RemSource is an American virtual administrative assistant company based in Baltimore, MD. The company was founded in 2009 by Azi Rosenblum, who saw a need for a more professional, integrated admin service to help growing small businesses.

About RemSource

RemSource offers live administrative support during regular 9-5 office hours, including answering phones and emails, scheduling appointments, and customer service. Their agents can also handle ongoing business process outsourcing and bookkeeping tasks.

RemSource is one of very few US-based virtual assistant companies where the VAs work from an office and not from their homes.

Their team of administrative assistants works from their office in Baltimore (not overseas), and each client is assigned 2 dedicated admins (one primary, one secondary admin). The admins become a part of that business’s team, so the customers get used to speaking with the same people and can develop a long-term relationship.

The service is aimed at small business owners, solo practitioners, financial advisors, consultants, speakers, and other solopreneurs. The company has been recognized in the Baltimore Business Journal and SmartCEO Magazine for their innovative approach to administrative staffing.

RemSource Founder Interview


RemSource is kind of a virtual back-office for your business. They do calendar management and scheduling, Quickbooks bookkeeping, answer your phone, and do proactive follow-ups with prospective leads and customers.

How it works is during your first 3 months as a client, they take a very consultative approach in finding the right opportunities for delegation and streamlining your business processes. Their team works with you to put systems in place for smooth operations and well-defined roles.

I asked Gali, their Director of Business Development, what sets RemSource apart from the competition? Her answer:

“We are one of the very few that offer LIVE 9-5 coverage for our clients. We do not bill by the hour, and we don’t work based on projects, we become essential components of the client’s DAILY operation in order to free up time and help the client focus on growing and building profits.”

That in-office presence that’s “on-call” during business hours is a big selling point. Clients don’t have to stress about counting tasks or running out of hours on their plan.

She also told me a story about how a construction company client of theirs actually won a bid, at least in part because they had a “secretary” answering the phone when the customer called. Little did they know it was really the RemSource VA!

Indeed, she picked up the phone on the first ring when I called.

Another example Gali shared was a busy graphic designer who felt bogged down by scheduling, invoicing, and following-up on proposals. Now RemSource handles all of that and she can focus on the work that only she can do: the talented design work that rings the cash register.

How RemSource Works

Plans and Pricing

Monthly packages start around $500-600 per month, but a more typical engagement is in the $1500 per month range.

Virtual Assistant Assistant Exclusive: Mention you found RemSource on VAA to save $100 on your first month of administrative services and/or $50 off your first month of bookkeeping services.

Where they used to put new clients on a 14-day trial plan, they found that didn’t serve the needs of either party very well. It was hard for RemSource to get fully integrated into a business and run at peak efficiency in that time frame, and it was also difficult to fully understand the scope of the client’s business and make process/delegation suggestions.

As a result, they’ve switched over to a quarterly engagement plan, in which both RemSource and their clients can take a longer-term view at their respective roles, responsibilities, and opportunities. These quarterly agreements are customized on a client-by-client basis, and are typically billed monthly.

RemSource Alternatives

As I mentioned, the virtual-but-still in-office admin model is rare for a company this size. (Most competitors run a model with home-based staff.) In the US, two similar services come to mind: Longer Days in Michigan, and Virtual Assist USA in Pennsylvania.

Both of those options operate on kind of a hybrid model with hourly packages and access to a team of assistants for various business needs.

The RemSource service is what I’d consider a step up from just virtual receptionist services or UAssist.ME‘s low-level plan that promises a similar “all-day” coverage but shared among several clients.

And if bookkeeping is all you need, here are our top-rated online bookkeeping services.

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CraftyEdge Solutions

CraftyEdge Solutions is a virtual assistant company based in Kolkata, India. The company started operations in 2019 to offer “one-stop personalized solutions for busy people.”

About CraftyEdge Solutions

craftyedge reviewAlthough CraftyEdge Solutions is a new company in the virtual assistant space, the company’s three founding directors bring with them many years of industry experience.

Their target customers are entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes. This means, whatever size your organization and whatever industry you’re in, they want to hear from you. If you have tasks that can be completed remotely, CraftyEdge Solutions have assistants waiting to take them off your hands.

How CraftyEdge Solutions Works

I asked how incoming tasks are handled, and if customers have access to dedicated assistants.

My contact, Partha, explained that when a customer submits a task, a manager analyzes the requirements and assigns it to the best-qualified assistant.

