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  1. Dennis Sampson says:

    I signednup for 123 employee in November 2014 and I have never heard from anyone as promised. I have had some promotional emails etc. i have tried to contact them by emial on several occasions and I get no reply. i tried to get a refund before the 30 day guarantee expired and I have still not had any reply. This is a scam!

  2. Keyur says:
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    I just use there service of VA. and I found 123employee is really awesome and very supportive. I just paid for a year and having already used up for few months. All Agents of 123employee are good and very quick in support and work with a response.

    I am really happy with there service. I would recommend others to have it. Communication is very nice with service too! :)

    I would really love to use them for until i need for a long time.

    Thank you 123employee. Best VA provider ever.

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    We’ve had a team at 123employee for several years now. Our people are engaged in customer service, call dispositioning etc. We’ve actually been quite happy with their productivity. Just renewed for another year.

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    I’m a travel agent. I’ve used 123 off and on for several years. We use them for back office work, data entry and marketing projects. I’m very pleased with their skill sets and their high level of customer service. :)

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    I’m a previous employee of 123employee for two years. And to be honest, every time the client to do an interview. We the senior agent do it with some script, using different zsuedo name,fake ideas that the 123employee though us. Actually, David Michael doesn’t have any company here in the Philippines, the 123employee that he said, he own is the SixElevenGlobalServices building. He is merely renting space on the building, and ones there are some clients wanted to visit the site, we the agent and the other agent from different account, have been instructed by the sixelevenglobal management not to wear any uniform or I.D which include the sixeleven logo. Then the Sign board been replace. Please, try visiting this particular page (https://www.facebook.com/SixElevenConfession?hc_location=stream) although most of the complain of the page are vernacular, but you can see how there agent complain about the 123employee. And here’s some of the costumer also who complain about the 123employee (http://www.pissedconsumer.com/reviews-by-company/123employee.html). 123employee is a SCAM! the client’s paid about 1000 dollar every month if they want a full time subscription but the agent only earn, almost 3 dollars per day.

    123employee is a SCAM!

    • Arlyn Pablico says:

      LoL you don’t even know the spelling of the owners name. hahaha Question, is 123 employee still in business?

  3. Tim McCoy says:
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    My experience with 123employee.com has been an overwhelmingly positive one. I have been using the service, which provides Virtual Assistants, for almost seven years and have been fortunate enough to have full time hires who have helped me in a multitude of ways. I have been able to assign the everyday tasks that take up so much time to someone else, giving me more time and energy for other things.

    My current assistant has been with me for three years. Not only did he arrive early, but he left an hour late in order to help me on this particularly busy day. To show my appreciation for this and for his many other acts of courtesy and professionalism, I regularly send a small bonus of $20 (which is a large amount of money when transferred to his PH currency). 123employee, of course, gives every cent to my assistant.

    One of the great aspects of 123employee is the fact that they provide my assistant with a suitable workspace. They have given him a computer, internet access, IT administration, a telephone, and a desk. He has decorated his cubicle with maps of the areas in California where I do business, so he is familiar with my location and my needs.

    Below are some of the tasks that my assistant handles for me:

    • He handles billing. He copies all of my spoken notes into Evernote, and then he enters them into Quickbooks. He then adds up the billable hours, with precision may I add, and selects the proper customer and appropriate trip charges. If the customer has a payment on file with us, he processes the payment and applies it to the invoice.

    • He does paperwork, such as filling out forms like rebates, tax forms, and applications. He sends them to my printer wirelessly once I approve the forms.
    • He makes phone calls to vendors, competitors for market research, technical support, and phone companies, and he always follows up on everything.
    • He does online research and even checks stock prices.
    • He pays invoices, such as credit cards, phone bills, vendor bills, etc.
    • He handles return merchandise by contacting Dell to receive credit for a part we don’t need.
    • He handles the mailing labels necessary to send the part back.
    • He makes office purchases like toner, headsets.

    I could expand exponentially upon the value of my assistant. He is that great. I highly recommend hiring a 123employee assistant of your own. If you do, it’s a good idea to put together a list of all of the duties you would like your hire to cover. That way, appropriate candidates can be sent your way for interviews.

    Best of luck! I hope my experience is enough to help you make an informed decision.

  4. Andrew Milne says:

    I have not used this company, but I can tell you from friends I have in the Philippines that the owner and staff run rough shod over the staff. If they want to leave they are not paid and are forced to sign new contracts to keep then working.
    They use the same VA for more than one client at a time and are totally uncaring in there duty to the client. They pay the staff approx $250 a month so no wonder the work you get from them is substandard.
    This company is an embarrassment to the networking industry and if you are using them, then you are supporting a company that treats its staff as slaves.
    I would be very careful who you use for your business.

