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  1. Off-Grid guy says:
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    • 44444
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    • 55555

    My VA was a beginner but was my primary product researcher.

    I liked the promptness of communication and the quality of work. When changing CRM systems, my VA contacted support teams of both CRM providers to get data across from one system to another in 2 days!

  2. I have used VA for SEO Activities and Content write up! but i fail to get good return as most of them provided low Skill, due to it, i have to rework on all assignments

  3. Webshop says:

    I had one month package to clone Webshop. First week the Output was Setup a free webshop (30min)and copy/paste 13 items only.
    They inserted 800 items one by one, not able or interested to automate.
    Had to fight for faster working. Overall i have Impression it was a beginner and not a pro. Will not come back to them.

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    • 44444
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    I like my VA that does SEO. Overall a positive experience. We are only a few months in. I just wonder if he is really doing the SEO I want done everyday or if they do it intermittently; or alternatively, just follow their own SEO plan. How can one know? Has anyone experienced this? That is my only negative. I feel a bit in the dark on what they actually do. That is why I did not fill in the Value bar. I am just not sure yet.

  4. Mike Comiskey says:

    Truly awful. I spent more time managing my VAs from this company than could have been saved. And I say “VAs” plural, as after a few initial poorly completed tasks, I relieved my first VA of his duties, and then sacked his replacement immediately after a complete shambles was made of his very first, and very simple, task (formatting a Word doc!).

  5. Dakota says:

    The wage of $6.98 is below the US min. wage requirement.

    • Nick Loper says:

      Hi Dakota, Thanks for the note. You are right: Tasks Everyday and other overseas VA companies don’t comply with US minimum wage standards (the US has no jurisdiction over them), but only the wage standards of their own country, which are often much lower or non-existent. The cost-savings is one advantage these companies have in their favor.

    • Tyler Mick says:

      Also, the cost of living is far less in India. They’re being compensated fairly.

  6. Dhana Cohen says:
    • 33333
    • 33333
    • 33333
    • 44444

    I would rate communication with me as 4 stars, but only 2 stars for communication with my customers.

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