This means everyone has access to their pool of assistants. In practice, that gives you a wider set of skills than working with one dedicated assistant. Partha added that if you start to see the same assistants’ names cropping up, and you can request to work with the same person for ongoing process tasks if you wish.

They are also willing to work to your time zone too, so wherever you are in the world you can have an assistant during your business hours.

When you sign up for one of their hourly plans you can start communicating with their assistants by email, chat, or via a Skype call.

All CraftyEdge assistants work out of their Kolkata offices and are managed in-house.


CraftyEdge Solutions offer a wide range of virtual assistant services. They welcome you to send their assistants any tasks that can be completed remotely and say they have a deep pool of assistants covering all the skill sets you’d require.

They group their services into the following categories:

  • Administrative Support – Online research, data entry, email and calendar management, social media management, etc.
  • Content Writing – Website content, blog articles, social media content, sales copy, etc.
  • QuickBooks Services – Managing your business’s financials.
  • IT Support – Email migration, troubleshooting, hosting migration, resolving IT issues, etc.
  • Web Development – Support for various languages and platforms, such as HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Shopify, etc.
  • Graphic Design – Banners, flyers, website graphics, marketing campaigns, etc.
  • Transcription Services – Audio and video transcription services.

Plans and Pricing

CraftyEdge Solutions currently has six different pricing plans. Those range from $50 for a 5-hour plan to a full-time assistant working 8 hours a day, 5 days a week with your business hours.

They offer very competitive hourly rates, particularly on their larger plans. That full-time rate equivalent of $4.50 per hour is about as low you’ll find when hiring a VA based in India.

Here’s the complete list of their plans as of press time:

  • 5 Hours – $50 per month ($10 per hour)
  • 10 Hours – $90 per month ($9 per hour)
  • 20 Hours – $160 per month ($8 per hour)
  • 40 Hours – $280 per month ($7 per hour)
  • 60 Hours – $360 per month ($6 per hour)
  • Full-Time Assistant – $800 per month ($4.50 per hour)

craftyedge pricing

When you sign up for any of their hourly plans, you have 30 days to use that time.

They offer a 3-hour, 3-day free trial, so you can test their service before committing to a plan.

VAA Exclusive: Mention referral code VAAEXCL25 for 25% off your first month! (Not valid with free trial)

Dynamic Pricing Add-Ons

If you find you need more time in one month than your current plan allows, additional hours are no problem. They’re not going to leave you stranded until your plan renews!

These extra hours are billed at a rate $1 per hour more than your current plan rate. For example, if you’re on the 10 hour plan at $9/hour, additional virtual assistant hours are charged at $10 an hour.

Why Consider CraftyEdge?

Affordable Rates

According to CraftyEdge, their rates are the most economical in the world.

Various Experts Under One Roof

Unlike freelancers where one needs to chase individuals separately to accomplish his different types of tasks, here you can get various experts with different skill sets under one roof. Being able to delegate many different skills under one roof is a big time-saver.

Account Manager Access

A client gets access to his Account Manager for his multiple requirements or any project/business that requires different skill sets.

Effective Backup Support

Per Partha, CraftyEdge arranges backup support for recurring tasks/processes from the very outset of a client relationship. This ensures uninterrupted services if a VA gets sick, takes vacation, or leaves the company. 

Digital Data Security

Security is always a concern when delegating overseas. At CraftyEdge, they’ve implemented a background check process before hiring team members, and the office is equipped with 24-7 CCTV surveillance.

The IT department takes security seriously with encrypted passwords and logins, a secure data center, and 128-bit SSL encryption on the CraftyEdge website.

System access is restricted in-house by our IT Team. No one can access it from outside the office premises, reducing the risk of external data leaks.

Craftyedge Solutions Alternatives

There are several highly-rated virtual assistant companies in India worth considering. My Tasker and VA Talks are two of the most well-known companies in the space.

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Virtual Assist USA

Virtual Assist USA is one of the largest VA operations in the US. Based in Pittsburgh PA, the company has been in business since 2007.

Today, founder Danielle Cuomo oversees a team of 40+ VAs who work from home in every time zone across the country.

Many are located in and around Pittsburgh because Virtual Assist USA used to have a good old fashioned central office location there, but Danielle told me she closed it when everyone preferred working from home!

About Virtual Assist USA

virtual assist usa reviewThe company began by helping coaches, speakers, and authors run the administrative and marketing sides of their business, but Virtual Assist USA has expanded to serve all sorts of small business owners and young growing companies.

