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  1. Josh says:
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    I used Fancy Hands for 2 months and really loved their service. They were fast, the quality was higher than I expected, and were really worth the money I spent. The problem was that I was struggling to find 15 requests every month so I found myself just sending things I wouldn’t normally need. Regardless, I’m a big fan and always re-considering signing back up with them.

  2. Antano Solar says:
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    One of the worst service ever. They didn’t even care to respond to most of my requests that lay open for few days. Now, its not about chunk size. I had given similar tasks to services that does that in 15 min. At least a courtesy to reply? I had to keep following up. I wasted more time here than I really gained.

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    It’s a little early for me to give a review I suppose- I just activated my account a week ago. I snagged a FAB coupon to try out the unlimited plan for the month- so far I’ve been extremely satisfied.

    I’m a mother of 4 children, run my own business and work for another- I have always joked that I needed an extra set of hands. At the moment I don’t have a big enough budget to hire someone full time- or heck even part time. Fancy hands definitely fits my budget- like Josh, I’m not sure I will continue to have tons of tasks every month- but so far so good.

    So far I’ve gotten a list of 3 local vendors who sell mulch & topsoil, with compiled info on costs, delivery time and contact info. An estimate for several different sized foam replacement cushions, a list of lawyers/comparison of do-it-yourself-legal options (wasn’t as impressed with that task, I was hoping for more research- I might bounce that one back to them- they used a dubious source for those answers) Rescheduled a few appointments, made a few others- had a youtube video transcribed. My list is fairly random- but then again so is my life.

    I think my only complaint is the learning curve as to what is an acceptable request. I think I might have more things I could hand off if I knew more clearly the “line”. The terms of service list that tasks should take about 15 minutes to complete which is helpful but vague. Would love to see a little more documentation on that piece.

    The response time I’ve gotten has been appropriate as far as I’m concerned. For me- I remember those silly to-do items late in the evening, when the business I need to connect with is closed. I’ll get a response letting me know that they will call back when they’re open/if they’ve gotten a busy signal or left a message.

    I’m very happy so far- I do wish they could do a few more things (fill in forms for me, even if they call to get the answers) but if this keeps up, I plan to keep them. For the price, and knowing they’re using US-based employees and all the nonsense they’re helping me with- it’s a no-brainer.

  3. Augustus says:
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    Their quality is relatively good. Used them a couple of months.

    Note, though: Signed up for the unlimited plan – which of course I wasn’t naive to believe was literally unlimited.

    I’ll admit I can be a heavy user. But then, they wanted to deny service even though they’re unwilling to specify how many tasks is actually in the unlimited plan, which I think feels a bit shady.

    So in terms of value for money, not so clear.

  4. Zach Reed says:
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    I’m well into my first month of using Fancy Hands and I’m very impressed so far. The only thing I do not like about the service is that you have to use all of your requests in the month or you lose them, they do NOT roll over. This is a bit annoying because say X month I only need 1 service request but the next I need 8, it would be nice to have them roll over since I technically paid for them. Other than that, I’m happy with the service. Response time has been within 24 hours of each request, and they always seem to be willing to do more research, if you don’t get back the exact data you were looking for.

  5. Ari Meisel says:
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    FancyHands is really great for the outsourcing novice or expert but less for the in between user. It’s great that you can call in requests so you can do it while on the run, driving, or when you have your hands full.

  6. Nick Loper says:
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    I’ve been experimenting with the $45 15-task plan, and I gotta say, it’s surprisingly addicting.

    My primary experience has been working with project-based VAs and long-term virtual employees so this type of service was new to me.

    The thing is, it’s totally a luxury service, right? Everything I sent was stuff I could have done on my own or I could have figured out, but either didn’t want to or didn’t want to make time for.

    I submitted about 1/3rd business tasks and 2/3rds personal tasks. Here are a few:
    Is there WiFi on this flight? (forwarded confirmation details)
    Stitch these .mov files together
    Is this stuff worth anything on ebay?
    Can you transcribe this 2 min. video?
    Guest Blogging Opportunities in Outsourcing Niche?
    Top sites to see in Bath, UK
    Car insurance quotes.
    Cheap folding chairs in stock nearby?
    Contact the county and clarify property tax question.
    What are the best traveling backpacks?

