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How to Outsource your Podcast Production

Have a podcast? See how your Virtual Assistant can save you time and money by reading the pros and cons below

Podcasts are one of the easiest forms of media to consume today, but they’re not easy to create by any means. Many people wrongly assume that to start a podcast, all you need is a microphone and something to say. While those are the basic requirements of a podcast, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to produce a polished, high-quality podcast episode. As a result, many podcasters are considering outsourcing options. Here are some pros and cons of outsourcing your podcast. 

Pro 1: Professional Software And Equipment 

Instead of having to invest a lot of money in your own equipment, people looking to start a podcast can capitalize on the software and equipment of others by outsourcing. Those in the podcast outsourcing industry know which software and equipment would work best for you and your podcast. Therefore, not only do you save some money in equipment by outsourcing your podcast, you also benefit from their expertise and knowledge. 

Pro 2: More Time-Efficient  

Let’s face it, recording a podcast can take an extremely long time especially if it’s something you have never done before. There is a lot to figure out in order to make your podcast work. Like any skill, it takes time and knowledge to become efficient at it. By outsourcing your podcast, you can skip the lengthy learning stage of creating a podcast and jump straight into producing using their expertise. All the time outsourcing frees up can go towards the aspects of your business you naturally excel at or enjoy doing. This allows you to invest your time on more important tasks. If this is the case, your business will greatly benefit from outsourcing your podcast

Pro 3: High Quality Audio  

Outsourcing your podcast to professionals ensures your podcast remains consistently high-quality and professional. Amazing audio quality is one of the things that separates an amateur podcast from a professional one. A team of professionals can ensure you sound like a professional from the very first episode. This allows you to make an amazing first impression on your listeners. With more and more podcasts coming out each day, hiring professionals to produce a high-quality sounding podcast from the get-go can help you stand out from the rest.  

Pro 4: Consistent Episodes 

If producing one episode is consuming hours of your time, it may be impossible to post episodes consistently. If you’re unable to produce content consistently, your podcast will struggle to grow. Outsourcing your podcast will guarantee that your episodes regularly publish on time. “Since many listeners appreciate consistent uploads, outsourcing your podcast can help your podcast grow,” advises Kaye Jones, a tech blogger at Draftbeyond and Writinity. “Releasing new episodes for listeners to look forward consistently is a sure way to steadily grow your listeners.” 

Con 1: Might Fall Below Expectations 

While most professional podcast teams care about the quality of their work, some might produce work that falls well below your standards. According to Nick Garrett, a writer at Researchpapersuk, “When you outsource your podcast, you’re trusting someone else with a project that matters to you and your business. This leaves room for disappointment.” Fortunately, if your podcast team of professionals falls below your expectations, you have plenty of other options. 

Con 2: Not In Your Budget 

If you’re a small business just starting out, you may not have the budget to outsource as much as you would like a professional sounding podcast. If this is the case, you might not have a choice but to invest your time in learning how to produce your own podcast instead of your money. 


Outsourcing a podcast is a great option for businesses that want to save money on buying pricey podcast equipment and software themselves. It saves businesses from doing the time-consuming work of learning how to produce a podcast themselves. Moreover, outsourcing your podcast results in a higher quality audio than will leave a good first impression on listeners. It also allows you to release episodes on a consistent schedule which many listeners will appreciate. While there are certain drawbacks to outsourcing your podcast, the benefits greatly outweigh them. 



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