  5. James Libert says:

    123Employee has quick customer service. I mistakenly ordered Daven’s book twice last March and when I called in to reverse the second order, they took action immediately without hassle. Great service.

  6. Ebony says:

    Lol. 123Employee is merely a scam. As far as the what I have know their CEO Daven Michaels tells lie to all the clients and for the upcoming clients. Daven Michaels never owns a company nor the 123Employee agents in the Philippines. He is just a marketer, he markets the 123Employee all over the globe as if it is owned by him.

    here’s what the real situation of a client when they will subscribed to 123Employee.

    Clients are classified into categories. These are the normal clients who paid the normal packages, Affiliated clients which are from the affiliates of 123 such as the jack bosch, Anthony morrison (fast cash commission), The Lyttle sisters and many more from their referrals partners, The VIP clients which are some clients from Daven Michaels’s personal coaching, The old and loyal clients and the big named companies. So when a client orders a package they will set an appointment then tackles about what are the clients concerns and wants for a VA to handle a specific tasks. Automatically the HR of 123Employee sited a project manager who can deal with it. (A project manager of 123employee are the senior employees who knows more than enough compare to an ordinary agent). So what the HR would tell to a client is :”The project manager is good and can deal to whatever the clients needs” afterwards the HR will pass the phone or set another appointment for the client to talk to the Project Manager. As if it is now set the client and the Project manager will now tackle what are the client’s need to be worked for. afterwards the Project manager will get an agent/VA to handle the client’s tasks. Then the tasks are now performed daily until the client surrenders in the services.

    This is now the worst thing that happens in 123Employee. The Clients never know the real backgrounds of the VA’s because it is fake. The Information given are fake. example: The VA is in 3 years or more that has been working in the company, some educational backgrounds are not real, SKILLS AND KNOWLEDGE are all lies. Infact 123Employee never had a special training on their VA/AGENTS. 80% of their agents are new. Agents can handle clients even their status are just trainees with a daily compensation of 100PHP or $2 per day. All answer and suggestions will depend on their senior agent or PM’s which has more experience than the new Agents. Somehow their End Day Report are fake and edited.

    Their pricing is to high but they can’t give enough compensation to their Employees who worked for them.

    Salary calculation:

    normal agents:

    $7 dollars per 8 hours shift – can be deducted if have some lates.
    10 percent night difference since the employees are working 12midnight till 9Am Philippine time.
    additional $25 if complete attendance without 3 lates for the whole month cycle.

    SO approximately $200 per month salary if you get the $25 incentives. However their are some deductions made such as some insurance. then the payout time is divided every 2weeks so a normal will only get less than $100 every 15 days. How cruel it is.

    Those are just SOME of the info’s I have from them.

    So all I can say to them is THEY ARE DISGUSTING.

    • Chris says:
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      Ebony is way off base, she don’t know what she is talking about. She’s saying things she knows nothing about. I know this company and have been doing business with them for years and this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

      I have had excellent service and it seems you have some personal bone to pick which isn’t helpful here. I am building up a team of 10 outsourced employees and the best thing about 123Employee is that they have ongoing training, project managers on staff, and they take care of any issues by replacing anyone who is not working out well. All I have to do is give them a heads up, and they are replaced quickly so we can continue our business. They are fair and professional and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a VA or with other marketing related services.

      • Ex 123 Employee Virtual Assistant says:

        Chris I agree with Ebony. I was one of the V.A from 123employee and we are forced to tell lies to our clients. Here are some things you don’t know about 123Employee

        1. They force V.A’s to change their names so that the clients could not track the V.A personally. They even force VA to create FAKE Social Media accounts for clients.

        2.When clients sends Bonus to the VA they will surely get almost half of the amount. Even the Project manager will get their part.

        3.There’s no proper training for the VA – they even hire people who don’t know what social media is.

        4.123 Employee don’t own any building or office in the Philippines. It’s a media play. They are telling clients that they own 2-3 campuses for 123 which is not true. The true and existing office is owned by Ilagan FAmily which is the Sixeleven Global Services.

        5.During client visit in the Phippines they force agent’s not to wear any Sixeleven stuff such as Sixeleven ID’s , Uniform they even remove the banner outside the building and change it to 123Employee.

  7. Bob says:
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    I was assured they would do a good job as recommended by Jack Bosch. The 1 month experience was a total loss, waste of time. The VA assigned to me gave me a lot of bogus info, and another employee admitted he was derelict in even reporting for duty at times. I consider both Jack Bosch and 123employee people with whom you do not want to have any relationship. Horrible, both.

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