    In general I was really happy with the results. The average response time was about 2 and a half hours, but some came back as quickly as 21 minutes. There were a couple that were deemed “beyond scope”, but that was fine, it was all part of the learning curve. In those cases, Fancy Hands didn’t count the task against my total for the month.

    But I think more important than the results I got back was the shift in mindset for certain small tasks. I really found myself thinking with each new mini-project that came up – is this something I could delegate to Fancy Hands?

    It’s hard to say whether this is going to usher in a new era of productivity or just a new era of laziness, but I will say, it’s a really cool feeling to have this resource in your back pocket you can tap into when you need it.

    An on-demand personal assistant? I didn’t think it was going to be for me but I’m really liking it so far.

    You can find similar services in India and Pakistan at lower price points, but if you’re on the fence about trying out a virtual assistant service like this, I would encourage you to go for it.

    Like I said, I was surprised how much use and how much value I got out of it. Worst case, you try it for a month and don’t like it, you can turn it off.

    If you do sign up, be sure and come back by here in a month or two and let everyone know how it’s going!

  7. Johnny Lee says:
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    I really like Fancy Hands since they make multiple phone calls for you in one request and are super diligent. The only downside so far is the restriction on using credit card numbers. Other than that, Fancy Hands has been an amazing experience – the free scheduling makes a huge difference. Now I just forward my emails to Fancy Hands to let them add things to my calendar, it’s super convenient.

  8. JamesF says:
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    I asked them to find several stores close to where I live to ask if they had a particular product(an e-cigarette). They bungled this up incredibly. None of the stores I was given by Fancy Hands carried the product. In addition half of the phone numbers I was given were to wrong numbers. I used this service thinking that it would save me some time but the wild goose chase I went on cost me an hour of time.

  9. Kai says:
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    I’ve been a long-time subscriber to Fancy Hands and I love their service because it helps me spend more time working on the things I want to do, and less time on the small tasks that pop up throughout the day.

    Fancy Hands has been the magic in my pocket for 18+ months. I use them more than any other online service because they — constantly — help me waive goodbye to stress and spend more time on the things I love.

    When I had a quick question, I emailed Fancy Hands. (‘Hey, when is the production of Wicked in Honolulu until? How much are tickets?’)

    When I needed to book an appointment, I emailed Fancy Hands. (‘Can you call my chiropractor (541.555.5555) and book an appointment for Thursday, Friday, or Saturday? I dropped a jar of Apple Sauce and pulled my back. I know, I’m a goofball.’)

    When I was researching an upcoming trip, I emailed Fancy Hands. (‘What hostels are on the North Shore of Oahu?’)

    When I ripped my favorite pair of pants, I emailed Fancy Hands, and they tracked down a similar replacement style and called the local gap to confirm they were in stock!

    I recently finished an in-depth guide on Getting Started With Fancy Hands, including

    * Detailed examples of projects you can use to get started with Fancy Hands
    * Word-for-word scripts so you can get the most out of Fancy Hands
    * Step-by-step instructions to help you get started with Fancy Hands.

    The guide is 100% free — I created it to help people I love (like you!) get started with Fancy Hands. If you’d like to download a copy of the guide for free, visit:


  10. KC P says:

    I want to put this out there as someone who currently works for Fancy Hands. My reason for this is that I feel many of our clients don’t know how it works on our end, but to me it’s important to get the word out.

    To start with, the assistants are deemed “independent” and not actual employees. That being said, FH does not supply us with 1099s, which I find wrong and am currently having the NYS Department of Labor investigate this. They claim that if we are paid via paypal, paypal then will issue a 1099 if we make over $20,000 a year. However, I freelance for many online sites and they pay via paypal and they send me 1099.