Today they serve solopreneurs, health care professionals, and even government agencies. Many customers are employees in bigger companies and use the service to support their team or as an executive assistant for managers and directors.

Why Virtual Assist USA?

One thing that sets Virtual Assist USA apart is that all their VAs are full-time employees, and not part-time contractors. Danielle explained that fosters better security, loyalty, and a more career-oriented mindset.

The hiring process involves multiple interviews, a DISC personality assessment, and a background check. Plus, new hires are all college-educated and have a minimum of 10 years experience.

For clients, that all adds up to less turnover and a better VA match.


The services range from scheduling, research, and data entry, all the way up to creating presentations and technical website customization.

Their team can also handle event planning, social media marketing, copywriting, bookkeeping, transcription, WordPress tasks, Infusionsoft, and more.

As a client, you’re assigned a dedicated point of contact, your Client Experience Manager, but still have access to their whole team of resources to accomplish the job at hand.

This set-up allows the company to offer the wide array of services they do, but still maintain a close relationship with their customers.

And because of the sensitive nature of some of their clients’ businesses and operations, they’ve implemented strict security protocols and are HIPAA compliant.

Virtual Assist USA Interview

VAA exclusive: Follow this link and mention VAA for a $100 credit on any package!

How it Works

Virtual Assist USA uses a team-based approach that’s heavy on the collaboration. Danielle explained she’s tried to build a company culture that fosters a lot of communication and makes for a healthy breeding ground for ideas.

And since they’re after a long-term relationship with their clients, Virtual Assist USA strives to become partners in their clients’ businesses and integrate themselves into their processes. For example, instead of idly waiting for tasks to come in, they’ll hold proactive strategic planning meetings to discuss the clients’ goals and the direction of the engagement.

Plans and Pricing

Virtual Assist USA has three different off-the-shelf pricing options:

  • 15 hours a month – $570 ($38 per hour)
  • 30 hours a month – $1080 ($36/hour)
  • 50 hours a month – $1750 ($35/hour)

virtual assist usa pricing

Unused hours rollover month to month, and never expire. This is a huge value if you have a light month followed by more work in the future.

VA time is billed in 1-minute increments and tracked automatically with the Teamwork Project Management system.

Virtual Assist USA can also build you a custom package if you have something else in mind.

There’s a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied for any reason.

VAA exclusive: Follow this link and mention VAA for a $100 credit on any package!

Virtual Assist USA Alternatives

The company stacks up well against their US-based competition, both in terms of pricing and services offered. The company with the most similar model is Longer Days in Michigan, and Time Etc may also be worth a look.

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Prialto provides remote administrative assistants to executives, entrepreneurs, and businesses. Our virtual executive assistant services are curated and managed from our headquarters in Portland, Oregon, with creative insights from our global staff in Asia and Central America.

Prialto calls itself the “virtual support service for executives,” and touts that their dedicated Prialto Assistants (PAs) and team “will actually pull your business forward.”

prialto reviewAbout Prialto

Founder, Eric Taussig, says that he’s a bit uncomfortable with calling Prialto assistants “virtual.”

“Virtual means ‘not real’ and suggests work that can be ‘algorithmically’ driven by software. Our people are quite real and personable,” he explains. “We provide a valuable management layer alongside them and equip them with technology so that they can focus on the more strategic, value-add aspects of assistant work.”

While most virtual assistant companies match you with an individual assistant working out of their home or within a corner of a large call-center, Prialto provides a team-approach with assistants working in their managed offices supported by US-based “engagement managers” who serve as a coaches to constantly optimize your service.

Regardless of the physical location of your assistant, they will be made available during your local business hours. The service is aimed at high-performing sales professionals and executives at start-ups and smaller entrepreneurial clients, as well as enterprise accounts.

Prialto Overview Video

How it Works

Getting Started: Prialto’s team leverages best practices culled from a half million hours of support experience across clients to develop and train your assistant, whereas clients of other VA companies may need to be much more involved in training their assistant.

Security: Prialto’s team works in secure offices on its own IT system with complete security processes in place, while other virtual assistants might work out of their home on their own computers.

Proactive Approach: Prialto’s team is focused on offloading processes to improve your productivity and being proactive on your behalf, leveraging admin to strategically pull your workflow forward, while other companies may be focused on completing low-level tasks that you define and send to your assistant.

Real-Time and Phone Support: Prialto’s team is on-call throughout your service hours and provides you a phone number you can call for direct access to your assistant. If your assistant isn’t available, one of their team is backing them up.

