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  1. Henri lamy says:

    I tried Get friday for three months. My opinion is that they lacked of initiative and followed a very repetitive procedure which would consist in rephrasing every task I was assigning them first, and then only list things without any relevant analysis. Plus it seemed like this would always take a lot of time which is quite surprising for people who are supposedly used to do that type of research all day.

  2. JK says:
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    The company is staffed with well-meaning people, but they suffered from generally poor execution with occasional flashes of brilliance. A lot of what we needed involved them providing phone communication, and the grasp of English on the VA side of the equation was tenuous at best, which hurt our business prospects whenever we leveraged GetFriday to represent us. We had to endure a lot of rotating VAs, and got lots of repetitive questions, even after hearing the common Third World “no problem” refrain (only to learn later that there were, in fact, “big problems”). All of this caused turnaround and reliability to suffer, which led to us ending our relationship with them.

  3. Michael McDonald says:
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    I don’t buy the stories above that they planned a wedding etc… All they are any good at is searching in google just like you could and since you almost have to tell them what to type in google they aren’t really of much value. Granted I am exaggerating a little but I was very frustrated that I could not convince them to exercise even a remedial amount of judgement. They best they would do is send me back spreadsheets with options for me to choose from with links to more details about each option… No recommended best option for example and still a lot of homework left for me to do. Maybe I expected too much but I paid a lot of money for services that did not help me much.

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    I hired Get Friday for a one-time research task and they were awesome. They understood the instructions, met the deadline, and did a really good job with the assignment. I had tried outsourcing this particular research task in the past, and no one seemed to quite get it until Get Friday. I happily signed up for their monthly service, but unfortunately, after four weeks of waiting, they were still having a “resource crunch” and were unable to assign me a VA. I ended up canceling to look for other, more immediate help and asked them to keep me posted if they ever got out of their “resource crunch” and still have not heard from them. That was probably over a month ago that I canceled. So, maybe they are not having that problem any longer (or maybe they are), but they weren’t “on the ball” enough to follow up with me and potentially win back a client. They do seem to have a great staff, however, and everyone was very courteous.

  4. Daniel Wesley says:
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    I’m a former customer of Get Friday and here’s the experience we had: We used Get Friday for VA assistance with emails and powerpoints. The engagement lasted from 5/10 to 9/10. I only used Get Friday occasionally, simply because anything powerpoint related became a complete disaster. The customer service was great, folks were very friendly and helpful.

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