    Also, the definition of an independent contract, as defined by the IRS, is that we have control over when we work, and we don’t answer to management. This is not the case with FH. While we can pick and choose what hours we work, there are limitations to that. Now, if we’re working on a task and put in for an answer from a third party, and that third party responds, we have 16 hours to get moving or we lose the task. I don’t mind that so much, because we should be checking our email if we have tasks still sitting waiting to be done.

    But, if for example we close a task out and a client responds to say thanks! If we don’t answer that w/in 16 hours, we lose the task. Another assistant can then grab the task, say you’re welcome, and get paid for all the work we did. Not fair if we’ve left for vacation and aren’t near email — being responsible enough to leave w/o any tasks to take care of, and being on vacation from a job that technically by law isn’t defined as a job, kind of makes us always have to be on our email no matter what.

    Second, we answer to management. All of our tasks get mentored and kicked back if there’s something wrong. Sometimes a mentor will be super picky about things, other (and most) times it’s usually just a spelling error or something like that.

    And forget about our manager, Scott. 9 times out of 10 he’ll bite your head off when you ask him a question.

    How this works: We log in and see tasks on a board. Those tasks are assigned a price, most of them $2.75. Now, if you read their Terms of Service, you’ll see that tasks aren’t supposed to take more than 15 minutes. At $2.75 a pop, if you do 4 14 min tasks, you can earn $11 an hour.

    And there are tasks priced higher, $3.50 or $4.00, but those tasks are always more difficult and many times are reserved for the hourly paid. And I’ve never, ever been able to knock off 4 tasks in an hour. That’s because so many of them take longer than 15 minutes.

    Even if you want me to call your cable company to get a better rate, hold times can be 15-20 min long. And clients will kick back responses a lot, saying that they want us to do more, or whatever. If we try to get a manager to say they have to submit as a new task, we get our head bitten off, have to keep plugging along, and guess what. We earned $2.75 for an hours worth of work.

    So, I guess the reason I’m putting this out there is I think that clients need to be aware of how it works on our end, and maybe why your tasks sit unanswered for awhile. If you want me to do work for you that you know realistically will take me an hour, and Fancy Hands deems the cost of that task work $3, you can bet that task is going to sit there on the board for a long time.

    As an independent contractor, technically we should be working with our clients directly to negotiate that cost, and bottom line is you’d get more bang for your buck. Or if FH treated us like employees, and we were ALL paid hourly, again, more bang for your buck. So the next time you submit a task, think about what you’re asking and what most likely that assistant is going to be paid for it.

    • Abby B says:

      I love using this company, they’ve always done a great job for me.

    • Devon says:

      That was very informative. Thanks for posting.

    • Kate says:
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      Hi KCP, As a heavy FH user, I wish I had known about the way the email response works. I regularly send a “thanks” sometimes several days later. I had no idea that could ding you. That’s not cool. Thank you for sharing, I’ll stop that right away!

      I’ve loved FH because it has forced me to think more clearly about the tasks I need and how to parse them into smaller chunks. It’s good training for delegation. I’m sad tohear you aren’t as happy on the provider side, but if it’s any consolation, you guys have made this user (50 tasks/mo – secret plan) super happy.

    • JB says:

      “And forget about our manager, Scott. 9 times out of 10 he’ll bite your head off when you ask him a question.”

      Agreed. He was one of the worst managers I’ve ever had, and he was the reason why I quit (and I was good at the job). He’s rude, argumentative, and doesn’t handle his own mistakes very well. It was pretty disappointing, because I really liked the job, but it wasn’t worth it to deal with Scott.

  11. george orwell says:
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    I had an unlimited plan. I tried to like it. At first, maybe they were actually effective. In any case, in the end, when they started kicking off heavy users who had the temerity to say that the tasks were not done well, I am left very disappointed and maybe even feel worse about their ethics. (they are not transparent in what ‘unlimited’ means or how long a task really takes. Why are their execs looking at my LinkedIn profile?)

    Here is an example: I need a piece of glass to replace one that I broke in a danish-designed teapot. Perfect, right? Someone to hunt down a replacement part. Here is what I get: first a hyperlink to the website of the manufacturer. Really? that isn’t complete work. I can do that myself. I want the part. (I say this). 2nd attempt I get a response from the company, in French (!) saying that I need to find a local dealer. (why French? b/c the FH person had a french name?) Did anyone actually read the response b/f sending this to me??

