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  1. Becky says:
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    Don’t even go there – Non-professional Owners and shady business practices. The Owners only think about their own gain and not any other employees or clients in the company – unless they have future gain from that person. Run!

  2. Drew says:
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    Here’s my experience:

    A person named Kristeen called me for an interview, her accent and grammar sucks. I can’t even understand her.

    Then the next day, she mailed me saying that I didn’t passed the criteria. And I’m like, “Hey! No one said what would be the criteria!” She even had the gut to tell me that I could refer my friends to apply to get 1,200PHP. Poor company. Poor staff.

  3. Ana says:
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    I worked with MyOutDesk for a few months. Here’s what I experienced:

    Their training is a grueling 8 hours a day of reading modules for 2 weeks. There is very little interaction from the trainer. The training was an overload of information about real estate but I only really used about 10% of that information on the actual job. They focus too much on your accent and grammar but this makes you wonder because a lot of their support staff have very bad communication skills.

    Actual Job:
    You are assigned two coaches in a team, one who interacts with clients and one who takes care of employee issues. Both of my coaches were of no help. They wouldn’t even greet you good morning. Every time I sent a PM to my coach I would receive a response after 2-3 hours.

    As an ISA, you will be expected to do outbound calls the whole day. You’re lucky if you get a generous client, but unlucky if you get one who’ll give you a very difficult quota.

    I quickly realized that my sold purpose as an ISA was to make my client rich by giving them more houses to sell. I grew tired of the job and found myself getting sick all the time.

    I resigned after 3 short months.

    Resignation Process:
    I sent my resignation letter to my coach. I was sent an email where I had to fill-out an exit form. I was informed that I had to talk to one of their operations managers. A coach set a schedule for the OM to call me at 12mn. The OM messaged me at 1am that she would call after 2 mins. At 2am she hasn’t called me yet so I sent her a message that it was getting late already. She responded that she forgot about our meeting (really?). When we were finally able to speak she asked why I resigned and explained when I should expect my back pay. She referred me back to the coach. I spoke with the coach and explained that I had a few days unpaid. I gave him all my details. After 1 week I didn’t receive any update. I sent another PM to the coach and he asked if I already signed this waiver document. I answered that I havent and asked that he resend it to my personal email address. It’s been 3 days and I didn’t receive any document. I sent a follow-up PM two days ago but have not received any response until now.

    So, if you are thinking about applying at MyOutDesk, think about what you are giving up and prepare yourself for all of this. They may not be a new company but their management sure has a LOT to work on to keep their existing employees.

  4. Marie says:
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    [Editor’s Note: This review is from the VA’s perspective.]

    I have told the person who will interview me to contact me on a specific time and did not call me. What she did, she called during the most inconvenient for me, when I was in the public market.
    There is something to be done with the process. If it set for an appointment, it should be followed. And they did say that they notify you within 48 hours..guess what it was more than was said, and ofcourse you will not pass because you did meet the requirements of having a “silent place”. Well, it is upto you

  5. Bryn Kaufman says:
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    I have used both My OutDesk and oDesk and I prefer oDesk and here is why.

    Tracking vs. No Tracking

    My OutDesk has no tracking system in place that the Realtor can access to see what hours are worked and what the VA is working on.

    oDesk has what I consider a fantastic tracking system in place that guarantees an hour worked is an hour paid. You can use oDesk to see the hours worked, what they are currently working on or have worked on, random screen shots of their activity, and a lot more.

    I and others have found a big improvement in productivity when a tracking system is in place. If you want to improve something, you have to be able to track it.

    Hopefully My OutDesk will have some type of tracking system in place that Realtors can use in the future. They did mention to me they are working on one and they also mentioned they have some internal system in place, but at this time Realtors do not have access to it.

    No Contracts vs. Minimum Hours Worked Contracts

    My OutDesk will look to put the VA into a contract with you, for example my VAs were on a full time contract. As long as you have enough work all the time this works out, but if the VA does not have 40 hours of work you would be paying for those 40 hours anyway.

    At oDesk you pay for hours worked, period. If one week it is 40 and the next week it is 20, then that is what you pay for.

    How much of what you pay actually goes to your VA?

    oDesk takes 10% of your pay to your VA as their fee. My OutDesk took around 50% of the VAs pay in my case. They might have different plans for different clients, so you would need to check with them on this.

    The 50% makes a big difference. For example, if you are paying $8 per hour the VA is receiving about $4 per hour from My OutDesk. At oDesk if you are paying $4.44 per hour, your VA receives $4 per hour. If the VA works 40 hours per week, that is about a $7,404 price difference between oDesk and My OutDesk per year, with the VA making the same amount.

    In my case I had two VAs so was I paying about $14,808 per year more. Assuming I am going to be using VAs for the next 10 years that is $148,000 more spent and the main thing My OutDesk did for me was present me two VAs to choose from.

    oDesk has hundreds of great VAs to choose from, and once you have a good VA in place paying all the extra money to My OutDesk gets old fast.

    Keep in mind with the numbers above it assume the VAs work the same amount of hours, but as I mentioned, if you have 30 hours of work to do oDesk bills you for 30, but My OutDesk will still bill you for 40 to meet their minimum contract, so the savings will actually be much higher.

    My OutDesk is High Pressure, oDesk is No Pressure

    MOD has high pressure recruiting of Realtors. For example, an agent commented about MOD on the Facebook Realtors Group “I hate being aggressively solicited, especially when I don’t return your calls and Emails”.

    oDesk has a no pressure approach and will never call and might send a few Emails reminding you of the advantages of their services, but all oDesk Emails can be unsubscribed from.

    When I interviewed my VA at MOD, I was told I need to make a decision by the next day or the VA would be hired by another agent. This is high pressure compared to oDesk which has a traditional interview process where you interview one or more VAs and have as much time as you want to make your decision.

    When my VA was pregnant I was told by MOD that I have a full time contract and as the VA needs to cut back her hours for health reasons, I can hire another part time VA to make up the hours. I found this to be high pressure vs. the no set hours at oDesk. At oDesk, you can have your VA work as little or as much as needed, typically only when there is work to be done.

    I highly recommend using a VA

    I have found you can get quality VAs from both My OutDesk and oDesk. You have to invest time to train them either way as training and communication are key.

    I can’t recommend enough the idea of hiring a VA. They work hard, are dedicated, accurate, and they really appreciate being part of your team.

    It is my opinion now after using both services for over 1 year that I prefer working with oDesk for the reasons mentioned above.

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