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Helpware is a virtual assistant provider and customer service support company. They help clients build and manage remote customer support teams and offer a range of tools to help businesses streamline their workflow processes.

The company was founded in 2015. Their operations teams are based in the Ukraine and the Philippines, and their management staff are based in California.

About Helpware

The company was founded by CEO Andy Steuer and Alexander Tereshchenko who is the current Head of Operations.

Helpware’s model differs from most virtual assistant companies. They only offer full-time assistants, no pay-per-hour, tiered hourly bundles, or job postings.

Specializing in customer support, back office, accounting, and marketing support, this makes sense as it allows you and your customers to develop a relationship with their assistants as they would a member of your staff.

Their target customers are fast-growing companies of any size looking to outsource any of their customer support, back office, journey mapping, or any tasks that can be completed remotely.

How Helpware Works

It’s a cost-effective way to start working with experienced professionals right away. There are no recruitment or training costs, and their staff will help you build a team with all the skills you need to complete your tasks.

In addition to the team members you’re paying for, you have access to Helpware’s core management team at no extra cost.

This means there is a Customer Success Manager, Team Leader, Project Manager, and Team Captain overseeing the work and supporting your working relationship with their operatives.


Helpware provides general virtual assistants to carry out all those day-to-day tasks any busy business owner would happily see handed over.

They also specialize in supplying virtual assistants skilled in the following roles:

Customer Service Support

Helpware will collaborate with you to build a customer support team that understands your business, use the tools you use, and provide a seamless solution for your customer base.

Back Office Support

Their team members will help map your current workflow, highlight areas for improvements, and ensure your business is running optimally.

Marketing Support

Their team members are experienced with AdWords, Facebook advertising, and a range of tools and marketing software to help maximize the effectiveness and outreach of your marketing campaigns.

Accounting Support

They have qualified and experienced accounting experts certified in using Quickbooks, SAP, and other accounting software.

Plans and Pricing

Helpware currently has 4 different pricing plans depending on the type of assistant you want to hire. Pricing ranges from $1,800 per month for a general virtual assistant and $2,200 for a customer support operative.

All contacts are for 40 hours per week, and the minimum contract period is one month. Their full list of plans are:

  • Virtual Assistant/Data Entry – $1,800 per month.
  • Accounting Support – $1,900 per month.
  • Marketing Support – $2,100 per month.
  • Customer Support – $2,200 per month.

The pricing above is based on committing to a 1-year contract. Helpware also offers monthly and 6-monthly contracts but at a higher rate.

There is also a $400 set up fee for any of their plans.

I should note these rates are significantly higher and less flexible than many other VA companies. It’s clear Helpware is targeting a higher budget client base looking to leverage business process outsourcing at scale.

Helpware Alternatives

There is no shortage of virtual assistant providers in the Philippines and Europe where most of Helpware’s assistants are based.

The main difference between Helpware and most of the other virtual assistant companies is that they focus on integrating multiple full-time staff into your business.

If you aren’t ready to utilize a full-time assistant I recommend checking out Task Bullet or OnlineJobs.ph. They are a lot more flexible and allow you to pay for smaller bundles of hours, or per individual job.

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