connected with my writer and graphic “guys” through my network and social media, and with my most recent web development project guy through the Codeable marketplace.

Your Turn

What’s your current virtual assistant set up look like?

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