    How many of these FAILed interactions does it take to realize that they are wasting more of your time than they claim to be saving?

  12. Pedro Costa says:
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    Horribel. Dont care about the clients. DOnt answer my emails.
    Ban my account and dont give me a reson.

  13. Jesdenica says:
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    I love you Fancy Hands! Been a happy member for a long time. Don’t forget to give your assistants a thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Ken Berry says:
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    I’ve been using Fancy Hands for a couple of months now, and they are terrific. Turn around time is usually two hours or less. Quality is generally pretty good, but keep in mind that they are built around performing smaller “one-off” tasks.

    I’ve had them schedule appointments, make dinner reservations, find a weird replacement part for my refrigerator, and input data from photos. All those were terrific.

    I’ve also had them design a form for my office. I realized it was a slightly larger task, so I broke it into three segments. Production quality on one was great, one was okay, and one was mediocre. I think asking for MS Office production is going to vary a lot depending on who picks up your task.

    I still plan to hire a regular VA for on-going tasks and reporting, but I’ll probably keep using Fancy Hands. They’re just so fast! And (as others have said), the ability to phone in tasks as voice mail is invaluable.

  15. Nicolas says:

    HORRIBLE COMPANY. This company is absolutely horrible. Scott is an abusive and rude manager who has constant comments in the “worker chat box” about his issues venting his anger at people who have completed tasks. A single $3 task can end up taking hours to complete due to FancyHands allowing any and all customer adding of work, questions, and so on. A worker cannot do a new task until an old task is completed to a manager’s satisfaction. If you write a manager that the work has been completed, you get an answer from Scott, who rants and rips into people and demands that all work be done “ASAP.” Even though it is new work, and not the work claimed by the worker and completed. Failure to jump through any hoop, thus reducing your hourly wage to $1 or less, results in Scott docking your performance score 20 points or disabling your account so you can no longer work (and who knows what will actually get paid of the work completed in good faith). Do NOT use this company unless you enjoy rewarding people for worse than third world bad working conditions. They should be ashamed. There are other virtual assistant companies out there, like Zirtual and other entities.

  16. Gian Lazzarini says:
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    More work than it’s worth. They don’t accomplish tasks without being bugged and frequently don’t respond at all.

  17. Tabitha says:

    Personally it would be more beneficial to place an ad elsewhere for a virtual assistant. This company requires no background checks whatsoever & since they have the assistants sign off that they are acting as an individual they make sure they are no way legally responsible should said assistant do something wrong or crazy! After working for them for 2 weeks I realized this was a waste of my time. Though they may want tasks done in 15 minutes, sometimes the client has you researching something that takes hours. Is it really worth it to take hours out of my day to research or phone call places for someone else for a measly $2.75-$3.65 per task. That is what most of them pay & you are only allowed to work on one at a time. SO realistically if you had an assistant would that be fair pay?!

  18. Lou says:
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    I used for a few months (their $65/month plan) and recently canceled due to a variety of issues.

    Some of the good:

    I like some of their assistants (maybe having voting on each assistant would help improve the service).

    It’s easy to add tasks, reply, and search through them.

    I like the technical/software side of the business.

    The bad:

    The 15 minute time limit is a great burden (specifically when you have 25 requests a month). There should be options to manage time length on tasks. It’s a great inconvenience to have to copy and paste tasks when they exceed 15 minutes-ideally, you could use two tasks (30 minutes) in one request.

    In many instances, one assistant couldn’t pick up where another left off, and you are unable to use the same assistant for finishing a task that takes 2 requests. In order to finish a longer task, you need to create a new one, but you’re unable to reference the other task as a link for the assistant to review! So you have to re-create the entire task, summarizing all the comments.

    Some assistants are great, but many are mediocre. In some tasks it looks like they grabbed the first few links from Google without even reviewing the content and then called the task done.

