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TaskRabbit is task-based outsourcing company with a local twist. They’ll handle virtual tasks like most of the other companies here, but their real specialty is in local, hands-on assistance.

TaskRabbit got its start in Boston in 2008, and has since expanded to several major cities, attracting millions in venture capital funding along the way.

About TaskRabbit

taskrabbit reviewThe company is essentially a marketplace between people who need stuff done, and people willing to do that stuff.

It can be anything really, from house cleaning to local pick-up and deliveries, handyman services, moving help, and more. The people helping you are called TaskRabbits.

How TaskRabbit Works

How it works is you post the task you need done, in as much detail as you can, and TaskRabbits bid on the job. Generally the lowest bid wins, but you can view their profiles and feedback ratings as well and pick the winner.

TaskRabbit is designed to help busy people save time and money, and it works.

In markets like San Francisco, TaskRabbit is a well-known go-to tool for errands and other odd jobs you don’t want to do yourself. The only drawback is it can be somewhat time-consuming to post each task one at a time.

(I tested it out for a handyman hire!)

Who Are the TaskRabbits?

As you might imagine, there is a greater demand for people trying to earn money doing other people’s tasks than those requesting the tasks themselves. That means a higher quality of service as all the TaskRabbits know there is a long waiting list of potential replacements behind them, waiting for them to screw up.

It also means the screening process to become a TaskRabbit is pretty robust. The application process includes an essay, background check, and a video interview. It’s all in the name of protecting client safety.

TaskRabbit Review

Plans and Pricing

Because each task is different, and can require different lengths of time and even physical exertion, there are no monthly plans offered like you see at Fancy Hands or other “purely virtual” assistant companies. The benefit of that is there is no recurring cost, and you can try out the service for a very low risk.

The company also has an option of setting an auto-award price, where if any TaskRabbit bids below your target price, they automatically get the job.

To give you a ballpark, I paid a little under $100 to have a handyman come out for an hour or two.

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All payments are handled through the TaskRabbit.com system, so you’re not handing over any cash in person.  To pay the bills, the company takes a percentage of every job.

TaskRabbit Alternatives

For real live in-person help, TaskRabbit is a great resource. The closest competitor is probably Handy, a slick app for booking cleaning and handyman services.

Your Turn

Have you tried Task Rabbit? If so, please share a review of your experience below.

5 Reviews

  1. I booked a large task two weeks out, with a check-in the day before, only to have the person assigned to my task cancel less than an hour before showing up. The person I’d hired didn’t give me an explanation and once he canceled the job, and I wasn’t able to ask why, as the chat feature disables once the job is canceled. Also, I am unable to leave a poor review since he never did the job. This “tasker” has 100% positive reviews, which is obviously completely inflated. I tried to find any sort of accountability on the tasker’s end, but all I could find was the client’s responsibility, which was to give 24 hours notice before canceling, or pay a one-hour fee penalty. In addition to the tasker being a flake, the customer service is a joke. They claim to respond to all inquiries in 48 hours, but I’ve heard nothing back since well past that timeframe. Outside of “emergencies” customer service won’t accept chat or phone calls. I have zero confidence I’ll hear back at all.

  2. Taskrabbitt Buyer beware! No guarantee, No Insurance, No responsibility, No response, A Tasker can break things, make things worse, steal from you, not have a child’s understanding of what they were tasked to do. You will get absolutely no response, reply or concern to the damage the Tasker performed from to company trying to charge your Credit Card, Taskrabbit. You are much better off finding the time to do the task yourself.

  3. I turned to TaskRabbit for help with a mouse problem — specifically looking for a local handyman to come out, help me diagnose the issue, and secure the house from any more rodent friends.

    I’d caught probably 10 mice in our condo, and patched up half a dozen different holes and potential entry points.

    On TaskRabbit, I found Will for a rate of $70 an hour, he had lots of positive feedback, and he agreed to come out the next day.

    After some frustration with TaskRabbit’s messaging capability — they don’t let you respond to EITHER the texts or emails they send you — we made an appointment.

    Will showed up on time as scheduled. In an hour, he’d found a gaping rodent highway under the dishwasher, sealed it off with some thin-grate chicken wire, and reinstalled the appliance. He also patched a couple smaller holes behind the fridge.

    Totally worth it and will definitely be back to use TaskRabbit and Will again should the need arise. Knock on wood, we’ve been mouse-free ever since he came out.

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    I love TaskRabbit! ok, fair disclosure I work for TaskRabbit doing business development, but I can honestly say that I spent hundreds of dollars of my own money on the service every month. I literally spend no time doing errands anymore, and have gotten so much time in my life back to spend with friends and family and do the things that I love.

    1. Service is expensive and sometimes slow. I post a total of three jobs and the time it took too post a jobs and the cost was not worth it. The response was suppose too bend 2 hours but after 4 hours they could not find anyone too do the task. The other two task were assigned on time. Of the last two task one the rabbit could not be reached and the other was way too high. He was hard too reach and giving out my personal email and contact too a stranger did not feel safe. The last task was bidded too high so I cancelled it. Overall the service seems promising but you have to take a step back in security and give out to much to make the connection.

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