Prialto PAs often make and field calls on your behalf via a local phone number that Prialto requisitions on your behalf.

Scalability: Because Prialto works as a team, documents all your processes, and is focused on constant process improvement, they say that they can quickly scale with your organization. In home-based models, each new executive may require a new assistant which works separately rather than as a team. Prialto assistants work side-by-side so that they can share knowledge and learn on your behalf.

Backup and Continuity: Prialto’s team-based approach means that at any time 4-5 other teammates across its three offices know your processes, which are documented in the Prialto system. Prialto says that this minimizes your downtime if an assistant is out on vacation, sick or leaves the company. If you hire directly, through Upwork or another home-based platform, you may be left on the hook to replace your assistant and re-train a new person from scratch.

Plans and Pricing

Pricing starts at $1200 per month, and includes up to 50 hours of dedicated support, plus backup assistance when your VA is unavailable.

Prialto boasts that all these support features are available at a price in line with other US-based assistant services, but it also admits that they require a higher commitment from its customers to achieve this.

Andy Mowat, Prialto co-founder and former executive, explains that “Prialto provides all this enterprise-grade support at rates that are similar to companies like Zirtual and that are far less than what you might pay a lower-level admin to sit in your office in Los Angeles, New York, or San Francisco.”

He adds that to get the most out the service, it’s best if clients have “a minimum of 12 hours a week of need. That’s the only way we can marshal the resources to consistently provide the high-level of support around which we are building our brand.”

More Info

To learn more about Prialto, fill in the contact form below and they’ll be in touch!

Prialto Alternatives

The challenge in finding a viable alternative to Prialto is that not many competitors have this level of specialization and infrastructure. With companies like Zirtual, Uassist.ME, or even other firms in the Philippines, you might one day achieve the level of integration and sales support Prialto promises, but I imagine it will take some time investment in training.

Have you worked with Prialto? If so, please be sure to drop in a quick review below to help others with their VA search.

Read More goes above and beyond other virtual assistant companies in that they set you up with a full-time dedicated remote employee, at a fraction of what one would cost locally. review

You can specify your requirements in advance and will send you the resumes of qualified candidates so you can screen them or even interview them yourself. This feature alone sets VirtualEmployee apart from its competition.

virtual employee reviewThe cost of your Virtual Employee will vary based on their level of experience and skills. A legal professional or web developer will command a higher salary than general administrative support. The overall price range for’s service is $1095 – $1995 a month.

And that is a key point to make as well – even though your remote worker will be working only for you, he or she is technically an employee of, not your company. That means they handle all the tax filing, payroll processing, and labor law management so you don’t have to. As you can see, it is a very valuable service and can be useful for any work that does not require a physical presence.

Sponsored Link: Review

Since starting in 2007, has grown to a large team that now serves over 100 companies around the world. Their founding principle of “same quality but significantly lower cost” seems to have translated into a successful business model.

Because they have to source an employee specifically for you, service can take a couple weeks to get started. After that however, there is no long term commitment or contract to sign. I was surprised by this, especially because rival requires a 4-month commitment. Of course, wants to impress you with their professionalism and results to maintain a lasting relationship. also has half-time options and discounts for hiring multiple workers. You can choose the office hours of your virtual employee to meet your needs.

Have you worked with a virtual employee from Please share your experience here.

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24/7 Virtual Assistant

UPDATE: 24/7 has become unresponsive. I would avoid them and consider an alternative VA company.

24/7 Virtual Assistant is a personal outsourcing company with locations in Atlanta, Georgia and India. The company has been in business since 2008, and has attracted clients all across the country and around the world.

24/7 Virtual Assistant is geared toward the small business customer, with several dedicated plans starting at 30 hours a month for $299 ($10/hour) and going all the way up to full time 160 hours a month for $999 ($6.25/hour). The 30-hour plan is the most popular offering.

About 24/7 VA

247 virtual assistant reviewThe advantage of these plans is a dedicated virtual assistant you can train to the specific needs of your business. If you don’t need so much time, 24/7 Virtual Assistant also sells hourly pay-as-you-go plans for $15 an hour in 5-hour increments.

You can take advantage of the services offered by 24/7 Virtual Assistant, regardless of the type of business you have or even if you just need someone to deal with your personal tasks. The services offered range from clerical and secretarial tasks, such as responding to messages or calls, to web research, customer service, human resources, and real estate services. They even do web design for just $20 an hour.