    Customer service can be improved – solutions should be provided, not a link to the terms and conditions when something can’t be done. The service is used by productive people who are trying to save time! We don’t want have to think of a way to get the task done that fits within the terms and conditions.

    When I get an email from “Scott” I cringe (he’s probably just following the terms, but not a pleasant experience). Seems if he asked questions on what was trying to be accomplished, he could provide a better solution.

    Would be great to set due dates, and choose specific assistants to work with. Also, would be nice to schedule times for the assistant to make calls to others (for a meeting).

    Finally, I received a boiler-plate email from “Ted Roden” (the CEO of Fancy Hands), which included a link to a smaller plan ($14/month), and a request to send him an email if there is anything he can do. I sent him the items above, and never received a reply. I also submitted the feedback when I canceled and never received a reply.

    Hopefully someone here will benefit from my time writing this!

    Granted, $65 a month is not a lot of money, but the quality was hit or miss; I wasn’t seeing the value.

  19. Caroline says:

    Looking at the reviews, it looks like this company has gone down hill from their beginning which is my experience.

    I had an ulimited membership last year and generally had a good experience and so I renewed. That’s not the case this year (and won’t be renewing my membership again).

    It’s become increasingly difficult to get done what you need to do and often, it’s more time than it’s worth.

    For example they often claim that a task would take more than their alloted 15 minutes—yet when I do it myself it takes just about that much time (I work hard to break down my tasks so they’ll fit in to their consumable chunks).

    I’ve also had an assistant claim several times that they didn’t understand directions to a task—one which I had assigned previously frequently with the same detailed instructions without trouble or misunderstanding. Reading some of the employee comments above, I am now guessing that the one assistant (Spencer C.) didn’t want to do the task right away, but “grabbed” it, feigned ignorance and kept the task until he could get to it.

    I’ve also received a lot of viruses from their deliverables. Fortunately, my virus software has caught them.

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    • 33333
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    My two cents is that the contractor/employee above makes a good point, sometimes they do have to do more that just one task and provide follow up, etc. My main experience was great, but toward the end, if a task was too complicated or they couldn’t do it (according to their standards). Rather than telling me, they would wait for the entire day or next day to tell me. If I had known I would have just taken care of it.
    For the most part they are exceptional at making calls, scheduling and brief research. However, waiting over a day to say “sorry, can’t do it”.. is a problem.

  20. Lincoln Rose says:

    I’ve only been using this service for a little while, and already can’t live without it. So I was bragging about you to my wife, and showed her the dashboard. Especially pointing out where it said you’d saved me 3 hours.

    She shook her head. (She’s also an admin assistant). “No honey. They saved an organized person 3 hours. They saved YOU about two days.”

    She’s got a point. I’m using FH to help with my Attention Deficit. Already you’ve helped me be more productive in the first two weeks of 2014 than I have in the last 3 months.

  21. Anne says:

    Everything that KC P has said is right on the money! Although many clients may feel as though the quality of service and response time is great, FH really is a terrible company to “work” for. As a previous FH assistant, 90% I was never able to finish the 15 minute tasks within 15 minutes. It’d usually take 30 minutes or longer. For example, one of my first tasks ever was to call around and see if there was a store in Hawaii that sold a certain type of ice (not regular ice you see everywhere) and that was located near the client. The pay for the task- $2.75. After spending over an hour calling every store possible, I told the client that there were no store nearby with the certain type of ice he was looking for (and since all the stores that I called said that the type of ice is on a different island of Hawaii). The pay for my hard work- $0.00. Silly me though, I thought that I must have done something wrong to have received NO PAY for my hard work. Hello, 2 months later and I still received no pay for some of my hard work and all because some clients would tack on additional questions (quesitons=work) to the task or they were unsatisfied simply because they wanted the quality of work that would take 2 hours to do and not the 15 minutes that are in the terms. Another example, a client was too busy to think of what to buy her friend’s daughter. After researching popular items for little girls, I came her plenty of options, only to have her rat to FH that she was dissatisfied with the job that I did. The 15 minute idea is a complete fake notion. I was told to do the amount of work that I can in 15 minutes, then only to be told that I have to put more effort and time into some tasks that I had completed during that 15 minutes. Also, as others have said, Scott is a complete idiot and a$$hole. You can never do anything right to satisfy this dummy! He’ll work you over the 15 minutes and in the end you get paid $0.00 for your effort (and I’m talking effort as in the kind of effort that I put in to do quality work, not lazily doing something just to finish it). To think of it, FH doesn’t hire people who decide to click on their website looking for a job. They post assistant jobs in odd places like Craigslist and such. There are little training involved whatsoever (here you go, Anne, read this long essay on how to be an assistant), but then they expect you to go above and beyond your call of duty- as if I was getting paid by the thousands and not $2.75 for the 15 minute tasks that actually turns to hours. I am glad that I’m not longer a FH assistant and the greatest thing is- no 2 weeks notice, but a “cancel my account because I hate working for FH.” So there you go, an insiders look to FH.

