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Just Remote is an online remote job board platform. Just Remote populate their listings by collating remote job listings from all over the internet and taking job listings directly through their site.

The company is headquartered in London, England.

About Just Remote

The company started operations in 2018 and was founded by Tom Pinchen.

Just Remote’s mission statement is a simple one, but one that will resonate with anyone seeking online work;

“Our mission is to help you find work that you love and enable you to do it daily from anywhere.”

Just Remote’ business model is also simple. They collate remote job listings from all over the internet and list them on their site, and also take direct job listings for a monthly fee.

If you’re an employer advertising for roles, Just Remote says that by listing your job with them you increase your chances of being found by the types of candidates you’re looking for.

Just Remote does this by optimizing their listings, providing search functions making it easy for candidates to find the right jobs, and making sure they’re only displaying relevant jobs to their users.

How Just Remote Works

There are two sides to how Just Remote works; from an employer’s perspective, and that of a job seeker.

As an employer, you can either fill out a form on their site containing all the details of your job listing, or simply email them all the details and they’ll write it up for you.

You can list your job for 30 days at a time for a fixed price. All you have to do then is wait for applications to come in for you to review.

If you’re a jobseeker, it’s free to browse the jobs on Just Remote’s  job boards. They do offer a premium service called Power Jobs though as I’ll explain in the pricing section below.

Just Remote Services

The service Just Remote provides is listing your job and promoting it to their audience. They don’t share stats on how large their reach is, however. So, that’s definitely something to discuss with them if you’re interested in working with them.

When I looked through their job listings it looked like there were around 200 or so jobs, which is a healthy amount. There was a range of the typical online work you’d expect, such as writing jobs, SEO consulting, customer account managers, and so on.

Just Remote Plans and Pricing

There are two ways Just Remote makes money;

As an employer, it costs $189 to list a job for 30 days.

As a job seeker, you can browse most of their listings for free. Just Remote do offer a ‘Power Search’, however, which costs $5/mo.

For that $5/mo, Power Jobs says they find 70% of remote jobs that never get advertised. They deliver them straight to your inbox, giving you a headstart on applying for those jobs.

Just Remote Alternatives

To advertise your job listings to a wide audience, I suggest checking out Dynamite Jobs. Dynamite Jobs is another remote job board. They’ve been around a bit longer and seem to have a larger audience.

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