In addition to their offshore center in India, 24/7 offers US-based staffing as well from their Atlanta headquarters. The rates are outstanding for dedicated American help, starting at just $359 for a 20-hour per month VA. There are a variety of plans depending on how many hours you need, and you can even get a full-time US-based virtual employee for only $1999 a month. Review

Virtual Assistant Assistant Exclusive: Mention referral code 2ni4ck7 for 10% off your first month!

The virtual assistants from 24/7 Virtual Assistant also offer services which are extremely creative and technical. These could be managing your technical calls from important clients and helping with computer related issues. You can get help from creative VAs who are able to design programs for Internet marketing campaigns. You get to train them as if they were a real employee.

You can also use these assistants as customer support staff to answer calls from potential customers.  This service is offered at very affordable cost and you are not required to sign a contract.   What’s even more interesting the service is offered on a month to month basis, so you can unsubscribe at any time without incurring a penalty.

24/7 VA Video Interview

Virtual Assistant Assistant Exclusive: Mention referral code 2ni4ck7 for 10% off your first month!

Since launching this site, 24/7 has been one of the most popular companies around. The competitive rates and diverse skill-sets of the team are a major contributing factor, but the behind-the-scenes service is important too.

My main contact there has been very responsive to  customer questions and concerns, even working to create custom solutions or handling some of the workload himself until a more permanent set-up can be established. I think an important measure is the speed at which customer issues are resolved, and it’s been my experience that Thomas (my contact) and his team genuinely care about delivering a great service and doing whatever they can to make it right for their clients.

Is that a guarantee? No, but you can learn more about my personal trial with 24/7 in the video above or in the comments down below. I had the opportunity to test out their 30-hour plan for a month.

24/7 Virtual Assistant Alternatives

My Tasker or VMG BPO are well-rated alternatives with similar pricing structures and a dedicated + team-access approach.

Your Turn

Have you used 24/7 Virtual Assistant? Please share your experience below.

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AVirtual is a virtual assistant company based in Cape Town, South Africa. The company has been in business since 2014 and targets customers in the UK.

The company was founded by Richard Walton, a UK based entrepreneur with years of experience in customer service based businesses. Richard started in South Africa to offer the same standard of virtual assistant as found in the UK, but at a more affordable price.

About AVirtual

Most of the company’s virtual assistants are based in their offices in Cape Town, with some being located in offices nearby. They have a mix of full and part-time VAs, and the advantage of their virtual assistants being located in their offices allows them to have IT and management infrastructure in place.

The company supplies dedicated virtual assistants to UK businesses and individuals. Most of their assistants have lived or worked in London and have a good understanding of UK business practice. South Africa is only a 1-2 hour time zone difference between the UK depending on the time of year.

Their target customers range from SME’s, start-ups, to FTSE 100 clients. If you have tasks you want to outsource, no matter how large or small, AVirtual have assistants ready to pick up that task.

If you sign up with AVirtual you will be assigned a dedicated VA, and you will always have a backup assistant available should your assistant not be able to meet their commitments. You will also be matched with an assistant with the best matched skillset to your requirements.

AVirtual Founder Interview


AVirtual’s virtual assistants can handle a wide variety of tasks you send their way, including:

  • Personal assistance
  • Calendar management
  • Telephone support
  • Sales support
  • Content production
  • Bookkeeping
  • Human resources
  • Graphic design
  • And more

How it works is you’re assigned a dedicated PA, but they work on a “buddy system” so you have a backup in case of illness or holiday. The PAs also work in teams of 4 called “pods,” where you can tap into a variety of skillsets if you need additional or specialized help on a particular project.

Plans and Pricing

AVirtual has 5 payment plans; Core, Plus, Pro, Enterprise, and Full Time.


Core Plan – £165/month (£16.5/hr) – This plan includes a dedicated virtual assistant, 10 hours of assistant time, branded email, and email and phone support.

Plus Plan – £325/month (£16.25/hr) – This plan includes all the services in the Starter Plan with a total of 20 hours of time.

Pro Plan – £625/month (£15.63/hr) – This plan includes all the services in the Business Plan with a total of 40 hours.

Enterprise Plan – £1135/month (£14.19/hr) – This plan includes all the services in the Professional Plan with a total of 80 hours.

Full Time Plan – £1995/month (£12.47/hr) – Your own dedicated full-time assistant available between 7am and 5pm.

VirtualAssistantAssistant Exclusive: Mention referral code VAA for £25 off your first month!