  22. Employee says:

    Tasks are often very time consuming and low paying. Management, or I should say Scott, has no idea what he is doing. The rules are one thing one day, and something else the next. There are tasks that we can do, and tasks that we cannot, and he has no idea what those are (this also changes in his mind from one day to the next). He tells clients that we cannot do things that we should actually be able to do in 20 minutes, and then allows tasks that obviously fall way outside of what can be done in 20 minutes go through.

    There is no consistency, and I can only assume this really pisses clients off. If you are a client that Scott has not yet pissed off, give it some time, he just hasn’t gotten to you yet. Frankly, he is painfully immature, moody, inept, and unqualified for his job. He has no business dealing with clients or “employees.”

    Some assistants are excellent, while others are awful, and I mean AWFUL. As in, 7 days after claiming a task, they still had not successfully scheduled a simple appointment. At some point, these assistants just wait the 8 hours without responding to the client, and the system “auto-unclaims” it for another assistant to fix. In some cases, the assistant who botched the task still gets paid for it, while the assistant who resolved it, gets NO pay.

    Advice to Senior Management
    Immediate remediation for Scott. Perhaps he should spend a week or two actually doing the virtual assistant job, so he could better understand it. No person should be a manager, who has not themselves done the job. Alternatively, hire a manger that will take the time to carefully read what is going on, and make decisions based on common sense and competence. This would alleviate a lot of assistant and client frustration.

  23. Alisa says:
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    Overall, VERY happy with Fancy Hands – though, sometimes, occasionally, a quick task just sits, and sits, and sits. Mine are pretty quick – phone calls to schedule, one page docs, quick research, etc – and, I love the help and convenience. I am sorry to hear that some FH assistants are being mistreated – this helps me understand the scope of my requests – to keep them at 15 minutes, and to open a new task if I have significant changes that need to be made. I want to make sure everyone is happy with FH, including the assistants, who, for the most part, have done an EXCELLENT job!

  24. Liz Frayer says:

    We have been using Fancy Hands. We’re a small business so I have several employees signed up under Teamwork. The service is generally ok, but I think we would benefit from having one person as our go to. Sometimes FH seems more focused on turnaround time, more than quality, and the teamwork set-up and maintenance is always having problems. In general, I’m looking for something that all of us can share so in that sense, Teamwork was great. I just have the feeling that we could do better, and your star ratings on your site suggest the same!

  25. T. says:

    Fancy Hands is an absolute waste of time to work at. The managers in particular are very short-tempered, ill-mannered people, and speak to their assistants like they are grade schoolers. They are disrespectful and do not appreciate any of their employees. Avoid (both potential assistants and users) to save yourself time and sanity! I actually asked how to quit and had one of the managers disable my account – probably the only joy I got out of the experience. In general a horrible experience – I would give it negative stars if I could.

  26. E says:

    I worked for FH for two weeks. Wouldn’t work any longer until I got paid. That was over two months ago and I NEVER received pay. If you don’t have problems hiring a company that doesn’t pay their employees, stick with this one.

