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How to Outsource Your Dating Life

Are you too busy?

Do you find searching through profiles and people and selecting a prospective match to be a task? 

Surprise! You can outsource your dating life!

There is a job profile out there for managing other people’s dating profiles on apps and sites. The advancement in technology has brought many dating options online, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from, filter, and connect with compatible matches effortlessly. The outsourcing of online dating helps people to brush up their profiles and make better matches.

It is not always possible for entrepreneurs to give time to the dating pool. This is where a Virtual Assistant managing their dating profile could take care of sorting through hundreds of profiles, connecting, and determining some of the ideal matches. 

The Convenience of Online Dating 

Online dating has become quite popular with an increasing number of people taking recourse to it. The biggest advantage of dating online is there’s no pressure involved. Here are some of the most common advantages of online dating: 

  • Getting to meet a vast range of people outside of the known social network, which would otherwise be impossible
  • Meeting different people more frequently, based on your preference 
  • Connecting with people with similar core values, interests, and priorities 
  • The most convenient way to easily meet a new person with the same mindset  
  • Easier to reach out and connect as it does not involve face-to-face / in-person interaction that can be a bit daunting  
  • Exchanging messages and pictures helps in knowing whether the sender and recipient are on the same wavelength 

Check out our reviews of Virtual Assistant Companies to see how they can help you filter through dating profiles and find your next match!

Worldwide Reputed Online Dating Sites 

  • eHarmonyThis site is committed to helping people find love and improving their romantic lives. eHarmony takes matchmaking very seriously and has spent 35 years compiling a relationship questionnaire. eHarmony takes pride in matching users who are actually compatible with each other. This app delivers compatible dates directly to users’ inboxes for an outstanding experience.
  • match.com –  match.com is the most widely used online dating platform in the world with 9.8 billion users. It follows the most traditional form of social networking. Users need to create a profile, find matches, strike meaningful conversations with matches, and ask them out on conventional dates to meet in person. match.com app has multiple filters and is known to provide online dating advice as well. I personally know many success stories from match.com!
  • Tinder Tinder is an online geo social dating app that enables users to swipe anonymously left and right on the options provided based on users’ preferences. People can exchange messages only when two users match.
  • BumbleBumble is a location-based social platform that enables interaction between two interested users. Only female users can send the first messages to persons of their choice on this dating app.

Statistics On Success Rate 

The success rate of online dating sites can be determined by the following facts and statistics that have been collected over the years: 

  • Studies show that on an average, up to 52.4% men use online dating sites and apps compared to 47.6% women.  
  • About 40% of Americans are known to use online dating apps. Recent studies show record increases of 27% users among young adults and 6% users in the age group of 55–64 years within a span of 2 years. 
  • There are approximately 20 billion registered users on dating sites worldwide. 50% of UK users use dating apps multiple times a week while 56% of US users do the same thing. 
  • Around 21% of LGB adults in the US have successfully married or got into relationships with people they met through online dating. 
  • 39% of dating app users admit to have gone on dates with someone they met on such apps.  
  • 1 out of 6 marriages is the result of online dating. 
  • 71% of online daters admit to finding easy and attractive matches. 

Paid Membership vs Free Membership 

It goes without saying in multiple industries that you get what you pay for – outsourcing your dating isn’t any different.  Free apps are readily available and have proven successes but, paid membership eliminates a lot of risk. There are a lot of fake profiles on free membership dating sites as compared to paid platforms. Also, using a free online dating profile can make you an easy target for obscene messages, inappropriate file-sharing, and other inconveniences. In contrast, paid membership apps are highly stringent with their policies and user profiles. The lack of serious goals on free dating apps and absence of proper audience policing can have a negative impact on online daters. 

Paid platforms do not negate the possibility of scamming altogether but narrow the chances. Since the users are spending precious bucks on connecting with and dating like-minded people, it generally involves earnest individuals and not “catfish’s”.   match.com, and eHarmony are paid platforms that can charge users USD$10-40 a month, based on the services they choose. 

Some of the apps like Tinder, Bumble, and OKCupid advertise a cost-free experience but require service charges or subscription fees for exercising more accessibility. 

Ready to find your next date?

Regardless of whether you use a free dating app or a paid one, outsourcing your dating life can help save your time and effort in finding that perfect match. Experts who have the time and skill can help you to successfully outsource your online dating life for good – putting in all effort while you reap the best results. 

Your Virtual Assistant can even order the flowers, cards, make the reservation and shop online for a new outfit – making you look like gold!

What are your plans this Valentine’s Day?

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