These rates allow you to take advantage of the lower cost of living in South Africa while still having a PA who speaks English as a first language and operates very close to your time zone.

As you can see from the hourly rates the best value is in the Enterprise plan. There is also a 5 hour free trial available, this is a great way to sample their services before committing to a plan and will help with your decision. Alternatives

If you are looking for British virtual assistants then I recommend checking out Time ETC and Worldwide 101 for two of the highest rated companies. Both of these companies use UK staff so their prices are a little higher (think double) to reflect this.

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VA Staffer

VA Staffer is a Digital Marketing and Virtual Assistant Company with the majority of it’s team in their Makati City (Metro Manila) office, Philippines. The marketing, project success and consulting is operated in the USA, and VA Staffer has also expanded recently into South America, India and the Caribbean for specific skillsets.

They have a very diverse team that offers a wide range of services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and CEOs. That talent pool is backed up with built-in Project Management Tools to deliver results.

VAA Tested_smallerThey opened their doors to the general public in November 2013 immediately after Typhoon Haiyan devastated much of the country, and local job opportunities were scarce, even for qualified candidates. At that time, founder Jeff “J” Hunter and his team decided that bringing on more clients would help empower college grads with amazing technology skills in the Philippines.

In return for a reliable, rewarding career opportunity, the new virtual assistants promised to provide superior services to their clients.

About VA Staffer

VA staffer reviewVA Staffer has virtual assistants who work from home offices as well as their office in Makati and report directly to their clients.

The team uses ActiveCollab software for communication and project management, and aims to build a long-term win-win relationship with clients. This set-up provides for work tracking (screenshot monitoring) and accountability.

With VA Staffer, you’re assigned a dedicated VA based on your job requirements, but have access to rest of the team for specialized skills as the need arises. This set-up is somewhat rare among VA companies in the Philippines, where most just aim for a dedicated relationship and ask you to hire out other skills and jobs separately.

VA Staffer Review

VA Staffer Services

The company provides 100% manual and personalized SEO, Marketing, Website Design, Social Media Management and a variety of other virtual assistant services for start-ups, entrepreneurs, authors, and real estate agents.

Your virtual staff can also help with data entry, lead generation, online research, link-building, book promotion, reputation management, ecommerce solutions, and more.

Data Entry / Lead Generation

  • Online research
  • Lead generation
  • Managing your customer or contact database
  • SEO tasks

Administrative Assistant

  • Social media management
  • Transcription
  • Managing your calendar and travel arrangement
  • Email triage and follow-up

Web and Graphic Design and Web Development

This in-house team specializes in:

  • Website redesigns
  • Book covers and infographics
  • Social media graphics
  • WordPress and web development

Marketing Automation / Sales Funnel Assistant

At the high end of VA Staffer’s service offerings are their marketing automation and sales funnel pros. This is a rare skill to find in an assistant, and that’s why it commands a premium rate.

These highly trained assistants can:

  • Set up your email or marketing automation software (like Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, and others)
  • Do advanced website and CRM automation
  • Create lead magnets and sales funnels

The real pride of the company comes from the founding principal that entrepreneurship is the best method to solve global poverty.

VA Staffer Intro Video

Exclusive Offer: Mention Referral Code VAA for a Free Outsourcing Consultation and a 4-hour Free VA Trial!

Plans and Pricing

With some recent changes, VA Staffer has gone decidedly upmarket with their pricing and range of services. How it works is you have a $497 onboarding fee, and minimum $298 a month retainer.

va staffer pricing

The $298 retainer is applied to any work you need done over the course of the month, and you have access to an array of specialists based on what you need done.

The off-the-shelf plans are:

  • $298 for up to 20 hours a month (roughly $15 an hour)
  • $698 for up to 50 hours a month (roughly $14 an hour)
  • $1298 for up to 100 hours a month (roughly $13 an hour)

It’s a very flexible and scalable system that can adapt with your business and growth.

va staffer office

Why VA Staffer?

One thing that sets VA Staffer apart is their on-site recruiting and hiring process. When I spoke with Jeff, he explained that he personally flies to Manila 3-4x per year to screen the brightest talent in the Philippines and conduct face-to-face interviews.

Out of an applicant pool of 30 people, he might hire 1 or 2. The candidates must have a college education, and great communication skills.

Jeff explains, “The key to our success is the longevity of our staff. We offer great benefits to our employees and wages much higher than the average outsourcing company. That builds pride and creates a great connection between the staff and our clients.”

