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Focus Code is a new task manager for virtual assistants who work in pairs with their clients remotely. 

The software provides a task box inside the most common way of communication between Virtual Assistants and Managers – Telegram messenger. It includes: 

  • Saving tasks in one click via Inbox and Outbox 
  • Quick task search in a chat
  • Easy and friendly user interface, no need to change the way it is!

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About Focus Code

Focus Code is a Chrome Extension inside Telegram Messenger (Web version only). Keep everything in one tool. 

Statistically, 97% of virtual assistants do not have a specialized application for task and time management, so they use third-party programs, which may be inconvenient and even insecure. We’ve solved this problem! 

Now you can keep tasks right where you got them. Keeping track of your workflow has never been so easy, because now you can simply highlight the text of the task assigned by your manager and save it in your task list in order to decrease time for task management up to 20 hours a month. What could be more convenient? 

Scattered tools for working with tasks create anxiety about possible loss of tasks and misunderstanding between the assistant and the manager, now you also have a solution to this problem and there is no need to change your habits when using task managers!

Boost your productivity by 40%. Keep all your tasks inside a chat with your manager and keep a transparent project task management process in a single tool that does not require special onboarding. Not a single task gets lost!

How Focus Code Works 

Easy as never before: 

  1. Download the plugin in Chrome Web Store and open it in Telegram Web
  2. Highlight the text you would like to save as a task, simply click on it 
  3. Set the right deadlines, assignee and description to the tasks

How to get Focus Code

Great news for you! Focus Code is now available for the first 100 users for free. Check out the down link in order to get free access. 

Focus Code has no alternatives on the market today, so you are the first to try out the brand new app for Virtual Assistants. Download the extension in Chrome Web Store and set it inside a chat in Telegram Web by clicking Sign Up in Telegram which takes less than a minute.

Share it with a manager to start working collaboratively!

Your Turn 

To get forever free access we kindly ask you to fill in the following form with email and phone number to let us know about your interest. The form is available after 5 simple questions about your daily lifetime as a Virtual Assistants. 

Apply for free Focus Code here.



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