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JotForm is an online form builder and survey maker that enables any number of users to create and work on any type of form, survey, and various other templates.

The company is headquartered in US based in San Francisco, CA, and JotForm also has offices in Turkey.

About JotForm

JotForm has been operating for more than 15 years and was founded by current CEO Aytekin Tank.

Aytekin created JotForm to provide a solution for people looking for quick, easy ways to create online forms. You can create professional-looking forms with no coding or special skills, and JotForm has loads of templates and uses a simple drag-and-drop builder.

The main reason to use a form builder is to create robust forms that you can easily share and use to collect information.

Some of the most common uses of JotForm are to create surveys, send out forms for job applications, collect online payments, and basically create interactive forms for any purpose.

One of the best things about JotFrom is that they offer 24/7 support. If you get stuck for any reason or just have a question, you can reach out to them any time of day or night.

How JotForm Works

After signing up for an account, you get access to JotForm’s database of more than 10,000 templates to get you started building a form. Or, you can start from a blank screen, of course.

Once in the form builder, JotForm is mostly drag-and-drop. You can simply pick up widgets and elements from their library of options, and drag them onto forms where you want them.

As long as you’re not using the free version, you can add your own branding to forms. Or your client’s branding if you’re creating forms for clients This is easy to do and gives your forms a professional look.

JotForm Services

JotForm provides services for building forms and surveys for just about any purpose you can think of.

Some of their most popular forms are:

  • HIPAA Forms
  • JotForm Tables
  • JotForm Approvals
  • Smart PDF Forms
  • Secure Forms for online payments

JotForm also integrates with more than 100 other tools. You can embed widgets and connect with PayPal, MailChimp, DropBox, Adobe Sign, Zoom, and many more.

JotForm Plans and Pricing

JotForm has a free plan, and three paid plans based on the number of forms and data usage you need.

A complete list of their pricing plans at the time of publishing are:

  • Starter – FREE – With this plan, you can create up to 5 forms and have limited data usage.
  • Bronze – $24 per month – With this plan, you can create up to 25 forms and have an increased data usage limit.
  • Silver – $29 per month – With this plan, you can create up to 100 forms, have further increased data usage limits, and you can create HIPAA compliant forms.
  • Gold – $79 per month – With this plan, you can create unlimited forms and have unlimited data usage for the most part.

*The Bronze, Silver and Gold plans are billed annually.

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. If you cancel your subscription within 30 days of paying you can request a full refund.

JotForm Alternatives

For alternatives to JotForm, I recommend checking out other form building companies like Typeform.

JotForm told me that what separates them from other form builders is the wide range of templates, widgets, and other features they offer. They told me they offer one of the most diverse user experiences and have one of the largest template databases.

Your Turn

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    I’m glad to see JotForm reviewed. I’ve been using it for a couple of years now. Even more so during the pandemic. I run a sports shop and a sports school. Both of my businesses would run into some serious danger if I hadn’t already worked on my online store and online classes.
    I relied on many tools but JotForm was one of the first I’ve picked up. I use it for a variety of different reasons such as registrations to online classes, collecting payments, collecting consent before in-person sports classes (especially for more dangerous ones), and I even use it to screen my own employees.
    Overall, JotForm is only one of the tools that help me run my business, but it’s one of the few that I’d never consider replacing.

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    Jotform was an absolute lifesaver during the past 1,5 years as the pandemic forced many businesses to close up shop. I met Jotform a little too late IMO which is around a year ago when I was on the verge of closing up shop. Hipaa compliance is quite strict in the U.S. and I was ecstatic when I found out that I can collect appointments via hipaa compliant forms.
    The best part is I was accepted to their corona responder program which made my account hipaa compliant for FREE. Not only that jotform helped me during the pandemic and health-related data collection, but the tool itself also increased my productivity considerably, I strongly recommend Jotform to anyone who is looking to make their lives and businesses easier to handle!

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