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Overall Rating4.984.984.984.984.98
Quality of Work4.984.984.984.984.98


Worldwide101 is an international virtual assistant company with clients and assistants in North America, Europe & Australia. Founded in 2009, Worldwide101 focuses on providing business-grade virtual assistance to growing small businesses. All clients have a dedicated team member assigned to […]

Overall Rating4.954.954.954.954.95
Quality of Work4.954.954.954.954.95


eaHELP is a virtual executive assistant company that employs exclusively US-based assistants. The company got its start in 2010 helping churches and pastors outsource their administrative work, and has since expanded to serve businesses (small & large) nationwide. eaHELP executive […]

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work4.964.964.964.964.96

Time Etc

Time Etc is a UK and US-based virtual assistant company that has been around since 2007. They recently expanded operations into the US market, and boast that they’ve helped complete more than 1,000,000 tasks and projects so far! Time Etc was founded by […]

Overall Rating4.674.674.674.674.67
Quality of Work4.


Uassist.ME is a virtual assistant company with offices in Miami and El Salvador. The company was founded in 2009 with the idea of providing remote administrative services to clients in the US and around the world. Because of their location and […]

Overall Rating4.594.594.594.594.59
Quality of Work4.594.594.594.594.59

24/7 Virtual Assistant

24/7 Virtual Assistant is a personal outsourcing company with locations in Atlanta, Georgia and India. The company has been in business since 2008, and has attracted clients all across the country and around the world. is geared toward the […]

Overall Rating4.474.474.474.474.47
Quality of Work4.

My Tasker

My Tasker is a relative newcomer to the virtual assistant industry, but brings years of experience to the table. The India-based company was founded in 2012 by three veteran VAs. Since the My Tasker team spent the time in the […]

Overall Rating4.534.534.534.534.53
Quality of Work4.

Longer Days is a virtual assistant company that is entirely US-based; they operate out of Muskegon, Michigan.  Longer Days was founded in 2007, with the idea they could build a more valuable service than the overseas outsourcing companies who were all […]

Overall Rating4.594.594.594.594.59
Quality of Work4.384.384.384.384.38


Efficise is a virtual assistant and business outsourcing firm based in Karachi, Pakistan. The company launched in 2012, with the goal of helping people all over the world enhance their efficiency and productivity. Since then, Efficise has grown into one […]

Overall Rating4.734.734.734.734.73
Quality of Work4.824.824.824.824.82
Value4.734.734.734.734.73 goes above and beyond other virtual assistant companies in that they set you up with a full-time dedicated remote employee, at a fraction of what one would cost locally. You can specify your requirements in advance and will […]

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work55555

VA Talks

VA Talks is a professional virtual assistant provider in India with 24/7 support. The company was formed in 2015 by two veteran virtual assistants who decided to start their own firm. Despite the inherent “new-ness” of the VA Talks company, the […]

Overall Rating4.644.644.644.644.64
Quality of Work4.554.554.554.554.55

Virtual Staff Finder

Virtual Staff Finder is more of headhunting service than a true virtual assistant company. Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur Chris Ducker, the firm promises to match you up with qualified workers in the Philippines. In my mind, Chris is right […]

Overall Rating4.
Quality of Work4.


VMG BPO is a virtual assistant and outsourcing company with locations in San Francisco and Bangalore, India.  The firm, which was established in 2005, is actually a division of Vadamalai Media Group, a respected 20-year old Indian media company. VMG […]

Overall Rating4.
Quality of Work4.

Red Butler

Red Butler is an executive virtual assistant and administrative support service that helps business professionals, entrepreneurs, startup teams, and executives get more done in less time. The Beverly Hills, CA-based company began in 2003 and since then has opened up […]

Overall Rating4.
Quality of Work4.334.334.334.334.33


TaskBullet is a virtual assistant company in the Philippines with US-sales offices in California and Utah. Although the company is a relative newcomer to the space having started in 2012, all the VAs have five years of experience in their […]

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work4.

VA Staffer

VA Staffer is a virtual assistant company in the Philippines with a project management and consulting team in Portland, Oregon. Although the company had been serving limited select clients for several years, they opened their doors to the general public […]

Overall Rating4.
Quality of Work4.


UPDATE: On August 10th, 2015, Zirtual “Paused All Operations.” Later in the week, they announced the company had been acquired by and will be resuming business shortly. If that instability doesn’t sit well, please see below for Zirtual Alternatives. Zirtual […]

Overall Rating55555
Quality of Work4.


Prialto is a virtual assistant company with outsourcing centers in Guatemala and the Philippines. They have been in business since 2009 and maintain their main US sales office in the San Francisco Bay Area. Prialto calls itself the “virtual support […]

Overall Rating4.334.334.334.334.33
Quality of Work4.
Value4.334.334.334.334.33 is a Filipino job board that caters exclusively to remote online work opportunities.  It was created in 2009 by Utah-based entrepreneur John Jonas as a way to connect the affordable Filipino workforce with business owners in North America and […]

Overall Rating3.863.863.863.863.86
Quality of Work3.

Upwork (formerly oDesk)

Note: has rebranded to Upwork, like Elance, is a community that brings together contract workers and employers. The company has been in business since 2003, and now serves hundreds of thousands of clients all around the world. They […]