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Xpert Baba is an India-based virtual assistant company specializing in providing virtual assistants, web designers, and web hosting services to entrepreneurs and SME’s all over the world.

The company was founded in early 2018. Being based in India, they are able to offer competitive rates, and their assistants as able to work to the time zones that meet their client’s needs.

About Xpert Baba

Xpert Baba ReviewThe company is run by co-founders Jaydeep Trivedi and partner.

Their target customers are business owners and small to medium-sized businesses that have reached that point where they need help with their workload but can’t justify hiring a full-time employee.

Xpert Baba’s hourly rates go as low as $6.25 for their larger plans and they are willing to work out custom plans if you want to go down that route.

How Xpert Baba Works

They separate their assistant services into web designers and general virtual assistants. This gives you the option of working with a dedicated designer on branding, logo designs, website redesigns, and so on.

Or, signing up for an hourly plan and sending any tasks over that can be completed remotely on an on-going basis. Their assistants work 24/7 too, so no time zone issues and they say they always complete work in a timely manner.


Xpert Baba group their services into three categories:

  • Web Design and Development Assistants – Graphic design, logo design, branding, website development, and more.
  • Web Hosting Services – You can host your website on their servers and they also offer free SSL certificates.
  • Virtual Assistant Services – Their virtual assistants provide support for a wide range of tasks that can be completed remotely.

Plans and Pricing

Xpert Baba has three different types of pricing plans. You can sign up for web design and development assistant, one of their general virtual assistants, or their web hosting service.

Their web design and development plans are only available on request. Their web hosting plans range from $5-$25 per month, and their virtual assistant plans range from around $7-$11 per hour.

A complete list of their hourly pricing plans for their virtual assistants are as follows:

  • 2.5 hours per month – $28 ($11.20 per hr)
  • 10 hours per month – $109 ($10.90 per hr)
  • 20 hours per month – $189 ($9.45 per hr)
  • 40 hours per month – $349 ($8.72 per hr)
  • 80 hours per month – $659 ($8.24 per hr)
  • 160 hours per month – $1089 ($6.81 per hr)

xpertbaba pricing

All of their plans run on a month-by-month basis. There is a 10-hour free trial available when you sign up for any of their plans above the 2.5 hours, and you can roll your unused hours forward with their 80 and 160-hour plans.

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Terms and conditions:

  • 50% discount will be given for the first month only.
  • Trial period will not be provided when the discount is offered.
  • The use of Discount code limit is 1 i.e. User can use this code for 1 time only.
  • 15% of the remaining hours will be added to the next month as per our rollover policy.
  • For any clarification or more information, please contact us at info@xpertbaba.com

Xpert Baba Alternatives

VA Talks and My Tasker are two of the highest rated virtual assistant providers based in India. They operate on similar business models and have similar pricing, so I’d reach out and start a conversation to see which company feels like the best fit for your business.

When asked, what if anything sets them apart from their competitors, Xpert Baba said they believe they offer some of the best rates and their assistants are available 24/7.

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    • 55555
    • 55555

    Outstanding Service!

    My VA is a star!

    It has been a great pleasure working with my VA. He helped my business tackle a long to-do list and always completes his work efficiently and with a positive attitude. We have relied on him to consistently update our website and he never let us down.

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