  27. Felicia says:
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    • 22222

    Unlike some people, I have never had issues being paid by FH (yet, at least). When the tasks take 15 minutes to complete, the pay isn’t that bad. Unfortunately, as others have stated, the tasks rarely take 15 minutes.

    Any phone task is probably going to take 30 minutes, MINIMUM. Not only is there the calling, but there is some researching and then I have to type the whole thing up! Honestly, it’s rare when a phone task takes less than 45 minutes from start to finish. That doesn’t even count when the place in question is closed, doesn’t answer, etc. Also, the phone system that we absolutely must use doesn’t always work. Assistants have a private forum where we discuss general issues we’re having with tasks. There are so many posts about the “Fancy Hands Robot” (that’s what the phone system is called) hanging up on people as the person on the other hand picks up the phone.

    It’s true that we get no training. We have this very, very long “tutiral” document to read and refer to. It does help. A little.

    As for the people who say that when they’ve done the same tasks that you send to FH, it takes you 15 minutes but it takes us much longer? Of course it does. You know what you’re doing/looking for. We often have to guess a bit.

    One moment, I may be searching for a particular helium balloon, then another task will have me researching weed killers that are safe for pets, and another one will have me calling a hotel to change a reservation.

    You are an expert in your life and what you do and expect, we don’t get a chance to be experts. It’s going to take us longer. If you took your car to a mechanic, he should be able to change the air filter in 15 minutes. If you take your car to a dentist, it’ll probably take him a while longer to figure out how to change the filter.

    That being said, FH isn’t completely terrible to work for. Sadly, even at $2.75/hr, FH pays better than a lot of unskilled, no-qualifications-needed online jobs.

    Workers: If this is all you can find, okay. You can at least pay some bills. It’s better than mTurk.
    Clients: Please don’t expect miracles. We’re not being paid well. There are people that use FH as their sole source of income and when somebody’s hairdresser won’t pick up the phone, it’s taking money out of our pockets. So some people tend to get a bit grumpy and sloppy in their work. Sorry.

  28. C.W. says:
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    HORRIBLE. I just spent 2 days of my life for less than minimum wage being abused by Scott and the other mentors even though I had a very high ranking and a high score (over 1000points). I really hustled hard for $100 – for 2 days and I worked more than 16 hours on my first day.

    Then I got my account disabled because I unclaimed a task that the client requested another assistant. I told Scott. He reassigned the task to me even though the client wanted someone else to work on it. I told him I had an emergency. I had eaten some bad sushi and had stomach issues.

    So what? My account was disabled.

    This job is not worth it.

    I bet the people at the top are making a lot of money off the slave labor of their assistants.

  29. FH User says:

    Generally not bad. I’m sticking with them, despite some concerns.

    The main problems seem to be:

    Scott rejects tasks seemingly arbitrarily, and wrongly then when you object, he ignores you.

    They refuse to do most tasks that help with crowdfunding, despite what blogs stated they used them for, e.g. they won’t collect lists of email addresses, post to forums, comment on relevant blogs with valuable feedback, etc.

    One concern I have is with data security. Does anyone know if FH does any background checks on the assistants? It makes me nervous to share personal information with semi-anonymous strangers I may never hear from again.

    Overall they’re hit and miss, but I like the website layout, and sometimes they do an amazing job. E.g. one assistant wrote a logline (summary) of a book I wrote, that is better than the one I had!

    They’ve also negotiated me refunds/compensation totaling over $300.

    Whilst they keep creating gems like that, I’ll stick with it and signed up for a year, but I hope the management team can address some of these issues.

  30. That Girl says:

    I’ve been doing FH as a VA since June 2014, and I must say it was VERY easy to get on with them. I quickly learned the do’s and don’ts. I also quickly realized what an A$$ Scott is. Took me one task. I then started looking him up to see if I was the only one who thought this. Even in the FH Forums people talk about him badly, how rude he is. I try not to take it personal, but Geez. Hes on LinkedIn and has only been a “Supervisor” for 2 years. Before FH, it appears he had no experience in doing what he does now.