Interview with the VA Staffer Founder

VA Staffer Alternatives

Before you make your decision, you might want to check out the rest of the field of Filipino VA companies. Okay Relax FreeeUp Task Bullet
Customer Rating
Established 2009 2015 2015 2012
Hourly Rate $3-8 $8-12 $5-20 $6-10
Minimum Package $69 to post a job $30 for 5 tasks Free to post a job $200 for 20 hours
Dedicated Assistant *
Best For Full-time hires Quick tasks Quick pre-vetted hires in e-commerce and marketing Part-time hires
Team Access
Rollover Hours
Free Trial
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

*Dedicated option available.

Task Bullet and Carve operate similar models, though perhaps without the full project management tracking capabilities and access a team.

Your Turn

Have you worked with VA Staffer? If so, please leave a quick review of your experience below.

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Wervas is a virtual assistant company based in Kolkata, India. The company was founded in 2016, and have since served more than 500 clients all over the world saving them 30,000+ of their own hours.

About Wervas

wervas reviewThe company is run by Rupak Chakraborty and Jayanta Guha, who both have more than 5 years’ experience in the virtual assistant industry, web development, and digital marketing.

For those interested in the company name, it’s made up of letters from the sentence, “WE are your Virtual AssistantS.”

How it Works

Their target customers are entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses. Basically, anyone looking to outsource business tasks, no matter how big or small, Wervas can provide skilled virtual assistants to take the work off your hands.

All of their virtual assistants work from their offices in Kolkata. They don’t hire any remote assistants, which enables them to manage their assistants and provide immediate support from the same location should as issues arise.

Their assistants are fluent in English, and most importantly they are available 24/7. So, no concerns about how your timezone or business hours align with them.

Wervas Co-Founder Interview

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Wervas offer a complete range of virtual assistant services. This means any tasks that can be completed remotely, you can hand over to their assistants to handle for you.

They do however say they specialize in SEO services. So, if you’re looking to improve your website’s SEO it’s worth getting in touch and discussing this with a member of their team.

To give you a better idea of the services they offer, here are some of their most commonly asked for services:

  • Administrative Assistance – Appointment scheduling, organizing meetings, day-to-day tasks.
  • Online Research – Researching competitors, data entry, updating records.
  • IT Support – Website maintenance, fixing IT issues, custom CSS changes, updates, etc.
  • Customer Support – With 24/7 support you can have someone available to offer customer support.
  • SEO – Wervas said they are best known for their SEO work and provide a money back guarantee on SEO projects.
  • App Development – They provide Android Mobile App development.

Plans and Pricing

Wervas has six different hourly pricing plans ranging from $100 for a 10-hour plan to $799 for a full-time assistant working 175 hours a month.

They offer very competitive hourly rates ranging from $10 to just $5 per hour for their largest plan. They also offer a couple of flexible plans if you don’t want to commit to a set amount of hours.

You can use a few or as many hours as you want with their pay-as-you-go plan, or purchase a bundle of tasks.

A complete list of their plans at the time of printing this is as follows:

  • 10 Hours – $100 per month ($10 per hour).
  • 25 Hours – $225 per month ($9 per hour).
  • 50 Hours – $400 per month ($8 per hour).
  • 75 Hours – $525 per month ($7 per hour).
  • 100 Hours – $600 per month ($6 per hour).
  • Full-time virtual assistant – $799 per month ($5 per hour).
  • Pay-as-you-go – $12 per hour.

wervas pricing

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All of these rates are extremely competitive, even for Indian virtual assistant companies. A full-time assistant for $799 is a very strong value and the $1/task plan is intriguing as well.

All of their plans include 24/7 support. Their 10-hour and pay-as-you-go plans do not include a dedicated assistant, with all of their other plans you’ll be working with the same assistant.

You can try before you buy too, Wervas offer an almost free trial where you can test their service for 3 hours over 2 days at just $1.

Quarterly Plans

Wervas also offers a number of Quarterly and Task-based plans. The quarterly plans are where you’re essentially buying a block of time, from 30-80 hours, and can use that at any point over the next 3 months:

  • 30 Hours over 3 months – $270 ($9 per hour).
  • 50 Hours over 3 months – $400 ($8 per hour).
  • 80 Hours over 3 months – $560 ($7 per hour).

wervas quarterly plans

Task-Based Virtual Assistant Plans

And finally, the Wervas task-based plans are among the most affordable in the business.

wervas task based plans

If you don’t have ongoing business support needs, but could still envision taking advantage of a virtual assistant service, the task-based plans might be worth a look. A task is defined as a small project that should take just 10-15 minutes.

