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FYXER is a UK-based virtual assistant company. They have been in business since 2014 and provide experienced remote virtual assistants to small and medium size businesses.

Their assistants are based in the UK (and maybe in the US soon) and offer a wide range of services to help business owners free up more of their time.


The company was founded by Richard Hollingsworth. They employ virtual assistants in the UK and offer a bespoke service aiming to find an assistant, or a team of assistants to work with you and your business based on your individual requirements.

FYXER say their assistants are, “The key to unlocking executives’ potential.” They have a 3-month working period with new clients in which they strive to “give you back 20% of your day, every day.”

They call their virtual assistants “Fyxers”. FYXER say all their fyxers are carefully screened and matched the needs of their clients according to their requirements.

There are no fixed plans or profiles of assistants to browse with FYXER. If you’re interested in learning more about how they can help you and your business, you need to schedule a consultation.


FYXER group the services their assistants commonly carry out into the following categories:

  • Managing diaries
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Planning events
  • Managing social media
  • Proofreading and writing
  • Travel arrangements
  • Conducting research

FYXER also say that their assistants can undertake occasional physical roles if applicable. Such as queuing at the passport office or welcoming guests to an annual meeting.

This opens up some interesting opportunities that are not available when using staff based overseas. If you have any physical tasks you want help with you can discuss these with your assistant.

Plans and Pricing

FYXER do not currently have any fixed plans or pricing. If you’re interested in hiring one of their fyxers you need to fill out a form for a free consultation.

A member of their team will contact you and after a consultation to access your requirements they will advise you when they will have a suitable fyxer available and the cost.

According to some user accounts, pricing is in the $45 an hour range (roughly 32£ plus or minus depending on the exchange rate) for 20-40 hour per month packages. Lower rates may be available if you pre-pay by the quarter or for six months, or for full-time virtual assistance.

FYXER Alternatives

The two main players in the UK market are Time ETC and Boldly.

Both of these companies are well reviewed and offer a menu of pricing packages and services upfront if that’s what you’re looking for.

Your Turn

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  1. Poor recruitment process and poor company structure, plus it’s literally impossible to get hold of someone there. Would definitely not recommend.

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