    I only took the FH VA job as an interim until something better came along. True, the pay of tasks is minimum, but for me its something to do. I am picky and I only choose the research tasks. I love to research things, and am very versed at it. Takes me no time.

  31. SC says:
    • 22222
    • 11111
    • 11111
    • 11111

    Fancy hands as a company is ok. Some tasks you get paid fairly others will end up taking you hours (when they are suppose to take twenty minutes) and you only get paid $2.00. My main issue however is with Scott a manager who treats the employees poorly and is rude. His demands(yes he demands things in a ride condescending way) are often short and make no sense. It’s his way or the highway and if you speak up he fires you and deactivates your profile. I wouldn’t recommend this business to anyone.

  32. Rob Green says:
    • 33333
    • 33333
    • 33333
    • 44444

    I have trying to integrate personal use VA into my for sometime now, and have stumbled many times when either not enjoying the VA experience or not having enough bite sized tasks to delegate. Then came my wedding, which game me mountains of simple tasks, easy to delegate.

    I opted for Fancy Hands because Nick gave me a free task (thanks Nick!), they are American, and after experimenting with Indian VA’s I found that things were getting lost in translation.

    I signed up to the basic plan with Fancy Hands and on the whole have been satisfied with the outcome. The service you get can be very hit or miss depending on the assistant, sometimes they completely missunderstand the task, complete what they think it is without checking, and then close it down. Other times they totally get it (or check) and do exactly what is needed quickly and efficiently.

    The big plus is the app, it makes the whole experience a lot easier.

    It is perfect for light use personal tasks, a good entry level VA to cautious first timers like me.

    I would love them to be UK based, or have a pool of UK assistants. I have to quite often write in the task that I want a UK company as the solution, if they were UK based then their experience would be more UK (rather than US) focused, any suggestions for a similar UK VA?

  33. They’ve been great. So great that I’ve kept them on board as I moved some other work to MyTasker (Their pro plan does SEO/web work). I just haven’t found anyone else who integrates as slickly as Fancy Hands. They’ve made like 60 calls on my behalf in just the first couple months.

    One assistant even spent 2 weeks trying to track down some fair trade local fruit suppliers for me (waiting on call-backs, etc.). I was impressed with her follow-through.

    The downside is it’s one of the more expensive task-based VA companies. The price to pay, I suppose.

  34. VA says:

    I have worked for FH since May and I really like it. I am able to make decent money while staying at home with my kid. Some tasks aren’t worth your time, but many are pretty easy. I disagree with the above statement of the phone tasks. Those are often very easy, in my opinion.

    I don’t have a personal issue with Scott, but I did review a task once that had been unclaimed by the VA – she had been trying to unclaim it because a family member died suddenly and Scott wouldn’t let her, telling her to follow through, re-assigning it to her and bugging her about it. That made my stomach turn.

    Anyway, I like it overall and have fun doing it. I do wish people could ask for you specifically though, there are a few people I love doing tasks for…

    • Nick Loper says:

      The ability to ask for a specific VA would be a cool feature — I’d even use it to submit freebie bonus/tip tasks for a job well done.

  35. Anna says:

    I’m just wrapping up using fancy hands and I’m looking for an alternative solution. They’re inexpensive however I find the quality (especially lately) has left much to be desired.

    It seems like their taskers just try to find the quickest and easiest way to finish a task. They’re lazy, often times uneducated or lack common sense b/c they don’t even read through the task completely. Such a shame b/c I loved the interface.

  36. Scott says:

    Has anyone used FH in the business environment, interested to hear the experiences with using a different assistant each time vs. more of a dedicated model. Does that work well in the business environment?

  37. James says:
    • 44444
    • 44444
    • 44444
    • 55555

    I have been using a dedicate VA for the past few months and absolutely love it. I have been able to get so many tasks done while in my sleep but I just have a hard time paying the monthly service fee for the other service.

    Fancy Hands can get most of what I need done without the “luxury” of having a dedicated VA.

    While I will most likely go back to a Dedicated VA in the future, FH was able to do most of the scheduling tasks and make calls on my behalf when I used them previously. Would recommend.

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