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DailyPA is a task-based virtual assistant company serving the UK and European markets. The business was founded in London in  2012, and utilizes an all-UK staff of professionally trained virtual assistants.

dailypa reviewWhen you lead a busy life as most people do, dailyPA.co.uk can help with the things on your to-do list. The DailyPA team has a wealth of administrative, business, and technical experience. They specialize in tasks like reservations, events, scheduling, diary management, entertainment bookings, client research and more.

DailyPA is a monthly subscription service that starts at £89 pounds per month for 3 hours worth of tasks. A 9 hour plan is £259 a month, while the “Pro” plan clocks in at £499 for 18 hours. The mid-tier, “Exec” plan is the most popular.

A general guideline is that the tasks should take around 15 minutes, but dailyPA does afford you the flexibility to offload more in-depth tasks. The time will simply be accrued and charged against your total for the month.

At these rates, dailyPA is quite expensive relative to other services on the market. If you want to go overseas, Efficise currently offers 30 tasks for $45, and in the US, Fancy Hands will do 15 for $45. For that reason, their rates seem pretty high. On an hourly basis, they’re charging approximately £30 an hour across all plans (roughly $48/hour at today’s exchange rate!).

In the UK, the nearest alternative would be Time etc, although they operate more on a “virtual employee” model rather than this team-based by-the-task model.

The site is beautifully designed and they make sure to tout the UK regulations they abide by when it comes to privacy and data security. From an employer’s perspective, you’re not liable for any additional payroll tax burden or paperwork when you contract with dailyPA.

With dailyPA.co.uk you can cancel your agreement with them any time you want. There are no joining fees, commitment fees and no long term contracts. Plus, they guarantee the quality of each task that they complete for you, and if you feel they could have done a better job, they will address the issue free of charge.

Each plan comes with a dedicated point of contact. Clients delegate tasks to dailyPA via telephone, email, text, or Skype.

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    I’ve been using dailyPa for around 6 months and find their service excellent. It may cost a little more than the US based services but, like the previous reviewer, the time difference is a big factor for me.

    Having said that, the cost is worth it. Fast communication, attention to detail and really getting the job done are worth paying for.

    If you are UK / Europe based, give them a go.

  1. I’ve used dailyPA for about 3 months. I find their service to be very good. Unlike the USA companies you mentioned, dailyPA don’t use students but very experienced PAs / VAs. Mine is dedicated to me, so is more like a virtual employee. It’s not really fair to compare UK prices to USA prices as the UK has much higher costs. I bought my Apple Laptop in the UK and it was much more expensive than in the UK. It’s just the way it is. I would happily use a cheaper service, but a USA based PA can’t do what I need done in the UK due to my need for local support, local knowledge and the same time zone. I have used Time etc before & they are pretty good to, although I think they were more expensive than dailyPA.

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