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TaskBullet are a virtual assistant company that has been operating in the Philippines since 2012. They started operations with a new branch of their brand called TaskBullet USA in 2016.

As you might guess, the primary different between the two branches is TaskBullet USA’s virtual assistants are all based in the US.

This means you’re paying a little more per hour, but it opens up the possibility for native English speaking assistants working the same hours as you and with a better cultural understanding of US business practices.

About TaskBullet USA

The company is run by CEO Danny Nappi, and COO Wesley Nappi. Together they have more than 20 years experience managing and running businesses. The company offices are located in Utah, with their virtual assistants working remotely across the US.

Their virtual assistants have a wide range of skills, and “because time is a finite resource” they are on hand to take tasks off your hands for you. Obviously their rates are higher than they can offer from their Philippines office, but they are comparable to other US-based virtual assistant companies.


Taskbullet USA market their services towards small business owners as their target customers. As with most virtual assistant companies however, if you have tasks to outsource, no matter how large your business you can always utilize a virtual assistant.

An aspect of their business that separates them from a lot of other VA companies is that TaskBullet USA offer a dedicated virtual assistant, or a team of virtual assistants. Each client is assigned a project manager as well, this helps keep a clear line of communication between you and the project manager, who then talks with the virtual assistant.

They can handle a wide variety of tasks, such as:

  • Social media marketing
  • Outbound and inbound calls
  • Internet research
  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Personal assistant services, and more.

You should always contact virtual assistant companies and explain what your exact needs are and see how they respond as your first point of contact.

Plans and Pricing

They currently have three different pricing plans as follows:

  1. Starter Bucket – 10 hours @ $35/hr ($350)
  2. Light Bucket – 30 hours @ $30/hr ($900)
  3. Expert Bucket – 60 hours @ $25/hr ($1500)

As you can see there are considerable savings if you purchase larger plans. You have 90 days to use the hours you purchase, and there are no contracts or monthly fees. Each plan comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

What you buy is what you get, and you can use the hours as and when you need.

TaskBullet USA Alternatives

Time Etc and Boldly are two highly rated US-based virtual assistant companies to compare alongside TaskBullet USA. Time Etc are a little less expensive, and Boldly being a little more expensive.

TaskBullet USA says they specialize in communication. Good communication is key to a successful working relationship with a VA so this is something to test when you’re interacting with them.

Your Turn

Have you worked with TaskBullet USA? Maybe you have used both TaskBullet and now their USA branch and can comment on how the service compares?

If so, please leave a brief review below to help others with their decision.

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    Taskbullet USA is awful. I worked for them, dedicated any free time I had as a chronically ill mother, and they just up and quit tasking me one day. I was doing great work, received praise from my customers, but they added another assistant to my jobs to help handle the load. Then all of a sudden, after I was done helping her with her work, they stopped tasking me. Nothing. I wasn’t given a warning, I wasn’t given feedback, and when I tried to contact my superiors, I received no response. This was around a year ago. I thought maybe the business had failed, as they were pretty unprofessional at times.

    Just a few days ago, I messaged them when I saw they were hiring again, and explained what had happened. The lady I spoke to said she forwarded it to admin. Then I received NO RESPONSE after several days! I messaged a reply on our thread, and she said there were no positions available. I WASN’T ASKING FOR A JOB! I wanted to know why in the world that happened to me, and I was surprised they were still in business! The people in charge hardly ever responded, the people I worked for struggled with them as well, trying to get their deadlines met was a disaster! I would have jobs for a week that I couldn’t touch because Mr. Nappi didn’t approve the job until the last minute, and I would have to forgo sleep or taking my kid to school to get it done so the customer wasn’t late! I would spend hours at my computer, working without pay, knowing the customer needed their task complete that night. I had to nurse my baby at the time while I was working on several occasions, because I wasn’t given the opportunity to plan my time to work. Deadlines were late multiple times for this reason. This company is disorganized, and the people that run it have no compassion or respect for people. ZERO STARS IF I COULD.

    I dont want anyone to think I feel as if I’m an awesome employee, though… I made mistakes and all, but there was no feedback or warning of any kind.

  1. Terrible experience. TaskBullet couldn’t follow the most simple of instructions. I tried involving management and still ended up with the same poor work instructions. Couldn’t get my money refunded. What a ripoff and a complete waste of time.

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    Had them for 2 different assignments. Used over 60 buckets of hours. Several instances where the VA clearly didn’t do the work, but tried charging us for the hours anyway. We got the hours refunded only after much communication with the firm. Because of their inefficiency and VA dishonesty. I wouldn’t recommend them

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    I was not a big fan of this company. Their project managers are not organized, at first they handled requests but had a foreign VA handling the requests and had way too many people involved. A Company has to be organized to be successful and they wasted more time of mine that I spent in dollars switching VAs, asking them to fix something repeatedly, etc.

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