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CONTENIVE is an AI-powered online service that offers a hands-off approach to helping users and businesses manage all of their social media accounts.

The company is headquartered in London, UK. CONTENIVE has team members based across several European countries.


The company started operations in 2019 and is headed up by CEO Alex Bogins.

CONTENIVE says its business model is to, “Shift the burden of running social media to the team of professionals applying AI.”

To do this, CONTENIVE offers a complete social media management service combining a synergy of artificial and human intelligence.

Whether you’re an individual or a business, you can connect up to 5 of your social media networks to CONTENIVE’s system.

Their team of social media professionals will then examine your current social media strategy and formulate a new strategy.

With a new strategy in place, CONTENIVE will start updating your social media profiles for you and keep you updated on their progress.

CONTENIVE focuses on three key areas; copywriting, design, and management. They provide a 100% hands-off service, meaning you can leave all of your social media activity to their team.

The end result is you’ll save time not managing all of your social media accounts. CONTENIVE are also confident you’ll see an increase in engagement and activity on your social media profiles, too.


If you want to work with CONTENIVE, there is a simple 5-step process as follows:

Step 1 – Pick the social media platforms you want to connect to CONTENIVE’s system. All of the large platforms are accounted for; Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google My Business, etc.

Step 2 – There is a short form to fill out that should take no more than 10 minutes. This is to provide CONTENIVE with all the information they need to manage your social media profiles.

Step 3 – You’ll see content being created and scheduled in your dashboard. You can request edits, leave feedback, and make any changes before the content goes live.

Step 4 – All you have to do now is sit back and watch your scheduled content going live on your social media accounts.

Step 5 – You’ll receive analytics reports on a regular basis showing you the impact and performance across all of your accounts.


CONTENIVE provides an AI-powered web service offering highly efficient social media management and content creation.

Their services are split into three key areas of processes within their workflow as follows:

  • Copywriting System – CONTENIVE will produce content relevant to your business and niche and syndicate it across all your platforms. They also add all the necessary hashtags, keywords, and so on to optimize your content for search.
  • Design System – CONTENIVE set processes in place to white label their services, add images to your social media posts, and make sure your feed looks great and on-brand.
  • Management System – CONTENIVE will create and set a management system to automatically post content to your social media profiles on a set schedule.

CONTENIVE Plans and Pricing

CONTENIVE has a flat pricing structure. It costs $369 per month to add one social media profile, then an extra $69 per month for each additional profile.

CONTENIVE Alternatives

If you’re looking for alternatives to CONTENIVE I recommend checking out one of the affordable VA companies based in the Philippines like OnlineJobs.ph, Fiverr and FreeUp.

You’ll find that most VA companies offer social media services. While most companies do not have AI-software like CONTENIVE, they will be able to manage your social media accounts for you.

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