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    I have used both My OutDesk and oDesk and I prefer oDesk and here is why.

    1. My Out Desk has no tracking software to track the VA’s hours worked and what they are doing.

    oDesk has detailed tracking software and they guarantee an hour paid is an hour worked. At first I did not realize the importance of this, but when you have someone working so far away, tracking their hours worked is critical, and My Out Desk has nothing in place to do this. oDesk has very sophisticated tracking software where you can see at any time how many hours they worked, what they were working on, get reports by type of work done, etc.

    When they step away for a period of time the billing stops automatically. At My Out Desk you have no insight into their work and what they are doing.

    *2. My Out Desk forces the VA to work 40 hours per week even if there is not 40 hours of work to do. *

    At oDesk you pay only when actual work needs to be done. If you have 25 hours of work per week to be done, at oDesk you will pay for 25 hours and at My Out Desk you will be paying for 40 hours.

    At one point one of my VAs was pregnant and could no longer do 40 hours a week. My OutDesk said they needed to fill the 40 hours so they pressured her to keep working 40 hours, or if not they said they could substitute another VA to cover the 40 hours. I did not want to train a new VA and after a lot of back and forth with My OutDesk they reduced my VAs hours to 20, but it was not easily done. At oDesk you get paid for when you work, period. If your VA is pregnant and can work less hours then she simply works less hours, there is no forced 40 hour per week contract.

    3. You pay twice as much at My Out Desk vs. oDesk.

    My Out Desk takes around 50% or more of the hourly pay, so the VA normally gets less than half of what you pay.

    When you pay through oDesk they take just 10%, so you can pay less per hour, yet your VA can still make as much or more per hour because oDesk takes 10% and My Out Desk takes over 50%.

    4. I have found no matter which company you go through you can get quality VAs.

    You have to invest the time to train them either way. With My Out Desk you will probably not get unbiased reviews from other agents that have used the VA in the past, but with oDesk you get first hand reviews on the performance of that VA, which is really helpful when making a decision who to invest your training time in.

    5. My OutDesk performs a secret sweep of your VAs computer when you leave them or when your VA leaves you.

    It is secret because they do not tell you about it, and it is not in your contract. You might hear about it through your VA.

    The sweep moves all your files from the VAs hard drive to My OutDesk’s server. If you happen to use Dropbox or some other file sharing service, as most do with VAs, this sweep could delete all your escrow information if they did not disconnect properly from Dropbox.

    The idea of coming to work and finding all your past and present escrow information deleted is a nightmare scenario. Your VA will not be paid their final check should they not allow the secret sweep, so there is a lot of pressure from My OutDesk to run this procedure. At oDesk there is no secret sweep.


    So the summary is at oDesk you can track the hours accurately, you only pay when there is work to do, you pay 1/2 what you pay at My Out Desk, you can see reviews on all VA’s which helps you pick a good one, and oDesk has no secret sweep that could delete your escrow files.

    I wish I understood these factors before starting with My OutDesk, so I hope this helps other agents consider what works best for them, and also helps agents to be fully informed before making a decision.

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