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It was only a matter of time I suppose…

I had an interesting call yesterday with the founder of one of the more “niche” outsourcing companies I’d ever heard of.

What do they do?


Specifically, is “dating done for you.”

They’ll optimize and manage your online dating profiles, proactively message women that meet your criteria, and respond to messages on your behalf.

Founder Matthew Valentines recognized a huge pain point in his own life and among his male peers.

“The average man doing online dating spends over 2 hours a day searching through profiles, thinking up introduction messages, and checking obsessively for inbound activity. Our members get back 14 hours a week — time better spent going on actual dates instead of messaging back and forth for hours on end.”

He told me, “When I launched the company some years back, everyone said we were crazy. But I’ll tell you what’s crazy: trying to manage multiple dating profiles yourself, across a handful of platforms, while juggling dozens of conversations, and trying to have a life too.”

Matthew seems to have struck a nerve with his (strictly confidential and strictly male) customer base, and has earned lots of press exposure for his unique outsourcing company.

As a happily married man, this is one virtual assistant company I hopefully won’t have the need to test personally anytime soon, but I wanted to share as another example of what’s out there in the world of delegation and outsourcing.

Your Turn

No matter what’s eating up your time these days, there’s probably a specialized service ready to take it off your hands.

It all starts with tracking your hours to discover where your time is really going each week.

What do you think?

What areas of opportunity for smart outsourcing are you looking for in 2017?

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