  • $50 per month for 25 tasks
  • $100 per month for 100 tasks
  • $200 per month for 200 tasks

If you have lots of short, one-off tasks, these rates of $1-2 per request will be tough to beat.

Wervas Alternatives

There are some great virtual assistant companies based in India. Wervas offer more competitive pricing, however, but you might also take a look at well-rated alternatives like VA Talks and My Tasker.

Ask Sunday My Tasker VA Talks eLuminous
Customer Rating
Established 2006 2012 2015 2002
Hourly Rate $8-15 $7.50-18 $7-15 $7
Minimum Package $29 for 2 hours $140 for 10 hours $130 for 10 hours $140 for 20 hours
Dedicated Assistant
Best For Personal Tasks
Data Entry
Real Estate
Team Access
Free Trial *
Special Offer 10% off first month w/ code VAA10PDA 20% off first month w/ code VAA20MT 10% off first month
of full-time VA
w/ code VAAFULL10VAT
20% off first month (mention VAA)
Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More

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Use Per Wish

Use Per Wish is a virtual assistant company based in Kolkata, India. The company started operations in 2017, making them one of the newer virtual assistant providers in the space at press time.

Still, thanks to on-demand staffing, they have the capacity to fulfill 10,000 hours a month. Use Per Wish operates on a flexible hourly pricing structure and targets entrepreneurial customers and business owners of all sizes.

About Use Per Wish

The goal of Use Per Wish is to provide virtual assistance to individuals and businesses with cost-effective support on remote tasks.

When you sign up with Use Per Wish, you’re assigned an assistant best suited to your tasks. (After a consultation to discuss your requirements.)

You’ll also be assigned a supervisor as a point of contact and have a backup assistant in place as a safeguard.

All of Use Per Wish’s assistants are based in their offices in India. They put their candidates through a selection process that includes tight screening tests and background checks carried out by an autonomous HR body within the organization.

They offer both individual and team-based assistance. That means they can pull extra manpower and complete larger projects faster thanks to their deep “bench” of qualified assistants.

Their target market is busy individuals, entrepreneurs, small to large businesses, or anyone looking for cost-effective support with their day-to-day work.


Use Per Wish’s assistants are ready to handle any of your day-to-day tasks that can be completed remotely.

Here’s a glimpse into the kinds of tasks they most commonly handle:

  • Content Development – Web content, blogging, article creation, and SEO optimized content.
  • Web Development – HTML coding, landing page creation, custom WordPress installation.
  • Design Assistance – Designing logos, brochures, advertisements, website mock-ups.
  • Internet Marketing – SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, Google AdWords management.
  • Administrative Support – Data entry, email management, transcription services, database management.
  • Financial Assistance – Bookkeeping, account management, business plan creation and updating.

You can request a free consultation via a form on their website to discuss your requirements.

Next, a member of their team will work with you to create a plan and advise you of how many hours you’ll need and the skills sets they have available.

Plans and Pricing

Use Per Wish has a number of pricing options and packages to choose from.

Pay As You Go

With the Pay As You Go option, Use Per Wish charges a straightforward $12 per hour.

You can purchase as little as one hour and get started right away. There are no setup fees, renewals, and they say you can keep your hours for an unlimited period of time — no expiration.

Use Per Wish is kind of an on-demand “cloud” staffing model, where you don’t have to commit to monthly plan as if you’re bringing on one (or several) new virtual team members. Instead you can scale up and down your hours and virtual workers as needed depending on your projects.

Monthly Membership

With the monthly membership option, you choose how many hours you need and buy them at a flat rate of $9 per hour. For example, you may choose 7 hours and continue this every month.

For every hour above 5 hours, there is a discount of $1 for each hour. The minimum purchase is 5 hours.

This give clients are getting a better rate if they wish to go for a monthly subscription, while also having the option of Pay As You Go at a reasonable rate if they do not want to go monthly.

Full Time Support

Use Per Wish have also introduced a Full Time Plan, priced at $900 / month, which is a great value for a qualified full-time virtual assistant.

Use Per Wish Alternatives

My Tasker and VA Talks are two of the highest rated India-based virtual assistant companies to take a look at.

If you are looking for larger monthly packages you can save some money on the hourly rates with these companies as they offer discounts on their larger plans.

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